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NEWS file for libxml2
v2.12.0: not released yet
### Major changes
Most of the known issues leading to quadratic behavior in the XML parser
were fixed. Internal hash tables were rewritten to reduce memory
Starting with this release, it should be enough to add the --with-legacy
configuration option to provide maximum ABI compatibility. For example,
if a code module was removed from the default configuration, the option
will add stubs for the removed symbols.
libxml2 will now store global variables in thread-local storage if supported
by the compiler. This avoids allocating the data lazily which can result in
a fatal error condition. A new API function xmlCheckThreadLocalStorage
was added so the allocation can be checked earlier if compiler TLS is not
supported. To prepare for future improvements, some API functions now expect
or return a const xmlError struct.
Several cyclic dependencies in public header files were fixed. As a result,
certain headers won't include other headers as before.
Refactoring of the encoding code has been mostly completed. Calling
xmlSwitchEncoding from client code is now fully supported, for example to
override the encoding for the push parser.
When parsing data from memory, libxml2 will now stream data chunk by chunk
instead of copying the whole buffer (possibly twice with encodings),
reducing peak memory consumption considerably.
A new API function xmlCtxtSetMaxAmplification was added to allow parsing
of files that would otherwise trigger the billion laughs protection.
Several bugs in the regex determinism checks were fixed. Invalid XML
Schemas which previous versions erroneously accepted will now be
### Regressions
- threads: Fix --with-thread-alloc
- xinclude: Fix 'last' pointer in xmlXIncludeCopyNode
### Deprecations
- globals: Deprecate xmlLastError
- parser: Deprecate global parser options
- win32: Deprecate old Windows build system
### Bug fixes
- parser: Stop switching to ISO-8859-1 on encoding errors
- parser: Support encoded external PEs in entity values
- string: Fix UTF-8 validation in xmlGetUTF8Char
- SAX2: Allow multiple top-level elements
- parser: Update line number after coalescing text nodes
- parser: Check for truncated multi-byte sequences
### Improvements
- error: Make more xmlError structs constant
- parser: Remove redundant IS_CHAR check in xmlCurrentChar
- parser: Fix stack handling in xmlParseTryOrFinish
- parser: Protect against quadratic default attribute expansion
- parser: Missing checks for disableSAX
- entities: Make xmlFreeEntity public
- examples: Don't use sprintf
- encoding: Suppress -Wcast-align warnings
- parser: Use hash tables to avoid quadratic behavior
- parser: Don't skip CR in xmlCurrentChar
- dict: Rewrite dictionary hash table code
- hash: Rewrite hash table code
- malloc-fail: Report malloc failure in xmlFARegExec
- malloc-fail: Report malloc failure in xmlRegEpxFromParse
- parser: Simplify xmlStringCurrentChar
- regexp: Fix status codes and handle invalid UTF-8
- error: Make xmlGetLastError return a const error
- html: Fix logic in htmlAutoClose
- globals: Move globals back to correct header files
- globals: Use thread-local storage if available
- globals: Rework global state destruction on Windows
- globals: Define globals using macros
- globals: Introduce xmlCheckThreadLocalStorage
- globals: Make xmlGlobalState private
- threads: Move library initialization code to threads.c
- debug: Remove debugging code
- globals: Move code from threads.c to globals.c
- parser: Avoid undefined behavior in xmlParseStartTag2
- schemas: Fix memory leak of annotations in notations
- dict: Update hash function
- dict: Use thread-local storage for PRNG state
- dict: Use xoroshiro64** as PRNG
- xmllint: Fix error messages
- parser: Fix detection of null bytes
- parser: Improve error handling in push parser
- parser: Don't check inputNr in xmlParseTryOrFinish
- parser: Remove push parser debugging code
- tree: Fix copying of DTDs
- legacy: Add stubs for disabled modules
- parser: Allow to set maximum amplification factor
- entities: Don't change doc when encoding entities
- parser: Never use UTF-8 encoding handler
- encoding: Remove debugging code
- malloc-fail: Fix unsigned integer overflow in xmlTextReaderPushData
- html: Remove encoding hack in htmlCreateFileParserCtxt
- parser: Decode all data in xmlCharEncInput
- parser: Stream data when reading from memory
- parser: Optimize xmlLoadEntityContent
- parser: Don't overwrite EOF parser state
- parser: Simplify input pointer updates
- parser: Don't reinitialize parser input members
- encoding: Move rawconsumed accounting to xmlCharEncInput
- parser: Rework encoding detection
- parser: Always create UTF-8 in xmlParseReference
- html: Remove some debugging code in htmlParseTryOrFinish
- malloc-fail: Fix memory leak in xmlCompileAttributeTest
- parser: Fix potential use-after-free in xmlParseCharDataInternal
- parser: Recover more input from encoding errors
- malloc-fail: Handle malloc failures in xmlAddEncodingAlias
- malloc-fail: Fix null-deref with xmllint --copy
- xpath: Ignore entity ref nodes when computing node hash
- malloc-fail: Fix null deref after xmlXIncludeNewRef
- SAX: Always validate xml:ids
- Stop using sprintf
- Fix compiler warning on GCC < 8
- regexp: Fix determinism checks
- regexp: Fix checks for eliminated transitions
- regexp: Simplify xmlFAReduceEpsilonTransitions
- regexp: Fix cycle check in xmlFAReduceEpsilonTransitions
- schemas: Fix filename in xmlSchemaValidateFile
- schemas: Fix line numbers in streaming validation
- writer: Add error check in xmlTextWriterEndDocument
- encoding: Stop calling xmlEncodingErr
- xmlIO: Remove some calls to xmlIOErr
- parser: Improve handling of encoding and IO errors
- parser: Move xmlFatalErr to parserInternals.c
- encoding: Rework error codes
- .gitignore: Split up and rearrange .gitignore files
- .gitignore: Add runsuite.log
- Stop calling xmlMemoryDump
- examples: Don't call xmlCleanupParser and xmlMemoryDump
- xpath: Remove remaining references to valueFrame
### Portability
- python: Make it compatible with python3.12 (Daniel Garcia Moreno)
### Build systems
- cmake: Check whether static linking dependencies found in config files
(James Le Cuirot)
- autotools: Make --with-minimum disable lzma support
- build: Remove some GCC warnings
- Handle NOCONFIG case when setting locations from CMake target properties
(Markus Rickert)
- cmake: Generate better pkg-config file for SYSROOT builds under CMake
(James Le Cuirot)
- autoconf: Include non-pkg-config dependency flags in the pkg-config file
(James Le Cuirot)
- autoconf: Don't bake build time CFLAGS into pkg-config file (James Le Cuirot)
- build: Generate better pkg-config files for static-only builds (James
Le Cuirot)
- build: Generate better pkg-config file for SYSROOT builds (James Le Cuirot)
- autoconf: Allow custom --with-icu configure option
### Tests
- tests: Also test xmlNextChar in testchar.c
- tests: Start with testparser.c for extra tests
- fuzz: Raise rss_limit_mb
- fuzz: Test xmlTextReaderRead after EOF or failure
- tests: Handle entities in SAX tests
- fuzz: Disable XML_PARSE_SAX1 option in xml fuzzer
- tests: Add more tests for redefined attributes
- hash: Add hash table tests
- fuzz: Allow to fuzz without push, reader or output modules
- gitlab-ci: Add a "medium" config build
- python: Fix tests on MinGW
- test: Add push parser test with overridden encoding
- testapi: test_xmlSAXDefaultVersion() leaves xmlSAX2DefaultVersionValue set
to 1 with LIBXML_SAX1_ENABLED (David Kilzer)
- gitlab-ci: Lower _XOPEN_SOURCE value
- testapi: Don't set http_proxy environment variable
- test: Add push parser tests for split UTF-8 sequences
- xinclude: Lower initial table size when fuzzing
- tests: Test streaming schema validation
- runtest: Skip element name in schema error messages
### Documentation
- doc: Add notes about runtest to
- doc: Don't document internal macros in xmlversion.h
- doc: Allow 'unsigned' without 'int'
- doc: Improve documentation of configuration options
v2.11.5: Aug 9 2023
### Regressions
- parser: Make xmlSwitchEncoding always skip the BOM
- autotools: Improve iconv check
### Bug fixes
- valid: Fix c1->parent pointer in xmlCopyDocElementContent
- encoding: Always call ucnv_convertEx with flush set to false
### Portability
- autotools: fix Python module file ext for cygwin/msys2 (Christoph Reiter)
### Tests
- runtest: Fix compilation without LIBXML_HTML_ENABLED
v2.11.4: May 18 2023
Fixes a serious regression.
- parser: Fix regression when push parsing UTF-8 sequences
v2.11.3: May 11 2023
Fixes more regressions.
- xinclude: Fix false positives in inclusion loop detection
- autotools: Fix ICU detection
- parser: Fix "huge input lookup" error with push parser
- xpath: Fix build without LIBXML_XPATH_ENABLED
- hash: Fix possible startup crash with old libxslt versions
- autoconf: fix iconv library paths (Mike Dalessio)
v2.11.2: May 5 2023
Fix regressions.
- threads: Fix startup crash with weak symbol hack
- win32: Don't depend on removed .def file
- schemas: Fix memory leak in xmlSchemaValidateStream
v2.11.1: Apr 30 2023
Fixes build and ABI issues.
- cmake: Fix va_copy detection (Luca Niccoli)
- libxml.m4: Fix quoting
- Link with --undefined-version
- libxml2.syms: Revert removal of version information
v2.11.0: Apr 28 2023
### Major changes
Protection against entity expansion attacks, also known as "billion laughs"
has been greatly improved. Malicious files should be detected reliably now
and false positives should be reduced. It is possible though that large
documents which make heavy use of entities are rejected now.
This release finally fixes symbol visibility on UNIX systems. Internal
symbols will now be hidden. While these symbols were never declared in public
headers, it was still possible to declare them manually. Now this won't work.
All symbol information has been removed from the ELF version script to fix
link errors with --no-undefined-version. The version nodes are kept so it
should still be possible to run binaries linked against older versions.
About 90 memory errors in code paths handling malloc failures have been fixed.
While these issues shouldn't impact security, this improves robustness under
memory pressure.
The XInclude engine has been reworked to properly support nested includes.
Several cases of quadratic behavior in the XML push parser have been fixed.
Refactoring has begun on some buffering and encoding code with the goal of
simplifying this part of the code base and improving error reporting.
Other highlights:
- Consolidated private header files.
- Major rework of the autoconf build.
- Deprecated several outdated and internal functions.
Special thanks to Google's Open Source Security Subsidies program for
sponsoring much of the work on this release!
