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  1. 3a41930 Use lambdas to store lazy-evaluated .dynamic entries. by Rui Ueyama · 75 minutes ago master upstream/master
  2. d672f1c Make a test stricter. by Rafael Espindola · 4 hours ago
  3. a7e20de [ELF] Skip over empty sections when checking for contiguous relro by Peter Smith · 12 hours ago
  4. c3d5d04 [ELF] Give error message when relro sections are not contiguous. by Peter Smith · 13 hours ago
  5. f981ead Add testcase for pr34113. by Rafael Espindola · 30 hours ago

LLVM Linker (lld)

This directory and its subdirectories contain source code for the LLVM Linker, a modular cross platform linker which is built as part of the LLVM compiler infrastructure project.

lld is open source software. You may freely distribute it under the terms of the license agreement found in LICENSE.txt.


In order to make sure various developers can evaluate patches over the same tests, we create a collection of self contained programs.

It is hosted at

The current sha256 is 69cff27cf63304a3f766e72dc9010407eced5c60635254a3c31496e1183ef9e1.