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Test that we can p *objcObject
from __future__ import print_function
import lldb
from lldbsuite.test.decorators import *
from lldbsuite.test.lldbtest import *
from lldbsuite.test import lldbutil
class PersistObjCPointeeType(TestBase):
mydir = TestBase.compute_mydir(__file__)
def setUp(self):
# Call super's setUp().
# Find the line number to break for main.cpp.
self.line = line_number('main.m', '// break here')
@skipIf(archs=["i386", "i686"])
@skipIf(debug_info="gmodules", archs=['arm64', 'armv7', 'armv7k', 'arm64e', 'arm64_32']) # compile error with gmodules for iOS
def test_with(self):
"""Test that we can p *objcObject"""
def cleanup():
# Execute the cleanup function during test case tear down.
self.runCmd("file " + self.getBuildArtifact("a.out"), CURRENT_EXECUTABLE_SET)
self, "main.m", self.line, loc_exact=True)
self.runCmd("run", RUN_SUCCEEDED)
self.expect("p *self", substrs=['_sc_name = nil',
'_sc_name2 = nil',
'_sc_name3 = nil',
'_sc_name4 = nil',
'_sc_name5 = nil',
'_sc_name6 = nil',
'_sc_name7 = nil',
'_sc_name8 = nil'])