Ongoing work on libxml2 relies on funding. For a list of important open
issues see <>
### Security
- Fix use-after-free in xmlParseContentInternal() (David Kilzer)
- xmllint: Fix use-after-free with --maxmem
- parser: Fix OOB read when formatting error message
- entities: Rework entity amplification checks
### Regressions
- parser: Fix regression in xmlParserNodeInfo accounting
### Bug fixes
- Fix memory errors in code handling malloc failures
- encoding: Fix error code in asciiToUTF8
- xpath: number('-') should return NaN
- xmlParseStartTag2() contains typo when checking for default definitions for
an attribute in a namespace (David Kilzer)
- uri: Fix handling of port numbers
- error: Make sure that error messages are valid UTF-8
- xinclude: Fix nested includes
### Improvements
- xmllint: Validate --maxmem integer option
- xmlValidatePopElement() can return invalid value (-1) (David Kilzer)
- parser: Rework EBCDIC code page detection
- parser: Limit name length in xmlParseEncName
- parser: Rework shrinking of input buffers
- html: Rely on CUR_CHAR to grow the input buffer
- parser: Rely on CUR_CHAR/NEXT to grow the input buffer
- valid: Make xmlValidateElement non-recursive
- html: Fix quadratic behavior in htmlParseTryOrFinish
- xmllint: Fix memory leak with --pattern --stream
- parser: Stop calling xmlParserInputShrink
- html: Impose some length limits
- valid: Allow xmlFreeValidCtxt(NULL)
- parser: Stop calling xmlParserInputGrow
- xinclude: Fix quadratic behavior in xmlXIncludeLoadTxt
- xinclude: Abort immediately if max depth was exceeded
- xpath: Only report the first error
- error: Don't move past current position
- error: Limit number of parser errors
- parser: Lower entity nesting limit with XML_PARSE_HUGE
- parser: Don't increase depth twice when parsing internal entities
- parser: Improve detection of entity loops
- parser: Only report a single entity error
- libxml.h: Remove dubious definition of LIBXML_STATIC
- html: Improve parsing of nested lists
- memory: Don't use locks in xmlMemUsed
- encoding: Remove unused variable xmlDefaultCharEncodingHandler
- Rework initialization code
- Add .editorconfig
- parser: Merge misc, prolog and epilog cases in push parser
- parser: Fix 'consumed' accounting when switching encodings
- html: Fix check for end of comment in push parser
- parser: Fix push parser with 1-3 byte initial chunk
- parser: Rewrite push parser boundary checks
- reader: Switch to xmlParserInputBufferCreateMem
- html: Don't escape ASCII chars in href attributes
- io: Don't shrink memory input buffers
- parser: Don't call xmlSHRINK from push parser
- parser: Ignore cdata argument in xmlParseCharData
- parser: Rework push parser parser progress checks
- io: Fix a few integer overflows in I/O statistics
- io: Rework xmlParserInputBufferGrow with encodings
- io: Remove xmlInputReadCallbackNop
- io: Check for memory buffer early in xmlParserInputGrow
- parser: Fix error message in xmlParseCommentComplex
- Bypass proxy in nanoHTTP for hosts in "no_proxy" (Markus Jörg)
- schemas: Fix infinite loop in xmlSchemaCheckElemSubstGroup
- threads: Remove check for pthread_equal
- xinclude: Rework XInclude cache
- xinclude: Remove inefficient refcounting scheme
- xmllint: Improve handling of empty XPath node sets
- parser: Fix potential memory leak in xmlParseAttValueInternal
- error: Don't use initGenericErrorDefaultFunc
- xpath: Lower XPath recursion limit on Windows
- Stop including sys/types.h
- Don't define WIN32 macro
- Make xmlNewSAXParserCtx take a const sax handler
- Consolidate private header files
- Remove internal macros from parserInternals.h
- Move some HTML functions to correct header file
- xmllint: Stop calling xmlSAXDefaultVersion
- Introduce xmlNewSAXParserCtxt and htmlNewSAXParserCtxt
- Don't mess with parser options in htmlParseDocument
- Remove useless call to htmlDefaultSAXHandlerInit
- Remove htmlDefaultSAXHandler from non-SAX1 build
- Don't initialize SAX handler in htmlReadMemory
- Fix htmlReadMemory mixing up XML and HTML functions
- Don't use default SAX handler to report unrelated errors
- Create stream with buffer in xmlNewStringInputStream
- xmlcatalog: Fix memory leaks
### Code quality
- xzlib: Fix implicit sign change in xz_open
- parser: Simplify calculation of available buffer space
- parser: Use size_t when subtracting input buffer pointers
- parser: Check for integer overflow when updating checkIndex
- xpath: Fix harmless integer overflow in xmlXPathTranslateFunction
- schematron: Use logical and
- relaxng: Remove useless if statement
- schemas: Remove useless if statement
- pattern: Merge identical branches
- regexp: Add sanity check in xmlRegCalloc2
- regexp: Simplify xmlRegAtomPush
- encoding: Cast toupper argument to unsigned char
- uri: Add explicit cast in xmlSaveUri
- buf: Fix return value of xmlBufGetInputBase
- parser: Fix integer overflow of input ID
- parser: Remove useless ent->etype test in xmlParseReference
- parser: Remove useless ent->children tests in xmlParseReference
- xmlmemory.c: Remove xmlMemContentShow
- libxml.h: Add comments and indentation
- libxml.h: Don't include stdio.h
- xmlexports.h: Disable docs for internal macro XMLPUBLIC
- parser: Simplify xmlParseConditionalSections
- io: Rearrange code in xmlSwitchInputEncodingInt
- warnings: Fix -Wstrict-prototypes warning
- warnings: Remove set-but-unused variables
- Fix compiler warnings in SAX2.c
- Fix unused variable warning in python/types.c
- Fix compiler warning in examples
- Fix compiler warnings in fuzzing code
- Remove unused code in nanohttp.c
- Remove or annotate char casts
- Don't use sizeof(xmlChar) or sizeof(char)
- Remove explicit integer casts
### Deprecations
- parser: Deprecate more internal functions
- parser: Deprecate some parser input functions
- parser: Deprecate xmlString*DecodeEntities
- threads: Deprecate some internal functions
- buf: Deprecate static/immutable buffers
- Deprecate internal parser functions
- Deprecate old HTML SAX API
- Generate deprecation warnings for old SAX API
- Mark more functions setting globals as deprecated
- Mark more parser functions as deprecated
- Mark most SAX1 functions as deprecated
- Deprecate some global variables
### Portability
- autoconf: Warn about outdated C compilers
- win32: Remove broken libxml2.def.src
- Remove symbols from version script
- catalog.c: Silence a cast warning on VS 2022 (Lukáš Tyrychtr)
- libxml.h: Remove ancient LynxOS setup
- Use python3 not python (Ross Burton)
- xstc/ port to Python 3 (Ross Burton)
- xstc/ unify whitespace (Ross Burton)
- Remove hacky heuristic from b2dc5675 (Alex Richardson)
- Avoid creating an out-of-bounds pointer by rewriting a check
(Alex Richardson)
- Hide internal functions
- Correctly relocate internal pointers after realloc() (Alex Richardson)
- Visual Studio builds: Allow silencing deprecation warnings (Chun-wei Fan)
- Visual Studio: Define XML_DEPRECATED (Chun-wei Fan)
- xmllint: Include <io.h> on Windows
- warnings: Work around MSVC bug
- sources: Silence C4013 warnings on Visual Studio (Chun-wei Fan)
- python/ Improve Windows import patching (Chun-wei Fan)
- python: Create .pyd on Windows
- Fix Python build on Windows
- Fix Windows compiler warnings in python/types.c
- Fix libxml_PyFileGet
- Remove BeOS support
- Fix libxml_PyFileGet with stdout on macOS
- Migrate from PyEval_ to PyObject_
- Port to Python 3
- Port to Python 3
- xmlexports.h: Remove LIBXML_FASTCALL optimization
- Remove XMLCALL and XMLCDECL macros from public headers
- Remove XMLDECL macro from .c files
### Build systems
- cmake: Link against `dl` and `dld` only when `LIBXML2_WITH_MODULES` is
enabled (Alexander Kutelev)
- autotools: Fix make distcheck
- Remove RPM build, Makefile.tests, README.tests
- libxml.m4: deprecate AM_PATH_XML2, wrap PKG_CHECK_MODULES instead
(Ross Burton)
- libxml.m4: fix -Wstrict-prototypes (Sam James)
- cmake: Build static library with -DLIBXML_STATIC
- autotools: Don't use version script on Windows
- autotools: Fix winsock detection
- autotools: Only add network libraries if HTTP/FTP enabled
- autotools: Disable parallel Python build
- python: Don't output missing generators during build
- build: Remove check for broken ss_family
- http: Simplify IPv6 checks
- autotools: Fix network checks on Windows
- Fix detection of GNU libiconv
- cmake: Fix Python installation
- cmake: Don't check for Python 2
- Also check for MSYS host
- Improve network library detection
- Detect ws2_32 with AC_SEARCH_LIBS
- Rework network configure checks
- Remove arg cast configure checks
- Fix dlopen check
- Remove HAVE_WIN32_THREADS configuration flag
- Rework dlopen and pthread detection
- Fix test in
- cmake: Enable GCC compiler warnings
- Always link with -no-undefined
- Use AM_CFLAGS and AM_LDFLAGS consistently
- Remove -Wredundant-decls
- Call AC_CHECK_* with multiple arguments
- Remove checks for unused programs
- Rework library detection in
- Rearrange
- Consolidate zlib and lzma detection
- Remove "runtime debugging"
- Consolidate simple API modules in
- Fix dependency resolution in
- Fix --with-valid --without-regexps build
- Fix --with-schemas --without-xpath build
- Don't build unneeded .c source files
- Move xmlIsXHTML to tree.c
- Cleanup distribution settings in
- Also clean *.pyc files for Python 2
- Don't distribute libxml2.spec
### Tests
- testchar: Add test for memory pull parser with encoding
- fuzz: Also test init function of URI fuzzer
- fuzz: Separate fuzzer for DTD validation
- gitlab-ci: Enable all "integer" sanitizers
- fuzz: Inject random malloc failures
- fuzz: Support variable integer sizes in fuzz data
- fuzz: Fix duplicate detection in fuzzEntityRecorder
- fuzz: Set filename in xmlFuzzEntityLoader
- fuzz: Allow xmlFuzzReadString(NULL)
- fuzz: Fix Makefile dependencies
- fuzz: Add test/recurse to seed corpus
- fuzz: Add separate XInclude fuzzer
- runsuite: Some errors are expected
- testrecurse: Test entity expansion stats
- testapi.c: Initialize catalog early
- Fix memory leak in API tests
- tests: Enable "runsuite" test
- python/tests/reader2: use absolute paths everywhere (Ross Burton)
- python/tests/reader2: always exit(1) if a test fails (Ross Burton)
- testModule: exit if the module can't be opened (Ross Burton)
- CI: disable modules in gcc:static build (Ross Burton)
- CI: fix CI on MinGW builds (Ross Burton)
- python: Fix memory leak checks
- tests: Check that xmlInitParser doesn't allocate memory
- tests: Fix use-after-free in Python tests
- tests: Remove unneeded #includes
- gitlab-ci: Make Test-Msvc exit if ctest fails
- gitlab-ci: Treat compiler warnings as errors on MSVC
- test: Add test for push parser boundaries
- gitlab-ci: Upgrade image to Ubuntu 22.10, reenable MSan
- gitlab-ci: Reenable LeakSanitizer
- gitlab-ci: Fix llvm-symbolizer
- xinclude: Don't create result doc for test with errors
- xinclude: Also test error messages
- gitlab-ci: Allow cast-align warnings from clang
- gitlab-ci: Fix tar invocation
- gitlab-ci: Move MSVC test to separate script
- gitlab-ci: Fix SUFFIX, remove MINGW_PATH
- gitlab-ci: Consolidate CMake test scripts
- gitlab-ci: Only install MinGW autotools if needed
- gitlab-ci: Only install cmake MinGW package if needed
- gitlab-ci: Install 7-Zip using the .msi
- Use $MSYSTEM and 'bash -lc' in MinGW CI
- Add CI job for MinGW/Autotools
- Consolidate CI scripts
- Move Dockerfile to .gitlab-ci directory
- testapi: Disable on Windows for now
- Disable fuzzer tests if glob.h wasn't found
- Move automata test to runtest.c
- Fix testapi when building --without-sax1
# Documentation
- doc: Remove ancient files
- Remove ancient TODOs
- html: Fix htmlInitAutoClose documentation
- doc: Mention new location of XML catalog as breaking change
- doc: Mention potentially breaking changes in NEWS
- doc: Remove xmlDllMain from documentation and version script
- doc: Mention ${sysconfdir} in man pages
- doc: Document xmlcatalog --convert
- doc: Document xmllint --nodict and --pedantic
- doc: Fix indentation in source XML files
- xmllint: Document --quiet option
- Improve cross-references in API docs
- Improve documentation of globals
- Fix documentation parser
- Support comments for global variables in documentation
- Fix update call in
- Don't index anything in DOC_DISABLE sections
- Fix warnings from
- Start with documentation for maintainers
v2.10.4: Apr 11 2023
### Security
- [CVE-2023-29469] Hashing of empty dict strings isn't deterministic
- [CVE-2023-28484] Fix null deref in xmlSchemaFixupComplexType
- schemas: Fix null-pointer-deref in xmlSchemaCheckCOSSTDerivedOK
### Regressions
- SAX2: Ignore namespaces in HTML documents
- io: Fix "buffer full" error with certain buffer sizes
v2.10.3: Oct 14 2022
### Security
- [CVE-2022-40304] Fix dict corruption caused by entity reference cycles
- [CVE-2022-40303] Fix integer overflows with XML_PARSE_HUGE
- Fix overflow check in SAX2.c
### Portability
- win32: Fix build with VS2013
### Build system
- cmake: Set SOVERSION
v2.10.2: Aug 29 2022
### Improvements
- Remove set-but-unused variable in xmlXPathScanName
- Silence -Warray-bounds warning
### Build system
- build: require automake-1.16.3 or later (Xi Ruoyao)
- Remove generated files from distribution
### Test suite
- Don't create missing.xml when running testapi
v2.10.1: Aug 25 2022
### Regressions
- Fix xmlCtxtReadDoc with encoding
### Bug fixes
- Fix HTML parser with threads and --without-legacy
### Build system
- Fix build with Python 3.10
- cmake: Disable version script on macOS
- Remove Makefile rule to build testapi.c
### Documentation
- Switch back to HTML output for API documentation
- Port doc/examples/ to Python 3
- Fix order of exports in libxml2-api.xml
- Remove libxml2-refs.xml
v2.10.0: Aug 17 2022
### Breaking changes
The Docbook parser module and all related symbols habe been removed completely.
This was experimental code which never worked and generated a deprecation
warning for 15+ years. The library's soname wasn't changed in order to allow
seamless upgrades to later versions. If this concerns you, consider bumping
soname yourself.
Some other modules are now disabled by default and will eventually be removed
- Support for XPointer locations (ranges and points): This was based on
a W3C specification which never got beyond Working Draft status. To my
knowledge, there's no software supporting this spec which is still
maintained. You now have to enable this code by passing the
`--with-xptr-locs` configuration option. Be warned that this part of
the code base is buggy and had many security issues in the past.
- Support for the built-in FTP client (`--with-ftp`).
- Support for "legacy" functions (`--with-legacy`).
If you're concerned about ABI stability and haven't disabled these modules
already, add the following configuration options or bump soname yourself:
Several functions of the public API were deprecated. Most of them should be
completely unused and will generate a deprecation warning now.
