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//===- GdbIndex.h --------------------------------------------*- C++ -*-===//
// The LLVM Linker
// This file is distributed under the University of Illinois Open Source
// License. See LICENSE.TXT for details.
#include "InputFiles.h"
#include "llvm/Object/ELF.h"
#include "llvm/DebugInfo/DWARF/DWARFContext.h"
namespace lld {
namespace elf {
template <class ELFT> class InputSection;
// Struct represents single entry of address area of gdb index.
template <class ELFT> struct AddressEntry {
InputSectionBase<ELFT> *Section;
uint64_t LowAddress;
uint64_t HighAddress;
size_t CuIndex;
// GdbIndexBuilder is a helper class used for extracting data required
// for building .gdb_index section from objects.
template <class ELFT> class GdbIndexBuilder : public llvm::LoadedObjectInfo {
typedef typename ELFT::uint uintX_t;
InputSection<ELFT> *DebugInfoSec;
std::unique_ptr<llvm::DWARFContext> Dwarf;
GdbIndexBuilder(InputSection<ELFT> *DebugInfoSec);
// Extracts the compilation units. Each first element of pair is a offset of a
// CU in the .debug_info section and second is the length of that CU.
std::vector<std::pair<uintX_t, uintX_t>> readCUList();
// Extracts the vector of address area entries. Accepts global index of last
// parsed CU.
std::vector<AddressEntry<ELFT>> readAddressArea(size_t CurrentCU);
// Method extracts public names and types. It returns list of name and
// gnu_pub* kind pairs.
std::vector<std::pair<StringRef, uint8_t>> readPubNamesAndTypes();
// Method returns section file offset as a load addres for DWARF parser. That
// allows to find the target section index for address ranges.
getSectionLoadAddress(const llvm::object::SectionRef &Sec) const override;
std::unique_ptr<llvm::LoadedObjectInfo> clone() const override;
// Element of GdbHashTab hash table.
struct GdbSymbol {
GdbSymbol(uint32_t Hash, size_t Offset)
: NameHash(Hash), NameOffset(Offset) {}
uint32_t NameHash;
size_t NameOffset;
size_t CuVectorIndex;
// This class manages the hashed symbol table for the .gdb_index section.
// The hash value for a table entry is computed by applying an iterative hash
// function to the symbol's name.
class GdbHashTab final {
std::pair<bool, GdbSymbol *> add(uint32_t Hash, size_t Offset);
size_t getCapacity() { return Table.size(); }
GdbSymbol *getSymbol(size_t I) { return Table[I]; }
void expand();
GdbSymbol **findSlot(uint32_t Hash, size_t Offset);
llvm::BumpPtrAllocator Alloc;
std::vector<GdbSymbol *> Table;
// Size keeps the amount of filled entries in Table.
size_t Size = 0;
// Initial size must be a power of 2.
static const int32_t InitialSize = 1024;
} // namespace elf
} // namespace lld