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XML toolkit from the GNOME project
Full documentation is available on-line at
This code is released under the MIT Licence see the Copyright file.
To build on an Unixised setup:
./configure ; make ; make install
To build on Windows:
see instructions on win32/Readme.txt
To assert build quality:
on an Unixised setup:
run make tests
There is 3 standalone tools runtest.c runsuite.c testapi.c, which
should compile as part of the build or as any application would.
Launch them from this directory to get results, runtest checks
the proper functionning of libxml2 main APIs while testapi does
a full coverage check. Report failures to the list.
To report bugs, follow the instructions at:
A mailing-list is available, to subscribe:
The list archive is at:
All technical answers asked privately will be automatically answered on
the list and archived for public access unless privacy is explicitly
required and justified.
Daniel Veillard