The autoconf build now uses the sysconfdir variable for the location of
the default catalog file. The path changed from hardcoded /etc/xml/catalog
to ${sysconfdir}/xml/catalog. The sysconfdir variable defaults to
${prefix}/etc, prefix defaults to /usr/local, so without other options
the path becomes /usr/local/etc/xml/catalog. If you want the old behavior,
configure with
### Security
- [CVE-2022-2309] Reset nsNr in xmlCtxtReset
- Reserve byte for NUL terminator and report errors consistently in xmlBuf and
xmlBuffer (David Kilzer)
- Fix missing NUL terminators in xmlBuf and xmlBuffer functions (David Kilzer)
- Fix integer overflow in xmlBufferDump() (David Kilzer)
- xmlBufAvail() should return length without including a byte for NUL
terminator (David Kilzer)
- Fix ownership of xmlNodePtr & xmlAttrPtr fields in xmlSetTreeDoc() (David
- Use xmlNewDocText in xmlXIncludeCopyRange
- Fix use-after-free bugs when calling xmlTextReaderClose() before
xmlFreeTextReader() on post-validating parser (David Kilzer)
- Use UPDATE_COMPAT() consistently in buf.c (David Kilzer)
- fix: xmlXPathParserContext could be double-delete in OOM case. (jinsub ahn)
### Removals and deprecations
- Disable XPointer location support by default
- Remove outdated
- Deprecate module init and cleanup functions
- Remove obsolete XML Software Autoupdate (XSA) file
- Remove DOCBparser
- Remove obsolete Python test framework
- Remove broken VxWorks support
- Remove broken Mac OS 9 support
- Remove broken bakefile support
- Remove broken Visual Studio 2010 support
- Remove broken Windows CE support
- Deprecate IDREF-related functions in valid.h
- Deprecate legacy functions
- Disable legacy support by default
- Deprecate all functions in nanoftp.h
- Disable FTP support by default
- Remove elfgcchack.h
### Regressions
- Skip incorrectly opened HTML comments
- Restore behavior of htmlDocContentDumpFormatOutput() (David Kilzer)
### Bug fixes
- Fix memory leak with invalid XSD
- Make XPath depth check work with recursive invocations
- Fix memory leak in xmlLoadEntityContent error path
- Avoid double-free if malloc fails in inputPush
- Properly fold whitespace around the QName value when validating an XSD
schema. (Damjan Jovanovic)
- Add whitespace folding for some atomic data types that it's missing on.
(Damjan Jovanovic)
- Don't add IDs containing unexpanded entity references
### Improvements
- Avoid calling xmlSetTreeDoc
- Simplify xmlFreeNode
- Don't reset nsDef when changing node content
- Fix unintended fall-through in xmlNodeAddContentLen
- Remove unused xmlBuf functions (David Kilzer)
- Implement xpath1() XPointer scheme
- Add configuration flag for XPointer locations support
- Fix compiler warnings in Python code
- Mark more static data as `const` (David Kilzer)
- Make xmlStaticCopyNode non-recursive
- Clean up encoding switching code
- Simplify recursive pthread mutex
- Use non-recursive mutex in dict.c
- Fix parser progress checks
- Avoid arithmetic on freed pointers
- Improve buffer allocation scheme
- Remove unneeded #includes
- Add support for some non-standard escapes in regular expressions. (Damjan
- htmlParseComment: handle abruptly-closed comments (Mike Dalessio)
- Add let variable tag support (Oliver Diehl)
- Add value-of tag support (Oliver Diehl)
- Remove useless call to xmlRelaxNGCleanupTypes
- Don't include ICU headers in public headers
- Update `xmlStrlen()` to use POSIX / ISO C `strlen()` (Mike Dalessio)
- Fix unused variable warnings with disabled features
- Only warn on invalid redeclarations of predefined entities
- Remove unneeded code in xmlreader.c
- Rework validation context flags
### Portability
- Use NAN/INFINITY if available to init XPath NaN/Inf (Sergey Kosukhin)
- Fix Python tests on macOS
- Fix xmlCleanupThreads on Windows
- Fix reinitialization of library on Windows
- Don't mix declarations and code in runtest.c
- Use portable python shebangs (David Seifert)
- Use critical sections as mutex on Windows
- Don't set HAVE_WIN32_THREADS in win32config.h
- Use stdint.h with newer MSVC
- Remove cruft from win32config.h
- Remove isinf/isnan emulation in win32config.h
- Always fopen files with "rb"
- Remove __DJGPP__ checks
- Remove useless __CYGWIN__ checks
### Build system
- Don't autogenerate doc/examples/
- cmake: Install libxml.m4 on UNIX-like platforms (Daniel E)
- cmake: Use symbol versioning on UNIX-like platforms (Daniel E)
- Port to Python 3
- Port to Python 3
- cmake: Fix build without thread support
- cmake: Install documentation in CMAKE_INSTALL_DOCDIR
- cmake: Remove non needed files in docs dir (Daniel E)
- configure: move XML_PRIVATE_LIBS after WIN32_EXTRA_LIBADD is set
(Christopher Degawa)
- Move local Autoconf macros into m4 directory
- Use XML_PRIVATE_LIBS in libxml2_la_LIBADD
- Update
- Don't overlink executables
- cmake: Adjust paths for UNIX or UNIX-like target systems (Daniel Engberg)
- build: Make use of variables in libxml's pkg-config file (Daniel Engberg)
- Avoid obsolescent `test -a` constructs (David Seifert)
- Move AM_MAINTAINER_MODE to AM section
- make AM_SILENT_RULES([yes]) unconditional (David Seifert)
- Streamline documentation installation
- Don't try to recreate COPYING symlink
- Detect libm using libtool's macros (David Seifert)
- disable static libraries by default (David Seifert)
- python/ nest python docs in $(docdir) (David Seifert)
- python/ rely on global AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE (David Seifert)
- install examples more idiomatically (David Seifert)
- remove useless AC_SUBST (David Seifert)
- Respect `--sysconfdir` in source files (David Seifert)
- Ignore configure backup file created by recent autoreconf too (Vadim Zeitlin)
- Only install *.html and *.c example files
- Remove --with-html-dir option
- Rework documentation build system
- Remove old website
- Use AM_PATH_PYTHON/PKG_CHECK_MODULES for python bindings (David Seifert)
- Update
- Update
- Remove ICONV_CONST test
- Remove obsolete AC_HEADER checks
- Don't check for standard C89 library functions
- Don't check for standard C89 headers
- Remove special configuration for certain maintainers
### Test suite, CI
- Disable network in API tests
- testapi: remove leading slash from "/missing.xml" (Mike Gilbert)
- Build Autotools CI tests out of source tree (VPATH)
- Add --with-minimum build to CI tests
- Fix warnings when testing --with-minimum build
- cmake: Run all tests when threads are disabled
- Also build CI tests with -Werror
- Move doc/examples tests to new test suite
- Simplify 'make check' targets
- Fix schemas and relaxng tests
- Remove unused result files
- Allow missing result files in runtest
- Move regexp tests to runtest
- Move SVG tests to runtest.c
- Move testModule to new test suite
- Move testThreads to new test suite
- Remove major parts of old test suite
- Make testchar return an error on failure (Tony Tascioglu)
- Add CI job for static build
- python/tests: open() relative to test scripts (David Seifert)
- Port some test scripts to Python 3
### Documentation
- Improve documentation of tree manipulation API
- Update xml2-config man page
- Consolidate man pages
- Rename xmlcatalog_man.xml
- Make examples a standalone HTML page
- Fix documentation in entities.c
- Add note about optimization flags
v2.9.14: May 02 2022:
- Security:
[CVE-2022-29824] Integer overflow in xmlBuf and xmlBuffer
Fix potential double-free in xmlXPtrStringRangeFunction
Fix memory leak in xmlFindCharEncodingHandler
Normalize XPath strings in-place
Prevent integer-overflow in htmlSkipBlankChars() and xmlSkipBlankChars()
(David Kilzer)
Fix leak of xmlElementContent (David Kilzer)
- Bug fixes:
Fix parsing of subtracted regex character classes
Fix recursion check in xinclude.c
Reset last error in xmlCleanupGlobals
Fix certain combinations of regex range quantifiers
Fix range quantifier on subregex
- Improvements:
Fix recovery from invalid HTML start tags
- Build system, portability:
Define LFS macros before including system headers
Initialize XPath floating-point globals
configure: check for icu DEFS (James Hilliard) produce tar.xz only (GNOME policy) (David Seifert)
Fix build with older Python versions
Fix --without-valid build
v2.9.13: Feb 19 2022:
- Security:
[CVE-2022-23308] Use-after-free of ID and IDREF attributes
(Thanks to Shinji Sato for the report)
Use-after-free in xmlXIncludeCopyRange (David Kilzer)
Fix Null-deref-in-xmlSchemaGetComponentTargetNs (huangduirong)
Fix memory leak in xmlXPathCompNodeTest
Fix null pointer deref in xmlStringGetNodeList
Fix several memory leaks found by Coverity (David King)
- Fixed regressions:
Fix regression in RelaxNG pattern matching
Properly handle nested documents in xmlFreeNode
Fix regression with PEs in external DTD
Fix random dropping of characters on dumping ASCII encoded XML (Mohammad Razavi)
Revert "Make schema validation fail with multiple top-level elements"
Fix regression when parsing invalid HTML tags in push mode
Fix regression parsing public IDs literals in HTML
Fix buffering in xmlOutputBufferWrite
Fix whitespace when serializing empty HTML documents
Fix XPath recursion limit
Fix regression in xmlNodeDumpOutputInternal
Work around lxml API abuse
- Bug fixes:
Fix xmlSetTreeDoc with entity references
Fix double counting of CRLF in comments
Make sure to grow input buffer in xmlParseMisc
Don't ignore xmllint options after "-"
Don't normalize namespace URIs in XPointer xmlns() scheme
Fix handling of XSD with empty namespace
Also register HTML document nodes
Make xmllint return an error if arguments are missing
Fix handling of ctxt->base in xmlXPtrEvalXPtrPart
Fix xmllint --maxmem
Fix htmlReadFd, which was using a mix of xml and html context functions (Finn Barber)
Move current position before possible calling of ctxt->sax->characters (Yulin Li)
Fix parse failure when 4-byte character in UTF-16 BE is split across a chunk (David Kilzer)
Patch to forbid epsilon-reduction of final states (Arne Becker)
Avoid segfault at exit when using custom memory functions (Mike Dalessio)
- Tests, code quality, fuzzing:
Remove .travis.yml
Make xmlFuzzReadString return a zero size in error case
Fix unused function warning in testapi.c
Update NewsML DTD in test suite
Add more checks for malloc failures in xmllint.c
Avoid potential integer overflow in xmlstring.c
Run CI tests with UBSan implicit-conversion checks
Fix casting of line numbers in SAX2.c
Fix integer conversion warnings in hash.c
Add explicit casts in runtest.c
Fix integer conversion warning in xmlIconvWrapper
Add suffix to unsigned constant in xmlmemory.c
Add explicit casts in testchar.c
Fix integer conversion warnings in xmlstring.c
Add explicit cast in xmlURIUnescapeString
Remove unused variable in xmlCharEncOutFunc (David King)
- Build system, portability:
Remove xmlwin32version.h
Fix fuzzer test with VPATH build
Support custom prefix when installing Python module
Remove CVS and SVN-related code
Port python 3.x module to Windows and improve distutils (Chun-wei Fan)
Correctly install the HTML examples into their subdirectory (Mattia Rizzolo)
Refactor the settings of $docdir (Mattia Rizzolo)
Remove unused configure checks (Ben Boeckel)
python/ use *_LIBADD, not *_LDFLAGS for LIBS (Sam James)
Fix check for libtool in
Use version in for CMake (Timothy Lyanguzov)
Add CMake alias targets for embedded projects (Markus Rickert)
- Documentation:
Remove SVN keyword anchors
Remove README.cvs-commits
Remove old ChangeLog
Update hyperlinks
Remove xmltutorial.pdf
Upload documentation to GitLab pages
Document how to escape XML_CATALOG_FILES
Fix libxml2.doap
Update URL for libxml++ C++ binding (Kjell Ahlstedt)
Generate devhelp2 index file (Emmanuele Bassi)
Mention XML_CATALOG_FILES is space-separated (Jan Tojnar)
Add documentaiton for xmllint exit code 10 (Rainer Canavan)
Fix some validation errors in the FAQ (David King)
Add instructions on how to use CMake to compile libxml (Markus Rickert)
v2.9.12: May 13 2021:
- Build system:
Add fuzz.h and seed/regexp to EXTRA_DIST
v2.9.11: May 13 2021:
- Security:
Patch for security issue CVE-2021-3541 (Daniel Veillard)
- Documentation:
Clarify xmlNewDocProp documentation (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Portability:
CMake: Only add postfixes if MSVC (Christopher Degawa),
Fix XPath NaN/Inf for older GCC versions (Nick Wellnhofer),
Use CMake PROJECT_VERSION (Markus Rickert),
Fix warnings in libxml.m4 with autoconf 2.70+. (Simon Josefsson),
Add CI for CMake on MSVC (Markus Rickert),
Update minimum required CMake version (Markus Rickert),
Add variables for configured options to CMake config files (Markus Rickert),
Check if variables exist when defining targets (Markus Rickert),
Check if target exists when reading target properties (Markus Rickert),
Add xmlcatalog target and definition to config files (Markus Rickert),
Remove include directories for link-only dependencies (Markus Rickert),
Fix ICU build in CMake (Markus Rickert),
Configure pkgconfig, xml2-config, and file (Markus Rickert),
Update CMake config files (Markus Rickert),
Add xmlcatalog and xmllint to CMake export (Markus Rickert),
Simplify xmlexports.h (Nick Wellnhofer),
Require dependencies based on enabled CMake options (Markus Rickert),
Use NAMELINK_COMPONENT in CMake install (Markus Rickert),
Add CMake files to EXTRA_DIST (Markus Rickert),
Add missing compile definition for static builds to CMake (Markus Rickert),
Add CI for CMake on Linux and MinGW (Markus Rickert),
Fix variable name in win32/configure.js (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix version parsing in win32/configure.js (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix autotools warnings (Nick Wellnhofer),
Update (Markus Rickert),
win32: allow passing *FLAGS on command line (Michael Stahl),
Configure file on MSVC (Markus Rickert),
List headers individually (Markus Rickert),
Add CMake build files (Markus Rickert),
Parenthesize Py<type>_Check() in ifs (Miro Hrončok),
Minor fixes to configure.js (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Bug Fixes:
