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//===-- PlatformRemoteGDBServer.h ----------------------------------------*- C++
// Part of the LLVM Project, under the Apache License v2.0 with LLVM Exceptions.
// See for license information.
// SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0 WITH LLVM-exception
#ifndef liblldb_PlatformRemoteGDBServer_h_
#define liblldb_PlatformRemoteGDBServer_h_
#include <string>
#include "Plugins/Process/gdb-remote/GDBRemoteCommunicationClient.h"
#include "Plugins/Process/Utility/GDBRemoteSignals.h"
#include "lldb/Target/Platform.h"
namespace lldb_private {
namespace platform_gdb_server {
class PlatformRemoteGDBServer : public Platform, private UserIDResolver {
static void Initialize();
static void Terminate();
static lldb::PlatformSP CreateInstance(bool force, const ArchSpec *arch);
static ConstString GetPluginNameStatic();
static const char *GetDescriptionStatic();
~PlatformRemoteGDBServer() override;
// lldb_private::PluginInterface functions
ConstString GetPluginName() override { return GetPluginNameStatic(); }
uint32_t GetPluginVersion() override { return 1; }
// lldb_private::Platform functions
ResolveExecutable(const ModuleSpec &module_spec, lldb::ModuleSP &module_sp,
const FileSpecList *module_search_paths_ptr) override;
bool GetModuleSpec(const FileSpec &module_file_spec, const ArchSpec &arch,
ModuleSpec &module_spec) override;
const char *GetDescription() override;
Status GetFileWithUUID(const FileSpec &platform_file, const UUID *uuid_ptr,
FileSpec &local_file) override;
bool GetProcessInfo(lldb::pid_t pid, ProcessInstanceInfo &proc_info) override;
uint32_t FindProcesses(const ProcessInstanceInfoMatch &match_info,
ProcessInstanceInfoList &process_infos) override;
Status LaunchProcess(ProcessLaunchInfo &launch_info) override;
Status KillProcess(const lldb::pid_t pid) override;
lldb::ProcessSP DebugProcess(ProcessLaunchInfo &launch_info,
Debugger &debugger,
Target *target, // Can be NULL, if NULL create a
// new target, else use existing
// one
Status &error) override;
lldb::ProcessSP Attach(ProcessAttachInfo &attach_info, Debugger &debugger,
Target *target, // Can be NULL, if NULL create a new
// target, else use existing one
Status &error) override;
bool GetSupportedArchitectureAtIndex(uint32_t idx, ArchSpec &arch) override;
size_t GetSoftwareBreakpointTrapOpcode(Target &target,
BreakpointSite *bp_site) override;
bool GetRemoteOSVersion() override;
bool GetRemoteOSBuildString(std::string &s) override;
bool GetRemoteOSKernelDescription(std::string &s) override;
// Remote Platform subclasses need to override this function
ArchSpec GetRemoteSystemArchitecture() override;
FileSpec GetRemoteWorkingDirectory() override;
bool SetRemoteWorkingDirectory(const FileSpec &working_dir) override;
// Remote subclasses should override this and return a valid instance
// name if connected.
const char *GetHostname() override;
UserIDResolver &GetUserIDResolver() override { return *this; }
bool IsConnected() const override;
Status ConnectRemote(Args &args) override;
Status DisconnectRemote() override;
Status MakeDirectory(const FileSpec &file_spec,
uint32_t file_permissions) override;
Status GetFilePermissions(const FileSpec &file_spec,
uint32_t &file_permissions) override;
Status SetFilePermissions(const FileSpec &file_spec,
uint32_t file_permissions) override;
lldb::user_id_t OpenFile(const FileSpec &file_spec, File::OpenOptions flags,
uint32_t mode, Status &error) override;
bool CloseFile(lldb::user_id_t fd, Status &error) override;
uint64_t ReadFile(lldb::user_id_t fd, uint64_t offset, void *data_ptr,
uint64_t len, Status &error) override;
uint64_t WriteFile(lldb::user_id_t fd, uint64_t offset, const void *data,
uint64_t len, Status &error) override;
lldb::user_id_t GetFileSize(const FileSpec &file_spec) override;
Status PutFile(const FileSpec &source, const FileSpec &destination,
uint32_t uid = UINT32_MAX, uint32_t gid = UINT32_MAX) override;
Status CreateSymlink(const FileSpec &src, const FileSpec &dst) override;
bool GetFileExists(const FileSpec &file_spec) override;
Status Unlink(const FileSpec &path) override;
Status RunShellCommand(
const char *command, // Shouldn't be NULL
const FileSpec &working_dir, // Pass empty FileSpec to use the current
// working directory
int *status_ptr, // Pass NULL if you don't want the process exit status
int *signo_ptr, // Pass NULL if you don't want the signal that caused the
// process to exit
*command_output, // Pass NULL if you don't want the command output
const lldb_private::Timeout<std::micro> &timeout) override;
void CalculateTrapHandlerSymbolNames() override;
const lldb::UnixSignalsSP &GetRemoteUnixSignals() override;
lldb::ProcessSP ConnectProcess(llvm::StringRef connect_url,
llvm::StringRef plugin_name,
lldb_private::Debugger &debugger,
lldb_private::Target *target,
lldb_private::Status &error) override;
size_t ConnectToWaitingProcesses(lldb_private::Debugger &debugger,
lldb_private::Status &error) override;
virtual size_t
GetPendingGdbServerList(std::vector<std::string> &connection_urls);
process_gdb_remote::GDBRemoteCommunicationClient m_gdb_client;
std::string m_platform_description; // After we connect we can get a more
// complete description of what we are
// connected to
std::string m_platform_scheme;
std::string m_platform_hostname;
lldb::UnixSignalsSP m_remote_signals_sp;
// Launch the debug server on the remote host - caller connects to launched
// debug server using connect_url.
// Subclasses should override this method if they want to do extra actions
// before or
// after launching the debug server.
virtual bool LaunchGDBServer(lldb::pid_t &pid, std::string &connect_url);
virtual bool KillSpawnedProcess(lldb::pid_t pid);
virtual std::string MakeUrl(const char *scheme, const char *hostname,
uint16_t port, const char *path);
std::string MakeGdbServerUrl(const std::string &platform_scheme,
const std::string &platform_hostname,
uint16_t port, const char *socket_name);
llvm::Optional<std::string> DoGetUserName(UserIDResolver::id_t uid) override;
llvm::Optional<std::string> DoGetGroupName(UserIDResolver::id_t uid) override;
} // namespace platform_gdb_server
} // namespace lldb_private
#endif // liblldb_PlatformRemoteGDBServer_h_