[ELF] -z combreloc: sort dynamic relocations by (symbol_index,r_offset)

Fixes PR41692.

We currently sort dynamic relocations by (!is_relative,symbol_index).
Change it to (symbol_index,r_offset). We still place relative
relocations first because R_*_RELATIVE are the only dynamic relocations
with 0 symbol index (except on MIPS, which doesn't use DT_REL[A]COUNT

This makes `readelf -r` debugging easier (relocations to the same symbol
are ordered by r_offset).

Refactor the test combreloc.s (renamed from combrelocs.s) to check
R_X86_64_RELATIVE, and delete --expand-relocs.

Reviewed By: ruiu

Differential Revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D61477

llvm-svn: 361125
5 files changed
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