Fix null deref in legacy SAX1 parser (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix handling of unexpected EOF in xmlParseContent (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix line numbers in error messages for mismatched tags (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix htmlTagLookup (Nick Wellnhofer),
Propagate error in xmlParseElementChildrenContentDeclPriv (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix user-after-free with `xmllint --xinclude --dropdtd` (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix dangling pointer with `xmllint --dropdtd` (Nick Wellnhofer),
Validate UTF8 in xmlEncodeEntities (Joel Hockey),
Fix use-after-free with `xmllint --html --push` (Nick Wellnhofer),
Allow FP division by zero in xmlXPathInit (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix xmlGetNodePath with invalid node types (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix exponential behavior with recursive entities (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix quadratic behavior when looking up xml:* attributes (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix slow parsing of HTML with encoding errors (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix null deref introduced with previous commit (Nick Wellnhofer),
Check for invalid redeclarations of predefined entities (Nick Wellnhofer),
Add the copy of type from original xmlDoc in xmlCopyDoc() (SVGAnimate),
parser.c: shrink the input buffer when appropriate (Mike Dalessio),
Fix infinite loop in HTML parser introduced with recent commits (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix quadratic runtime when parsing CDATA sections (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix timeout when handling recursive entities (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix memory leak in xmlParseElementMixedContentDecl (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix null deref in xmlStringGetNodeList (Nick Wellnhofer),
use new htmlParseLookupCommentEnd to find comment ends (Mike Dalessio),
htmlParseComment: treat `--!>` as if it closed the comment (Mike Dalessio),
Fix integer overflow in xmlSchemaGetParticleTotalRangeMin (Nick Wellnhofer),
encoding: fix memleak in xmlRegisterCharEncodingHandler() (Xiaoming Ni),
xmlschemastypes.c: xmlSchemaGetFacetValueAsULong add, check "facet->val" (Xiaoming Ni),
Fix null pointer deref in xmlXPtrRangeInsideFunction (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix quadratic runtime in HTML push parser with null bytes (Nick Wellnhofer),
Avoid quadratic checking of identity-constraints (Michael Matz),
Fix building with ICU 68. (Frederik Seiffert),
Convert python/libxml.c to PY_SSIZE_T_CLEAN (Victor Stinner),
Fix xmlURIEscape memory leaks. (Elliott Hughes),
Avoid call stack overflow with XML reader and recursive XIncludes (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix caret in regexp character group (Nick Wellnhofer),
parser.c: xmlParseCharData peek behavior fixed wrt newlines (Mike Dalessio),
Fix memory leaks in XPointer string-range function (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix use-after-free when XIncluding text from Reader (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix SEGV in xmlSAXParseFileWithData (yanjinjq),
Fix null deref in XPointer expression error path (Nick Wellnhofer),
Don't call xmlXPathInit directly (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix cleanup of attributes in XML reader (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix double free in XML reader with XIncludes (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix memory leak in xmlXIncludeAddNode error paths (Nick Wellnhofer),
Revert "Fix quadratic runtime in xi:fallback processing" (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix error reporting with xi:fallback (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix quadratic runtime in xi:fallback processing (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix corner case with empty xi:fallback (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix XInclude regression introduced with recent commit (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix memory leak in runtest.c (Nick Wellnhofer),
Make "xmllint --push --recovery" work (Nick Wellnhofer),
Revert "Do not URI escape in server side includes" (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix column number accounting in xmlParse*NameAndCompare (Nick Wellnhofer),
Stop counting nbChars in parser context (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix out-of-bounds read with 'xmllint --htmlout' (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix exponential runtime and memory in xi:fallback processing (Nick Wellnhofer),
Don't process siblings of root in xmlXIncludeProcess (Nick Wellnhofer),
Don't recurse into xi:include children in xmlXIncludeDoProcess (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix memory leak in xmlXIncludeIncludeNode error paths (Nick Wellnhofer),
Check for custom free function in global destructor (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix integer overflow when comparing schema dates (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix exponential runtime in xmlFARecurseDeterminism (Nick Wellnhofer),
Don't try to handle namespaces when building HTML documents (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix several quadratic runtime issues in HTML push parser (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix quadratic runtime when push parsing HTML start tags (Nick Wellnhofer),
Reset XML parser input before reporting errors (David Kilzer),
Fix quadratic runtime when push parsing HTML entity refs (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix HTML push parser lookahead (Nick Wellnhofer),
Make htmlCurrentChar always translate U+0000 (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix UTF-8 decoder in HTML parser (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix quadratic runtime when parsing HTML script content (Nick Wellnhofer),
Reset HTML parser input before reporting error (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix more quadratic runtime issues in HTML push parser (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix regression introduced with 477c7f6a (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix quadratic runtime in HTML parser (Nick Wellnhofer),
Reset HTML parser input before reporting encoding error (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix integer overflow in xmlFAParseQuantExact (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix return value of xmlC14NDocDumpMemory (Nick Wellnhofer),
Don't follow next pointer on documents in xmlXPathRunStreamEval (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix integer overflow in _xmlSchemaParseGYear (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix integer overflow when parsing {min,max}Occurs (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix another memory leak in xmlSchemaValAtomicType (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix unsigned integer overflow in htmlParseTryOrFinish (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix integer overflow in htmlParseCharRef (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix undefined behavior in UTF16LEToUTF8 (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix return value of xmlCharEncOutput (Nick Wellnhofer),
Never expand parameter entities in text declaration (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix undefined behavior in xmlXPathTryStreamCompile (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix use-after-free with validating reader (Nick Wellnhofer),
xmlParseBalancedChunkMemory must not be called with NULL doc (Nick Wellnhofer),
Revert "Fix memory leak in xmlParseBalancedChunkMemoryRecover" (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix memory leak in xmlXIncludeLoadDoc error path (Nick Wellnhofer),
Make schema validation fail with multiple top-level elements (Nick Wellnhofer),
Call xmlCleanupParser on ELF destruction (Samuel Thibault),
Fix copying of entities in xmlParseReference (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix memory leak in xmlSchemaValidateStream (Zhipeng Xie),
Fix xmlSchemaGetCanonValue formatting for date and dateTime (Kevin Puetz),
Fix memory leak when shared libxml.dll is unloaded (Kevin Puetz),
Fix potentially-uninitialized critical section in Win32 DLL builds (Kevin Puetz),
Fix integer overflow in xmlBufferResize (Nick Wellnhofer),
Check for overflow when allocating two-dimensional arrays (Nick Wellnhofer),
Remove useless comparisons (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix overflow check in xmlNodeDump (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix infinite loop in xmlStringLenDecodeEntities (Zhipeng Xie),
Fix freeing of nested documents (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix more memory leaks in error paths of XPath parser (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix memory leaks of encoding handlers in xmlsave.c (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix xml2-config error code (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix memory leak in error path of XPath expr parser (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix overflow handling in xmlBufBackToBuffer (Nick Wellnhofer),
Null pointer handling in catalog.c (raniervf), fix regressions introduced by commit 2f2bf4b2c (Dmitry V. Levin)
- Improvements:
Store per-element parser state in a struct (Nick Wellnhofer),
update for xsd:language type check (PaulHiggs),
Update INSTALL.libxml2 (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix include order in c14n.h (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix duplicate xmlStrEqual calls in htmlParseEndTag (Nick Wellnhofer),
Speed up htmlCheckAutoClose (Nick Wellnhofer),
Speed up htmlTagLookup (Nick Wellnhofer),
Stop checking attributes for UTF-8 validity (Nick Wellnhofer),
Reduce some fuzzer timeouts (Nick Wellnhofer),
Only run a few CI tests unless scheduled (Nick Wellnhofer),
Improve fuzzer stability (Nick Wellnhofer),
Check for feature flags in fuzzer tests (Nick Wellnhofer),
Another attempt at improving fuzzer stability (Nick Wellnhofer),
Revert "Improve HTML fuzzer stability" (Nick Wellnhofer),
Add charset names to fuzzing dictionaries (Nick Wellnhofer),
Improve HTML fuzzer stability (Nick Wellnhofer),
Add CI for MSVC x86 (Markus Rickert),
Add a flag to not output anything when xmllint succeeded (hhb),
Speed up HTML fuzzer (Nick Wellnhofer),
Remove unused encoding parameter of HTML output functions (Nick Wellnhofer),
Handle malloc failures in fuzzing code (Nick Wellnhofer),
add test coverage for incorrectly-closed comments (Mike Dalessio),
Enforce maximum length of fuzz input (Nick Wellnhofer),
Remove temporary members from struct _xmlXPathContext (Nick Wellnhofer),
Build the Python extension with PY_SSIZE_T_CLEAN (Victor Stinner),
Add CI test for Python 3 (Nick Wellnhofer),
Add fuzzing dictionaries to EXTRA_DIST (Nick Wellnhofer),
Add 'fuzz' subdirectory to DIST_SUBDIRS (Nick Wellnhofer),
Allow port numbers up to INT_MAX (Nick Wellnhofer),
Handle dumps of corrupted documents more gracefully (Nick Wellnhofer),
Limit size of free lists in XML reader when fuzzing (Nick Wellnhofer),
Hardcode maximum XPath recursion depth (Nick Wellnhofer),
Pass URL of main entity in XML fuzzer (Nick Wellnhofer),
Consolidate seed corpus generation (Nick Wellnhofer),
Test fuzz targets with dummy driver (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix regression introduced with commit d88df4b (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix regression introduced with commit 74dcc10b (Nick Wellnhofer),
Add TODO comment in xinclude.c (Nick Wellnhofer),
Stop using maxParserDepth in xpath.c (Nick Wellnhofer),
Remove dead code in xinclude.c (Nick Wellnhofer),
Don't add formatting newlines to XInclude nodes (Nick Wellnhofer),
Don't use SAX1 if all element handlers are NULL (Nick Wellnhofer),
Remove unneeded progress checks in HTML parser (Nick Wellnhofer),
Use strcmp when fuzzing (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix XPath fuzzer (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fuzz XInclude engine (Nick Wellnhofer),
Add XPath and XPointer fuzzer (Nick Wellnhofer),
Update fuzzing code (Nick Wellnhofer),
More *NodeDumpOutput fixes (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix *NodeDumpOutput functions (Nick Wellnhofer),
Make xmlNodeDumpOutputInternal non-recursive (Nick Wellnhofer),
Make xhtmlNodeDumpOutput non-recursive (Nick Wellnhofer),
Make htmlNodeDumpFormatOutput non-recursive (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix .gitattributes (Nick Wellnhofer),
Rework control flow in htmlCurrentChar (Nick Wellnhofer),
Make 'xmllint --html --push -' read from stdin (Nick Wellnhofer),
Remove misleading comments in xpath.c (Nick Wellnhofer),
Update to Devhelp index file format version 2 (Andre Klapper),
Set project language to C (Markus Rickert),
Add variable for working directory of XML Conformance Test Suite (Markus Rickert),
Add additional tests and XML Conformance Test Suite (Markus Rickert),
Add command line option for temp directory in runtest (Markus Rickert),
Ensure LF line endings for test files (Markus Rickert),
Enable runtests and testThreads (Markus Rickert),
Limit regexp nesting depth (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix return values and documentation in encoding.c (Nick Wellnhofer),
Add regexp regression tests (David Kilzer),
Report error for invalid regexp quantifiers (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix rebuilding docs, by hiding __attribute__((...)) behind a macro. (Martin Vidner),
Copy xs:duration parser from libexslt (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fuzz target for XML Schemas (Nick Wellnhofer),
