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llvm-link - LLVM bitcode linker
.. program:: llvm-link
:program:`llvm-link` [*options*] *filename ...*
:program:`llvm-link` takes several LLVM bitcode files and links them together
into a single LLVM bitcode file. It writes the output file to standard output,
unless the :option:`-o` option is used to specify a filename.
.. option:: -f
Enable binary output on terminals. Normally, :program:`llvm-link` will refuse
to write raw bitcode output if the output stream is a terminal. With this
option, :program:`llvm-link` will write raw bitcode regardless of the output
.. option:: -o filename
Specify the output file name. If ``filename`` is "``-``", then
:program:`llvm-link` will write its output to standard output.
.. option:: -S
Write output in LLVM intermediate language (instead of bitcode).
.. option:: -d
If specified, :program:`llvm-link` prints a human-readable version of the
output bitcode file to standard error.
.. option:: -help
Print a summary of command line options.
.. option:: -v
Verbose mode. Print information about what :program:`llvm-link` is doing.
This typically includes a message for each bitcode file linked in and for each
library found.
If :program:`llvm-link` succeeds, it will exit with 0. Otherwise, if an error
occurs, it will exit with a non-zero value.