Move entity recorder to fuzz.c (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fuzz target for HTML parser (Nick Wellnhofer),
Update GitLab CI container (Nick Wellnhofer),
Add options file for xml fuzzer (Nick Wellnhofer),
Add a couple of libFuzzer targets (Nick Wellnhofer),
Guard new calls to xmlValidatePopElement in xml_reader.c (Daniel Cheng),
Add LIBXML_VALID_ENABLED to xmlreader (Łukasz Wojniłowicz),
Fix typos (Nick Wellnhofer),
Disable LeakSanitizer (Nick Wellnhofer),
Stop calling SAX getEntity handler from XMLReader (Nick Wellnhofer),
Add test case for recursive external parsed entities (Nick Wellnhofer),
Enable error tests with entity substitution (Nick Wellnhofer),
Don't load external entity from xmlSAX2GetEntity (Nick Wellnhofer),
Merge code paths loading external entities (Nick Wellnhofer),
Copy some XMLReader option flags to parser context (Nick Wellnhofer),
Add xmlPopOutputCallbacks (Nick Wellnhofer),
Updated Python test (Pieter van Oostrum),
Updated python/tests/ (Pieter van Oostrum),
Use random seed in xmlDictComputeFastKey (Ranier Vilela),
Enable more undefined behavior sanitizers (Nick Wellnhofer)
v2.9.10: Oct 30 2019:
- Documentation:
Fix a few more typos ("fonction") (Nick Wellnhofer),
Large batch of typo fixes (Jared Yanovich),
Fix typos: tree: move{ -> s}, reconcil{i -> }ed, h{o -> e}ld by... (Jan Pokorný),
Fix typo: xpath: simpli{ -> fi}ed (Jan Pokorný),
Doc: do not mislead towards "infeasible" scenario wrt. xmlBufNodeDump (Jan Pokorný),
Fix comments in test code (zhouzhongyuan),
fix comment in testReader.c (zhouzhongyuan)
- Portability:
Fix some release issues on Fedora 30 (Daniel Veillard),
Fix exponent digits when running tests under old MSVC (Daniel Richard G),
Work around buggy ceil() function on AIX (Daniel Richard G),
Don't call printf with NULL string in runtest.c (Daniel Richard G),
Switched from unsigned long to ptrdiff_t in parser.c (Stephen Chenney),
timsort.h: support older GCCs (Jérôme Duval),
Make work with older pkg-config (Nick Wellnhofer),
Stop defining _REENTRANT on some Win32 platforms (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix nanohttp.c on MinGW (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix Windows compiler warning in testC14N.c (Nick Wellnhofer),
Merge testThreadsWin32.c into testThreads.c (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix Python bindings under Windows (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Bug Fixes:
Another fix for conditional sections at end of document (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix for conditional sections at end of document (Nick Wellnhofer),
Make sure that Python tests exit with error code (Nick Wellnhofer),
Audit memory error handling in xpath.c (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix error code in xmlTextWriterStartDocument (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix integer overflow when counting written bytes (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix uninitialized memory access in HTML parser (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix memory leak in xmlSchemaValAtomicType (Nick Wellnhofer),
Disallow conditional sections in internal subset (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix use-after-free in xmlTextReaderFreeNodeList (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix Regextests (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix empty branch in regex (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix integer overflow in entity recursion check (Nick Wellnhofer),
Don't read external entities or XIncludes from stdin (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix Schema determinism check of ##other namespaces (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix potential null deref in xmlSchemaIDCFillNodeTables (zhouzhongyuan),
Fix potential memory leak in xmlBufBackToBuffer (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix error message when processing XIncludes with fallbacks (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix memory leak in xmlRegEpxFromParse (zhouzhongyuan),
14:00 is a valid timezone for xs:dateTime (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix memory leak in xmlParseBalancedChunkMemoryRecover (Zhipeng Xie),
Fix potential null deref in xmlRelaxNGParsePatterns (Nick Wellnhofer),
Misleading error message with xs:{min|max}Inclusive (bettermanzzy),
Fix memory leak in xmlXIncludeLoadTxt (Wang Kirin),
Partial fix for comparison of xs:durations (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix null deref in xmlreader buffer (zhouzhongyuan),
Fix unability to RelaxNG-validate grammar with choice-based name class (Jan Pokorný),
Fix unability to validate ambiguously constructed interleave for RelaxNG (Jan Pokorný),
Fix possible null dereference in xmlXPathIdFunction (zhouzhongyuan),
fix memory leak in xmlAllocOutputBuffer (zhouzhongyuan),
Fix unsigned int overflow (Jens Eggerstedt),
dict.h: gcc 2.95 doesn't allow multiple storage classes (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix another code path in xmlParseQName (Nick Wellnhofer),
Make sure that xmlParseQName returns NULL in error case (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix build without reader but with pattern (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix memory leak in xmlAllocOutputBufferInternal error path (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix unsigned integer overflow (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix return value of xmlOutputBufferWrite (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix parser termination from "Double hyphen within comment" error (David Warring),
Fix call stack overflow in xmlFreePattern (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix null deref in previous commit (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix memory leaks in xmlXPathParseNameComplex error paths (Nick Wellnhofer),
Check for integer overflow in xmlXPtrEvalChildSeq (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix xmllint dump of XPath namespace nodes (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix float casts in xmlXPathSubstringFunction (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix null deref in xmlregexp error path (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix null pointer dereference in xmlTextReaderReadOuterXml (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix memory leaks in xmlParseStartTag2 error paths (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix memory leak in xmlSAX2StartElement (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix commit "Memory leak in xmlFreeID (xmlreader.c)" (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix NULL pointer deref in xmlTextReaderValidateEntity (Nick Wellnhofer),
Memory leak in xmlFreeTextReader (Nick Wellnhofer),
Memory leak in xmlFreeID (xmlreader.c) (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Improvements:
Run XML conformance tests under CI (Nick Wellnhofer),
Update GitLab CI config (Nick Wellnhofer),
Propagate memory errors in valuePush (Nick Wellnhofer),
Propagate memory errors in xmlXPathCompExprAdd (Nick Wellnhofer),
Make xmlFreeDocElementContent non-recursive (Nick Wellnhofer),
Enable continuous integration via GitLab CI (Nick Wellnhofer),
Avoid ignored attribute warnings under GCC (Nick Wellnhofer),
Make xmlDumpElementContent non-recursive (Nick Wellnhofer),
Make ignore ATTRIBUTE_NO_SANITIZE (Nick Wellnhofer),
Mark xmlExp* symbols as removed (Nick Wellnhofer),
Make xmlParseConditionalSections non-recursive (Nick Wellnhofer),
Adjust expected error in Python tests (Nick Wellnhofer),
Make xmlTextReaderFreeNodeList non-recursive (Nick Wellnhofer),
Make xmlFreeNodeList non-recursive (Nick Wellnhofer),
Make xmlParseContent and xmlParseElement non-recursive (Nick Wellnhofer),
Remove executable bit from non-executable files (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix expected output of test/schemas/any4 (Nick Wellnhofer),
Optimize build instructions in README (zhouzhongyuan), Output CFLAGS and LIBS on the same line (Hugh McMaster),
xml2-config: Add a --dynamic switch to print only shared libraries (Hugh McMaster),
Annotate functions with __attribute__((no_sanitize)) (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix warnings when compiling without reader or push parser (Nick Wellnhofer),
Remove unused member `doc` in xmlSaveCtxt (Nick Wellnhofer),
Limit recursion depth in xmlXPathCompOpEvalPredicate (Nick Wellnhofer),
Remove -Wno-array-bounds (Nick Wellnhofer),
Remove unreachable code in xmlXPathCountFunction (Nick Wellnhofer),
Improve XPath predicate and filter evaluation (Nick Wellnhofer),
Limit recursion depth in xmlXPathOptimizeExpression (Nick Wellnhofer),
Disable hash randomization when fuzzing (Nick Wellnhofer),
Optional recursion limit when parsing XPath expressions (Nick Wellnhofer),
Optional recursion limit when evaluating XPath expressions (Nick Wellnhofer),
Use break statements in xmlXPathCompOpEval (Nick Wellnhofer),
Optional XPath operation limit (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix compilation with --with-minimum (Nick Wellnhofer),
Check XPath stack after calling functions (Nick Wellnhofer),
Remove debug printf in xmlreader.c (Nick Wellnhofer),
Always define LIBXML_THREAD_ENABLED when enabled (Michael Haubenwallner),
Regenerate NEWS (Nick Wellnhofer),
Change git repo URL (Nick Wellnhofer),
Change bug tracker URL (Nick Wellnhofer),
Remove outdated HTML file (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix unused function warning in testapi.c (Nick Wellnhofer),
Add some generated test files to .gitignore (Nick Wellnhofer),
Remove unneeded function pointer casts (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix -Wcast-function-type warnings (GCC 8) (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix -Wformat-truncation warnings (GCC 8) (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Cleanups:
Rebuild docs (Nick Wellnhofer),
Disable xmlExp regex code (Nick Wellnhofer),
Remove redundant code in xmlRelaxNGValidateState (Nick Wellnhofer),
Remove redundant code in xmlXPathCompRelationalExpr (Nick Wellnhofer)
v2.9.9: Jan 03 2019:
- Security:
CVE-2018-9251 CVE-2018-14567 Fix infinite loop in LZMA decompression (Nick Wellnhofer),
CVE-2018-14404 Fix nullptr deref with XPath logic ops (Nick Wellnhofer),
- Documentation:
reader: Fix documentation comment (Mohammed Sadiq)
- Portability:
Fix MSVC build with lzma (Nick Wellnhofer),
Variables need 'extern' in static lib on Cygwin (Michael Haubenwallner),
Really declare dllexport/dllimport for Cygwin (Michael Haubenwallner),
Merge branch 'patch-2' into 'master' (Nick Wellnhofer),
Change dir to $THEDIR after ACLOCAL_PATH check autoreconf creates aclocal.m4 in $srcdir (Vitaly Buka),
Improve error message if pkg.m4 couldn't be found (Nick Wellnhofer),
NaN and Inf fixes for pre-C99 compilers (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Bug Fixes:
Revert "Support xmlTextReaderNextSibling w/o preparsed doc" (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix building relative URIs (Thomas Holder),
Problem with data in interleave in RelaxNG validation (Nikolai Weibull),
Fix memory leak in xmlSwitchInputEncodingInt error path (Nick Wellnhofer),
Set doc on element obtained from freeElems (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix HTML serialization with UTF-8 encoding (Nick Wellnhofer),
Use actual doc in xmlTextReaderRead*Xml (Nick Wellnhofer),
Unlink node before freeing it in xmlSAX2StartElement (Nick Wellnhofer),
Check return value of nodePush in xmlSAX2StartElement (Nick Wellnhofer),
Free input buffer in xmlHaltParser (Nick Wellnhofer),
Reset HTML parser input pointers on encoding failure (Nick Wellnhofer),
Don't run icu_parse_test if EUC-JP is unsupported (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix xmlSchemaValidCtxtPtr reuse memory leak (Greg Hildstrom),
Fix xmlTextReaderNext with preparsed document (Felix Bünemann),
Remove stray character from comment (Nick Wellnhofer),
Remove a misleading line from xmlCharEncOutput (Andrey Bienkowski),
HTML noscript should not close p (Daniel Veillard),
Don't change context node in xmlXPathRoot (Nick Wellnhofer),
Stop using XPATH_OP_RESET (Nick Wellnhofer),
Revert "Change calls to xmlCharEncInput to set flush false" (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Improvements:
Fix "Problem with data in interleave in RelaxNG validation" (Nikolai Weibull),
cleanup: remove some unreachable code (Thomas Holder),
add --relative to testURI (Thomas Holder),
Remove redefined starts and defines inside include elements (Nikolai Weibull),
Allow choice within choice in nameClass in RELAX NG (Nikolai Weibull),
Look inside divs for starts and defines inside include (Nikolai Weibull),
Add compile and libxml2-config.cmake to .gitignore (Nikolai Weibull),
Stop using doc->charset outside parser code (Nick Wellnhofer),
Add newlines to 'xmllint --xpath' output (Nick Wellnhofer),
Don't include SAX.h from globals.h (Nick Wellnhofer),
Support xmlTextReaderNextSibling w/o preparsed doc (Felix Bünemann),
Don't instruct user to run make when failed (林博仁(Buo-ren Lin)),
Run Travis ASan tests with "sudo: required" (Nick Wellnhofer),
Improve restoring of context size and position (Nick Wellnhofer),
Simplify and harden nodeset filtering (Nick Wellnhofer),
Avoid unnecessary backups of the context node (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix inconsistency in xmlXPathIsInf (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Cleanups:
v2.9.8: Mar 05 2018:
- Portability:
python: remove single use of _PyVerify_fd (Patrick Welche),
Build more test executables on Windows/MSVC (Nick Wellnhofer),
Stop including ansidecl.h (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix libz and liblzma detection (Nick Wellnhofer),
Revert "Compile testapi with -Wno-unused-function" (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Bug Fixes:
Fix xmlParserEntityCheck (Nick Wellnhofer),
Halt parser in case of encoding error (Nick Wellnhofer),
Clear entity content in case of errors (Nick Wellnhofer),
Change calls to xmlCharEncInput to set flush false when not final call. Having flush incorrectly set to true causes errors for ICU. (Joel Hockey),
Fix buffer over-read in xmlParseNCNameComplex (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix ICU library filenames on Windows/MSVC (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix xmlXPathIsNaN broken by recent commit (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix -Wenum-compare warnings (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix callback signature in testapi.c (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix unused parameter warning without ICU (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix IO callback signatures (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix misc callback signatures (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix list callback signatures (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix hash callback signatures (Nick Wellnhofer),
Refactor name and type signature for xmlNop (Vlad Tsyrklevich),
Fixed ICU to set flush correctly and provide pivot buffer. (Joel Hockey),
Skip EBCDIC tests if EBCDIC isn't supported (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Improvements:
Disable pointer-overflow UBSan checks under Travis (Nick Wellnhofer),
Improve handling of context input_id (Daniel Veillard),
Add resource file to Windows DLL (ccpaging),
Run Travis tests with -Werror (Nick Wellnhofer),
Build with "-Wall -Wextra" (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix -Wtautological-pointer-compare warnings (Nick Wellnhofer),
Remove unused AC_CHECKs (Nick Wellnhofer),
Update information about contributing (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix -Wmisleading-indentation warnings (Nick Wellnhofer),
Don't touch CFLAGS in (Nick Wellnhofer),
Ignore function pointer cast warnings (Nick Wellnhofer),
Simplify XPath NaN, inf and -0 handling (Nick Wellnhofer),
Introduce xmlPosixStrdup and update xmlMemStrdup (Nick Wellnhofer),
Add test for ICU flush and pivot buffer (Nick Wellnhofer),
Compile testapi with -Wno-unused-function (Nick Wellnhofer)
2.9.7: Nov 02 2017:
- Documentation:
xmlcatalog: refresh man page wrt. querying system catalog easily (Jan Pokorný)
- Portability:
Fix deprecated Travis compiler flag (Nick Wellnhofer),
Add declaration for DllMain (J. Peter Mugaas),
Fix preprocessor conditional in threads.h (J. Peter Mugaas),
Fix pointer comparison warnings on 64-bit Windows (J. Peter Mugaas),
Fix macro redefinition warning (J. Peter Mugaas),
Default to native threads on MinGW-w64 (Nick Wellnhofer),
Simplify Windows IO functions (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix runtest on Windows (Nick Wellnhofer),
socklen_t is always int on Windows (Nick Wellnhofer),
Don't redefine socket error codes on Windows (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix pointer/int cast warnings on 64-bit Windows (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix Windows compiler warnings in xmlCanonicPath (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Bug Fixes:
xmlcatalog: restore ability to query system catalog easily (Jan Pokorný),
Fix comparison of nodesets to strings (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Improvements:
Add Makefile rules to rebuild HTML man pages (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix mixed decls and code in timsort.h (Nick Wellnhofer),
Rework handling of return values in thread tests (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix unused variable warnings in testrecurse (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix -Wimplicit-fallthrough warnings (J. Peter Mugaas),
Upgrade timsort.h to latest revision (Nick Wellnhofer),
Increase warning level to /W3 under MSVC (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix a couple of warnings in dict.c and threads.c (Nick Wellnhofer),
Update .gitignore for Windows (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix unused variable warnings in nanohttp.c (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix the Windows header mess (Nick Wellnhofer),
Don't include winsock2.h in xmllint.c (Nick Wellnhofer),
Remove generated file python/ from version control (Nick Wellnhofer),
Use __linux__ macro in generated code (Nick Wellnhofer)
v2.9.6: Oct 06 2017:
- Portability:
Change preprocessor OS tests to __linux__ (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Bug Fixes:
Fix XPath stack frame logic (Nick Wellnhofer),
Report undefined XPath variable error message (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix regression with librsvg (Nick Wellnhofer),
Handle more invalid entity values in recovery mode (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix structured validation errors (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix memory leak in LZMA decompressor (Nick Wellnhofer),
Set memory limit for LZMA decompression (Nick Wellnhofer),
Handle illegal entity values in recovery mode (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix debug dump of streaming XPath expressions (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix memory leak in nanoftp (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix memory leaks in SAX1 parser (Nick Wellnhofer)
v2.9.5: Sep 04 2017:
- Security:
Detect infinite recursion in parameter entities (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix handling of parameter-entity references (Nick Wellnhofer),
Disallow namespace nodes in XPointer ranges (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix XPointer paths beginning with range-to (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Documentation:
Documentation fixes (Nick Wellnhofer),
Spelling and grammar fixes (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Portability:
Adding README.zOS to list of extra files for the release (Daniel Veillard),
Description of work needed to compile on zOS (Stéphane Michaut),
Porting libxml2 on zOS encoding of code (Stéphane Michaut),
small changes for OS/400 (Patrick Monnerat),
relaxng.c, xmlschemas.c: Fix build on pre-C99 compilers (Chun-wei Fan)
- Bug Fixes:
Problem resolving relative URIs (Daniel Veillard),
Fix unwanted warnings when switching encodings (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix signature of xmlSchemaAugmentImportedIDC (Daniel Veillard),
Heap-buffer-overflow read of size 1 in xmlFAParsePosCharGroup (David Kilzer),
Fix NULL pointer deref in xmlFAParseCharClassEsc (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix infinite loops with push parser in recovery mode (Nick Wellnhofer),
Send xmllint usage error to stderr (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix NULL deref in xmlParseExternalEntityPrivate (Nick Wellnhofer),
Make sure not to call IS_BLANK_CH when parsing the DTD (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix xmlHaltParser (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix pathological performance when outputting charrefs (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix invalid-source-encoding warnings in testWriter.c (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix duplicate SAX callbacks for entity content (David Kilzer),
Treat URIs with scheme as absolute in C14N (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix copy-paste errors in error messages (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix sanity check in htmlParseNameComplex (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix potential infinite loop in xmlStringLenDecodeEntities (Nick Wellnhofer),
Reset parser input pointers on encoding failure (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix memory leak in xmlParseEntityDecl error path (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix xmlBuildRelativeURI for URIs starting with './' (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix type confusion in xmlValidateOneNamespace (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix memory leak in xmlStringLenGetNodeList (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix NULL pointer deref in xmlDumpElementContent (Daniel Veillard),
Fix memory leak in xmlBufAttrSerializeTxtContent (Nick Wellnhofer),
Stop parser on unsupported encodings (Nick Wellnhofer),
Check for integer overflow in memory debug code (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix buffer size checks in xmlSnprintfElementContent (Nick Wellnhofer),
Avoid reparsing in xmlParseStartTag2 (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix undefined behavior in xmlRegExecPushStringInternal (Nick Wellnhofer),
Check XPath exponents for overflow (Nick Wellnhofer),
Check for overflow in xmlXPathIsPositionalPredicate (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix spurious error message (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix memory leak in xmlCanonicPath (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix memory leak in xmlXPathCompareNodeSetValue (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix memory leak in pattern error path (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix memory leak in parser error path (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix memory leaks in XPointer error paths (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix memory leak in xmlXPathNodeSetMergeAndClear (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix memory leak in XPath filter optimizations (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix memory leaks in XPath error paths (Nick Wellnhofer),
Do not leak the new CData node if adding fails (David Tardon),
Prevent unwanted external entity reference (Neel Mehta),
Increase buffer space for port in HTTP redirect support (Daniel Veillard),
Fix more NULL pointer derefs in xpointer.c (Nick Wellnhofer),
Avoid function/data pointer conversion in xpath.c (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix format string warnings (Nick Wellnhofer),
Disallow namespace nodes in XPointer points (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix comparison with root node in xmlXPathCmpNodes (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix attribute decoding during XML schema validation (Alex Henrie),
Fix NULL pointer deref in XPointer range-to (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Improvements:
Updating the spec file to reflect Fedora 24 (Daniel Veillard),
Add const in five places to move 1 KiB to .rdata (Bruce Dawson),
Fix missing part of comment for function xmlXPathEvalExpression() (Daniel Veillard),
Get rid of "blanks wrapper" for parameter entities (Nick Wellnhofer),
Simplify handling of parameter entity references (Nick Wellnhofer),
Deduplicate code in encoding.c (Nick Wellnhofer),
Make HTML parser functions take const pointers (Nick Wellnhofer),
Build test programs only when needed (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix doc/examples/ (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix compiler warnings in threads.c (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix empty-body warning in nanohttp.c (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix cast-align warnings (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix unused-parameter warnings (Nick Wellnhofer),
Rework entity boundary checks (Nick Wellnhofer),
Don't switch encoding for internal parameter entities (Nick Wellnhofer),
Merge duplicate code paths handling PE references (Nick Wellnhofer),
Test SAX2 callbacks with entity substitution (Nick Wellnhofer),
Support catalog and threads tests under --without-sax1 (Nick Wellnhofer),
Misc fixes for 'make tests' (Nick Wellnhofer),
Initialize keepBlanks in HTML parser (Nick Wellnhofer),
Add test cases for bug 758518 (David Kilzer),
Fix compiler warning in htmlParseElementInternal (Nick Wellnhofer),
Remove useless check in xmlParseAttributeListDecl (Nick Wellnhofer),
Allow zero sized memory input buffers (Nick Wellnhofer),
Add TODO comment in xmlSwitchEncoding (Nick Wellnhofer),
Check for integer overflow in xmlXPathFormatNumber (Nick Wellnhofer),
Make Travis print UBSan stacktraces (Nick Wellnhofer),
Add .travis.yml (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix expected error output in Python tests (Nick Wellnhofer),
Simplify control flow in xmlParseStartTag2 (Nick Wellnhofer),
Disable LeakSanitizer when running API tests (Nick Wellnhofer),
Avoid out-of-bound array access in API tests (Nick Wellnhofer),
Avoid spurious UBSan errors in parser.c (Nick Wellnhofer),
Parse small XPath numbers more accurately (Nick Wellnhofer),
Rework XPath rounding functions (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix white space in test output (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix axis traversal from attribute and namespace nodes (Nick Wellnhofer),
Check for trailing characters in XPath expressions earlier (Nick Wellnhofer),
Rework final handling of XPath results (Nick Wellnhofer),
Make xmlXPathEvalExpression call xmlXPathEval (Nick Wellnhofer),
Remove unused variables (Nick Wellnhofer),
Don't print generic error messages in XPath tests (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Cleanups:
Fix a couple of misleading indentation errors (Daniel Veillard),
Remove unnecessary calls to xmlPopInput (Nick Wellnhofer)
2.9.4: May 23 2016:
- Security:
More format string warnings with possible format string vulnerability (David Kilzer),
Avoid building recursive entities (Daniel Veillard),
Heap-based buffer overread in htmlCurrentChar (Pranjal Jumde),
Heap-based buffer-underreads due to xmlParseName (David Kilzer),
Heap use-after-free in xmlSAX2AttributeNs (Pranjal Jumde),
Heap use-after-free in htmlParsePubidLiteral and htmlParseSystemiteral (Pranjal Jumde),
Fix some format string warnings with possible format string vulnerability (David Kilzer),
Detect change of encoding when parsing HTML names (Hugh Davenport),
Fix inappropriate fetch of entities content (Daniel Veillard),
Bug 759398: Heap use-after-free in xmlDictComputeFastKey <> (Pranjal Jumde),
Bug 758605: Heap-based buffer overread in xmlDictAddString <> (Pranjal Jumde),
Bug 758588: Heap-based buffer overread in xmlParserPrintFileContextInternal <> (David Kilzer),
Bug 757711: heap-buffer-overflow in xmlFAParsePosCharGroup <> (Pranjal Jumde),
Add missing increments of recursion depth counter to XML parser. (Peter Simons)
- Documentation:
Fix typo: s{ ec -> cr }cipt (Jan Pokorný),
Fix typos: dictio{ nn -> n }ar{y,ies} (Jan Pokorný),
Fix typos: PATH_{ SEAPARATOR -> SEPARATOR } (Jan Pokorný),
Correct a typo. (Shlomi Fish)
- Portability:
Correct the usage of LDFLAGS (Mattias Hansson),
Revert the use of SAVE_LDFLAGS in (Mattias Hansson),
libxml2 hardcodes -L/lib in zlib/lzma tests which breaks cross-compiles (Mike Frysinger),
Fix apibuild for a recently added construct (Daniel Veillard),
Use pkg-config to locate zlib when possible (Stewart Brodie),
Use pkg-config to locate ICU when possible (Stewart Brodie),
Portability to non C99 compliant compilers (Patrick Monnerat),
dict.h: Move xmlDictPtr definition before includes to allow direct inclusion. (Patrick Monnerat),
os400: tell about xmllint and xmlcatalog in README400. (Patrick Monnerat),
os400: properly process SGML add in XMLCATALOG command. (Patrick Monnerat),
os400: implement CL command XMLCATALOG. (Patrick Monnerat),
os400: compile and install program xmlcatalog (qshell-only). (Patrick Monnerat),
os400: expand tabs in sources, strip trailing blanks. (Patrick Monnerat),
os400: implement CL command XMLLINT. (Patrick Monnerat),
os400: compile and install program xmllint (qshell-only). (Patrick Monnerat),
os400: initscript make_module(): Use options instead of positional parameters. (Patrick Monnerat),
os400: c14n.rpgle: allow *omit for nullable reference parameters. (Patrick Monnerat),
os400: use like() for double type. (Patrick Monnerat),
os400: use like() for int type. (Patrick Monnerat),
os400: use like() for unsigned int type. (Patrick Monnerat),
os400: use like() for enum types. (Patrick Monnerat),
Add xz to xml2-config --libs output (Baruch Siach),
Bug 760190: should be able to build --with-icu without icu-config tool <> (David Kilzer),
win32\VC10\config.h and VS 2015 (Bruce Dawson),
Add configure maintainer mode (orzen)
- Bug Fixes:
Avoid an out of bound access when serializing malformed strings (Daniel Veillard),
Unsigned addition may overflow in xmlMallocAtomicLoc() (David Kilzer),
Integer signed/unsigned type mismatch in xmlParserInputGrow() (David Kilzer),
Bug 763071: heap-buffer-overflow in xmlStrncat <> (Pranjal Jumde),
Integer overflow parsing port number in URI (Michael Paddon),
Fix an error with regexp on nullable counted char transition (Daniel Veillard),
Fix memory leak with XPath namespace nodes (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix namespace axis traversal (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix null pointer deref in docs with no root element (Hugh Davenport),
Fix XSD validation of URIs with ampersands (Alex Henrie),
xmlschemastypes.c: accept endOfDayFrag Times set to "24:00:00" mean "end of day" and should not cause an error. (Patrick Monnerat),
xmlcatalog: flush stdout before interactive shell input. (Patrick Monnerat),
xmllint: flush stdout before interactive shell input. (Patrick Monnerat),
Don't recurse into OP_VALUEs in xmlXPathOptimizeExpression (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix namespace::node() XPath expression (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix OOB write in xmlXPathEmptyNodeSet (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix parsing of NCNames in XPath (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix OOB read with invalid UTF-8 in xmlUTF8Strsize (Nick Wellnhofer),
Do normalize string-based datatype value in RelaxNG facet checking (Audric Schiltknecht),
Bug 760921: REGRESSION (8eb55d78): doc/examples/io1 test fails after fix for "xmlSaveUri() incorrectly recomposes URIs with rootless paths" <> (David Kilzer),
Bug 760861: REGRESSION (bf9c1dad): Missing results for test/schemas/regexp-char-ref_[01].xsd <> (David Kilzer),
error.c: *input->cur == 0 does not mean no error (Pavel Raiskup),
Add missing RNG test files (David Kilzer),
Bug 760183: REGRESSION (v2.9.3): XML push parser fails with bogus UTF-8 encoding error when multi-byte character in large CDATA section is split across buffer <> (David Kilzer),
Bug 758572: ASAN crash in make check <> (David Kilzer),
Bug 721158: Missing ICU string when doing --version on xmllint <> (David Kilzer),
python 3: libxml2.c wrappers create Unicode str already (Michael Stahl),
Add to distrib (orzen),
Heap-based buffer overread in xmlNextChar (Daniel Veillard)
- Improvements:
Add more debugging info to runtest (Daniel Veillard),
Implement "runtest -u" mode (David Kilzer),
Add a make rule to rebuild for ASAN (Daniel Veillard)
v2.9.3: Nov 20 2015:
- Security:
CVE-2015-8242 Buffer overead with HTML parser in push mode (Hugh Davenport),
CVE-2015-7500 Fix memory access error due to incorrect entities boundaries (Daniel Veillard),
CVE-2015-7499-2 Detect incoherency on GROW (Daniel Veillard),
CVE-2015-7499-1 Add xmlHaltParser() to stop the parser (Daniel Veillard),
CVE-2015-5312 Another entity expansion issue (David Drysdale),
CVE-2015-7497 Avoid an heap buffer overflow in xmlDictComputeFastQKey (David Drysdale),
CVE-2015-7498 Avoid processing entities after encoding conversion failures (Daniel Veillard),
CVE-2015-8035 Fix XZ compression support loop (Daniel Veillard),
CVE-2015-7942-2 Fix an error in previous Conditional section patch (Daniel Veillard),
CVE-2015-7942 Another variation of overflow in Conditional sections (Daniel Veillard),
CVE-2015-1819 Enforce the reader to run in constant memory (Daniel Veillard)
CVE-2015-7941_2 Cleanup conditional section error handling (Daniel Veillard),
CVE-2015-7941_1 Stop parsing on entities boundaries errors (Daniel Veillard),
- Documentation:
Correct spelling of "calling" (Alex Henrie),
Fix a small error in xmllint --format description (Fabien Degomme),
Avoid XSS on the search of (Daniel Veillard)
- Portability:
threads: use forward declarations only for glibc (Michael Heimpold),
Update Win32 configure.js to search for (Daniel Veillard)
- Bug Fixes:
Bug on creating new stream from entity (Daniel Veillard),
Fix some loop issues embedding NEXT (Daniel Veillard),
Do not print error context when there is none (Daniel Veillard),
Avoid extra processing of MarkupDecl when EOF (Hugh Davenport),
Fix parsing short unclosed comment uninitialized access (Daniel Veillard),
Add missing Null check in xmlParseExternalEntityPrivate (Gaurav Gupta),
Fix a bug in CData error handling in the push parser (Daniel Veillard),
Fix a bug on name parsing at the end of current input buffer (Daniel Veillard),
Fix the spurious ID already defined error (Daniel Veillard),
Fix previous change to node sort order (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix a self assignment issue raised by clang (Scott Graham),
Fail parsing early on if encoding conversion failed (Daniel Veillard),
Do not process encoding values if the declaration if broken (Daniel Veillard),
Silence clang's -Wunknown-attribute (Michael Catanzaro),
xmlMemUsed is not thread-safe (Martin von Gagern),
Fix support for except in nameclasses (Daniel Veillard),
Fix order of root nodes (Nick Wellnhofer),
Allow attributes on descendant-or-self axis (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix the fix to Windows locking (Steve Nairn),
Fix timsort invariant loop re: Envisage article (Christopher Swenson),
Don't add IDs in xmlSetTreeDoc (Nick Wellnhofer),
Account for ID attributes in xmlSetTreeDoc (Nick Wellnhofer),
Remove various unused value assignments (Philip Withnall),
Fix missing entities after CVE-2014-3660 fix (Daniel Veillard),
Revert "Missing initialization for the catalog module" (Daniel Veillard)
- Improvements:
Reuse xmlHaltParser() where it makes sense (Daniel Veillard),
xmlStopParser reset errNo (Daniel Veillard),
Re-enable xz support by default (Daniel Veillard),
Recover unescaped less-than character in HTML recovery parsing (Daniel Veillard),
Allow HTML serializer to output HTML5 DOCTYPE (Shaun McCance),
Regression test for bug #695699 (Nick Wellnhofer),
Add a couple of XPath tests (Nick Wellnhofer),
Add Python 3 rpm subpackage (Tomas Radej), update include directories (Samuel Martin),
Adding example from bugs 738805 to regression tests (Daniel Veillard)
- Cleanups:
2.9.2: Oct 16 2014:
- Security:
Fix for CVE-2014-3660 billion laugh variant (Daniel Veillard),
CVE-2014-0191 Do not fetch external parameter entities (Daniel Veillard)
- Bug Fixes:
fix memory leak xml header encoding field with XML_PARSE_IGNORE_ENC (Bart De Schuymer),
xmlmemory: handle realloc properly (Yegor Yefremov),
Python generator bug raised by the const change (Daniel Veillard),
Windows Critical sections not released correctly (Daniel Veillard),
Parser error on repeated recursive entity expansion containing &lt; (Daniel Veillard),
xpointer : fixing Null Pointers (Gaurav Gupta),
Remove Unnecessary Null check in xpointer.c (Gaurav Gupta),
parser bug on misformed namespace attributes (Dennis Filder),
Pointer dereferenced before null check (Daniel Veillard),
Leak of struct addrinfo in xmlNanoFTPConnect() (Gaurav Gupta),
Possible overflow in HTMLParser.c (Daniel Veillard),
python/tests/ assumes Python dictionaries are ordered (John Beck),
Fix Enum check and missing break (Gaurav Gupta),
xmlIO: Handle error returns from dup() (Philip Withnall),
Fix a problem properly saving URIs (Daniel Veillard),
wrong error column in structured error when parsing attribute values (Juergen Keil),
wrong error column in structured error when skipping whitespace in xml decl (Juergen Keil),
no error column in structured error handler for xml schema validation errors (Juergen Keil),
Couple of Missing Null checks (Gaurav Gupta),
Add couple of missing Null checks (Daniel Veillard),
xmlschemastypes: Fix potential array overflow (Philip Withnall),
runtest: Fix a memory leak on parse failure (Philip Withnall),
xmlIO: Fix an FD leak on gzdopen() failure (Philip Withnall),
xmlcatalog: Fix a memory leak on quit (Philip Withnall),
HTMLparser: Correctly initialise a stack allocated structure (Philip Withnall),
Check for tmon in _xmlSchemaDateAdd() is incorrect (David Kilzer),
Avoid Possible Null Pointer in trio.c (Gaurav Gupta),
Fix processing in SAX2 in case of an allocation failure (Daniel Veillard),
XML Shell command "cd" does not handle "/" at end of path (Daniel Veillard),
Fix various Missing Null checks (Gaurav Gupta),
Fix a potential NULL dereference (Daniel Veillard),
Add a couple of misisng check in xmlRelaxNGCleanupTree (Gaurav Gupta),
Add a missing argument check (Gaurav Gupta),
Adding a check in case of allocation error (Gaurav Gupta),
xmlSaveUri() incorrectly recomposes URIs with rootless paths (Dennis Filder),
Adding some missing NULL checks (Gaurav),
Fixes for xmlInitParserCtxt (Daniel Veillard),
Fix regressions introduced by CVE-2014-0191 patch (Daniel Veillard),
erroneously ignores a validation error if no error callback set (Daniel Veillard),
xmllint was not parsing the --c14n11 flag (Sérgio Batista),
Avoid Possible null pointer dereference in memory debug mode (Gaurav),
Avoid Double Null Check (Gaurav),
Restore context size and position after XPATH_OP_ARG (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix xmlParseInNodeContext() if node is not element (Daniel Veillard),
Avoid a possible NULL pointer dereference (Gaurav),
Fix xmlTextWriterWriteElement when a null content is given (Daniel Veillard),
Fix an typo 'onrest' in htmlScriptAttributes (Daniel Veillard),
fixing a ptotential uninitialized access (Daniel Veillard),
Fix an fd leak in an error case (Daniel Veillard),
Missing initialization for the catalog module (Daniel Veillard),
Handling of XPath function arguments in error case (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix a couple of missing NULL checks (Gaurav),
Avoid a possibility of dangling encoding handler (Gaurav),
Fix HTML push parser to accept HTML_PARSE_NODEFDTD (Arnold Hendriks),
Fix a bug loading some compressed files (Mike Alexander),
Fix XPath node comparison bug (Gaurav),
Type mismatch in xmlschemas.c (Gaurav),
Type mismatch in xmlschemastypes.c (Gaurav),
Avoid a deadcode in catalog.c (Daniel Veillard),
run close socket on Solaris, same as we do on other platforms (Denis Pauk),
Fix pointer dereferenced before null check (Gaurav),
Fix a potential NULL dereference in tree code (Daniel Veillard),
Fix potential NULL pointer dereferences in regexp code (Gaurav),
xmllint --pretty crashed without following numeric argument (Tim Galeckas),
Fix XPath expressions of the form '@ns:*' (Nick Wellnhofer),
Fix XPath '//' optimization with predicates (Nick Wellnhofer),
Clear up a potential NULL dereference (Daniel Veillard),
Fix a possible NULL dereference (Gaurav),
Avoid crash if allocation fails (Daniel Veillard),
Remove occasional leading space in XPath number formatting (Daniel Veillard),
Fix handling of mmap errors (Daniel Veillard),
Catch malloc error and exit accordingly (Daniel Veillard),
missing else in xlink.c (Ami Fischman),
Fix a parsing bug on non-ascii element and CR/LF usage (Daniel Veillard),
Fix a regression in xmlGetDocCompressMode() (Daniel Veillard),
properly quote the namespace uris written out during c14n (Aleksey Sanin),
Remove premature XInclude check on URI being relative (Alexey Neyman),
Fix missing break on last() function for attributes (dcb),
Do not URI escape in server side includes (Romain Bondue),
Fix an error in xmlCleanupParser (Alexander Pastukhov)
- Documentation:
typo in error messages "colon are forbidden from..." (Daniel Veillard),
Fix a link to James SAX documentation old page (Daniel Veillard),
Fix typos in relaxng.c (Jan Pokorný),
Fix a doc typo (Daniel Veillard),
Fix typos in {tree,xpath}.c (errror) (Jan Pokorný),
Add limitations about encoding conversion (Daniel Veillard),
Fix typos in xmlschemas{,types}.c (Jan Pokorný),
Fix incorrect spelling entites->entities (Jan Pokorný),
Forgot to document 2.9.1 release, regenerate docs (Daniel Veillard)
- Portability:
AC_CONFIG_FILES and executable bit (Roumen Petrov),
remove HAVE_CONFIG_H dependency in testlimits.c (Roumen Petrov),
fix some tabs mixing incompatible with python3 (Roumen Petrov),
Visual Studio 14 CTP defines snprintf() (Francis Dupont),
OS400: do not try to copy unexisting doc files (Patrick Monnerat),
OS400: use either or (Patrick Monnerat),
os400: create physical file with target CCSID (Patrick Monnerat),
OS400: Add some more C macros equivalent procedures. (Patrick Monnerat),
OS400: use C macros to implement equivalent RPG support procedures. (Patrick Monnerat),
OS400: implement XPath macros as procedures for ILE/RPG support. (Patrick Monnerat),
OS400: include in distribution tarball. (Patrick Monnerat),
OS400: Add README: compilation directives and OS/400 specific stuff. (Patrick Monnerat),
OS400: Add compilation scripts. (Patrick Monnerat),
OS400: ILE RPG language header files. (Patrick Monnerat),
OS400: implement some macros as functions for ILE/RPG language support (that as no macros). (Patrick Monnerat),
OS400: UTF8<-->EBCDIC wrappers for system and external library calls (Patrick Monnerat),
OS400: Easy character transcoding support (Patrick Monnerat),
OS400: iconv functions compatibility wrappers and table builder. (Patrick Monnerat),
OS400: create architecture directory. Implement dlfcn emulation. (Patrick Monnerat),
Fix building when configuring without xpath and xptr (Daniel Veillard),
configure: Add --with-python-install-dir (Jonas Eriksson),
Fix compilation with minimum and xinclude. (Nicolas Le Cam),
Compile out use of xmlValidateNCName() when not available. (Nicolas Le Cam),
Fix compilation with minimum and schematron. (Nicolas Le Cam),
Legacy needs xmlSAX2StartElement() and xmlSAX2EndElement(). (Nicolas Le Cam),
Don't use xmlValidateName() when not available. (Nicolas Le Cam),
Fix a portability issue on Windows (Longstreth Jon),
Various portability patches for OpenVMS (Jacob (Jouk) Jansen),
Use specific macros for portability to OS/400 (Patrick Monnerat),
Add macros needed for OS/400 portability (Patrick Monnerat),
Portability patch for fopen on OS/400 (Patrick Monnerat),
Portability fixes for OS/400 (Patrick Monnerat),
Improve va_list portability (Patrick Monnerat),
Portability fix (Patrick Monnerat),
Portability fix (Patrick Monnerat),
Generic portability fix (Patrick Monnerat),
Shortening lines in headers (Patrick Monnerat),
build: Use pkg-config to find liblzma in preference to AC_CHECK_LIB (Philip Withnall),
build: Add @LZMA_LIBS@ to libxml’s pkg-config files (Philip Withnall),
fix some tabs mixing incompatible with python3 (Daniel Veillard),
add additional defines checks for support "./configure --with-minimum" (Denis Pauk),
Another round of fixes for older versions of Python (Arfrever Frehtes Taifersar Arahesis),
python: fix for python3 compatibility (Alexandre Rostovtsev),
python: Fix compiler warnings when building python3 bindings (Armin K),
Fix for compilation with python 2.6.8 (Petr Sumbera)
- Improvements:
win32/libxml2.def.src after rebuild in doc (Roumen Petrov),
elfgcchack.h: more legacy needs xmlSAX2StartElement() and xmlSAX2EndElement() (Roumen Petrov),
elfgcchack.h: add xmlXPathNodeEval and xmlXPathSetContextNode (Roumen Petrov),
Provide cmake module (Samuel Martin),
Fix a couple of issues raised by make dist (Daniel Veillard),
Fix and add const qualifiers (Kurt Roeckx),
Preparing for upcoming release of 2.9.2 (Daniel Veillard),
Fix zlib and lzma libraries check via command line (Dmitriy),
wrong error column in structured error when parsing end tag (Juergen Keil),
doc/news.html: small update to avoid line join while generating NEWS. (Patrick Monnerat),
Add methods for python3 iterator (Ron Angeles),
Support element node traversal in document fragments. (Kyle VanderBeek),
xmlNodeSetName: Allow setting the name to a substring of the currently set name (Tristan Van Berkom),
Added macros for argument casts (Eric Zurcher),
adding init calls to xml and html Read parsing entry points (Daniel Veillard),
Get rid of 'REPLACEMENT CHARACTER' Unicode chars in xmlschemas.c (Jan Pokorný),
Implement choice for name classes on attributes (Shaun McCance),
Two small namespace tweaks (Daniel Veillard),
xmllint --memory should fail on empty files (Daniel Veillard),
Cast encoding name to char pointer to match arg type (Nikolay Sivov)
- Cleanups:
Removal of old (Daniel Veillard),
Unreachable code in tree.c (Gaurav Gupta),
Remove a couple of dead conditions (Gaurav Gupta),
Avoid some dead code and cleanup in relaxng.c (Gaurav),
Drop not needed checks (Denis Pauk),
Fix a wrong test (Daniel Veillard)
2.9.1: Apr 19 2013:
- Features:
Support for Python3 (Daniel Veillard),
Add xmlXPathSetContextNode and xmlXPathNodeEval (Alex Bligh)
- Documentation:
Add documentation for xmllint --xpath (Daniel Veillard),
Fix the URL of the SAX documentation from James (Daniel Veillard),
Fix spelling of "length". (Michael Wood)
- Portability:
Fix python bindings with versions older than 2.7 (Daniel Veillard),
rebuild (Roumen Petrov),
elfgcchack.h after rebuild in doc (Roumen Petrov),
elfgcchack for buf module (Roumen Petrov),
Fix a uneeded and wrong extra link parameter (Daniel Veillard),
Few cleanup patches for Windows (Denis Pauk),
Fix rpmbuild --nocheck (Mark Salter),
Fix for win32/configure.js and WITH_THREAD_ALLOC (Daniel Richard),
Fix Broken multi-arch support in xml2-config (Daniel Veillard),
Fix a portability issue for GCC < 3.4.0 (Daniel Veillard),
Windows build fixes (Daniel Richard),
Fix a thread portability problem (Friedrich Haubensak),
Downgrade autoconf requirement to 2.63 (Daniel Veillard)
- Bug Fixes:
Fix a linking error for python bindings (Daniel Veillard),
Fix a couple of return without value (Jüri Aedla),
Improve the hashing functions (Daniel Franke),
Improve handling of xmlStopParser() (Daniel Veillard),
Remove risk of lockup in dictionary initialization (Daniel Veillard),
Activate detection of encoding in external subset (Daniel Veillard),
Fix an output buffer flushing conversion bug (Mikhail Titov),
Fix an old bug in xmlSchemaValidateOneElement (Csaba László),
Fix configure cannot remove messages (Gilles Espinasse),
fix schema validation in combination with xsi:nil (Daniel Veillard),
xmlCtxtReadFile doesn't work with literal IPv6 URLs (Steve Wolf),
Fix a few problems with setEntityLoader (Alexey Neyman),
Detect excessive entities expansion upon replacement (Daniel Veillard),
Fix the flushing out of raw buffers on encoding conversions (Daniel,
Fix some buffer conversion issues (Daniel Veillard),
When calling xmlNodeDump make sure we grow the buffer quickly (Daniel,
Fix an error in the progressive DTD parsing code (Dan Winship),
xmllint should not load DTD by default when using the reader (Daniel,
Try IBM-037 when looking for EBCDIC handlers (Petr Sumbera),
Fix potential out of bound access (Daniel Veillard),
Fix large parse of file from memory (Daniel Veillard),
Fix a bug in the nsclean option of the parser (Daniel Veillard),
Fix a regression in 2.9.0 breaking validation while streaming (Daniel,
Remove potential calls to exit() (Daniel Veillard)
- Improvements:
Regenerated API, and testapi, rebuild documentation (Daniel Veillard),
Fix tree iterators broken by 2to3 script (Daniel Veillard),
update all tests for Python3 and Python2 (Daniel Veillard),
A few more fixes for python 3 affecting (Daniel Veillard),
Fix compilation on Python3 (Daniel Veillard),
Converting to python3 (Daniel Veillard),
First pass at starting porting to python3 (Daniel Veillard),
updated for python3 (Daniel Veillard),
Add support for xpathRegisterVariable in Python (Shaun McCance),
Added a regression tests from bug 694228 data (Daniel Veillard),
Cache presence of '<' in entities content (Daniel Veillard),
Avoid extra processing on entities (Daniel Veillard),
Python binding for xmlRegisterInputCallback (Alexey Neyman),
Python bindings: DOM casts everything to xmlNode (Alexey Neyman),
Define LIBXML_THREAD_ALLOC_ENABLED via xmlversion.h (Tim Starling),
Adding streaming validation to runtest checks (Daniel Veillard),
Add a --pushsmall option to xmllint (Daniel Veillard)
- Cleanups:
Switched comment in file to UTF-8 encoding (Daniel Veillard),
Extend gitignore (Daniel Veillard),
Silent the new python test on input (Alexey Neyman),
Cleanup of a duplicate test (Daniel Veillard),
Cleanup on duplicate test expressions (Daniel Veillard),
Fix compiler warning after 153cf15905cf4ec080612ada6703757d10caba1e (Patrick,
Spec cleanups and a fix for multiarch support (Daniel Veillard),
Silence a clang warning (Daniel Veillard),
Cleanup the Copyright to be pure MIT Licence wording (Daniel Veillard),
rand_seed should be static in dict.c (Wouter Van Rooy),
Fix typos in parser comments (Jan Pokorný)
2.9.0: Sep 11 2012:
- Features:
A few new API entry points,
More resilient push parser mode,
A lot of portability improvement,
Faster XPath evaluation
- Documentation:
xml2-config.1 markup error (Christian Weisgerber),
libxml(3) manpage typo fix (John Bradshaw),
More cleanups to the documentation part of libxml2 (Daniel Richard G)
- Portability:
Bug 676544 - fails to build with --without-sax1 (Akira TAGOH),
fix builds not having stdint.h (Rob Richards),
GetProcAddressA is available only on WinCE (Daniel Veillard),
More updates and cleanups on autotools and Makefiles (Daniel Richard G),
More changes for Win32 compilation (Eric Zurcher),
Basic changes for Win32 builds of release 2.9.0: compile buf.c (Eric Zurcher),
Bundles all generated files for python into the distribution (Daniel Richard G),
Fix compiler warnings of wincecompat.c (Patrick Gansterer),
Fix non __GNUC__ build (Patrick Gansterer),
Fix windows unicode build (Patrick Gansterer),
clean redefinition of {v}snprintf in C-source (Roumen Petrov),
use xmlBuf... if DEBUG_INPUT is defined (Roumen Petrov),
fix runtests to use pthreads support for various Unix platforms (Daniel Richard G),
Various "make distcheck" and portability fixups 2nd part (Daniel Richard G),
Various "make distcheck" and portability fixups (Daniel Richard G),
Fix compilation on older Visual Studio (Daniel Veillard)
- Bug Fixes:
Change the XPath code to percolate allocation errors (Daniel Veillard),
Fix reuse of xmlInitParser (Daniel Veillard),
Fix potential crash on entities errors (Daniel Veillard),
initialize var (Rob Richards),
Fix the XPath arity check to also check the XPath stack limits (Daniel Veillard),
Fix problem with specific and generic error handlers (Pietro Cerutti),
Avoid a potential infinite recursion (Daniel Veillard),
Fix an XSD error when generating internal automata (Daniel Veillard),
Patch for xinclude of text using multibyte characters (Vitaly Ostanin),
Fix a segfault on XSD validation on pattern error (Daniel Veillard),
Fix missing xmlsave.h module which was ignored in recent builds (Daniel Veillard),
Add a missing element check (Daniel Veillard),
Adding various checks on node type though the API (Daniel Veillard),
Namespace nodes can't be unlinked with xmlUnlinkNode (Daniel Veillard),
Fix make dist to include new private header files (Daniel Veillard),
More fixups on the push parser behaviour (Daniel Veillard),
Strengthen behaviour of the push parser in problematic situations (Daniel Veillard),
Enforce XML_PARSER_EOF state handling through the parser (Daniel Veillard),
Fixup limits parser (Daniel Veillard),
Do not fetch external parsed entities (Daniel Veillard),
Fix an error in previous commit (Aron Xu),
Fix entities local buffers size problems (Daniel Veillard),
Fix parser local buffers size problems (Daniel Veillard),
Fix a failure to report xmlreader parsing failures (Daniel Veillard)
- Improvements:
Keep libxml2.syms when running "make distclean" (Daniel Veillard),
Allow to set the quoting character of an xmlWriter (Csaba Raduly),
Keep non-significant blanks node in HTML parser (Daniel Veillard),
Add a forbidden variable error number and message to XPath (Daniel Veillard),
Support long path names on WNT (Michael Stahl),
Improve HTML escaping of attribute on output (Daniel Veillard),
Handle ICU_LIBS as LIBADD, not LDFLAGS to prevent linking errors (Arfrever Frehtes Taifersar Arahesis),
Switching XPath node sorting to Timsort (Vojtech Fried),
Optimizing '//' in XPath expressions (Nick Wellnhofer),
Expose xmlBufShrink in the public tree API (Daniel Veillard),
Visible HTML elements close the head tag (Conrad Irwin),
Fix file and line report for XSD SAX and reader streaming validation (Daniel Veillard),
Fix const qualifyer to definition of xmlBufferDetach (Daniel Veillard),
minimize use of HAVE_CONFIG_H (Roumen Petrov),
fixup regression in Various "make distcheck" and portability fixups (Roumen Petrov),
Add support for big line numbers in error reporting (Daniel Veillard),
Avoid using xmlBuffer for serialization (Daniel Veillard),
Improve compatibility between xmlBuf and xmlBuffer (Daniel Veillard),
Provide new accessors for xmlOutputBuffer (Daniel Veillard),
Improvements for old buffer compatibility (Daniel Veillard),
Expand the limit test program (Daniel Veillard),
Improve error reporting on parser errors (Daniel Veillard),
Implement some default limits in the XPath module (Daniel Veillard),
Introduce some default parser limits (Daniel Veillard),
Cleanups and new limit APIs for dictionaries (Daniel Veillard),
Fixup for buf.c (Daniel Veillard),
Cleanup URI module memory allocation code (Daniel Veillard),
Extend testlimits (Daniel Veillard),
More avoid quadratic behaviour (Daniel Veillard),
Impose a reasonable limit on PI size (Daniel Veillard),
first version of testlimits new test (Daniel Veillard),
Avoid quadratic behaviour in some push parsing cases (Daniel Veillard),
Impose a reasonable limit on comment size (Daniel Veillard),
Impose a reasonable limit on attribute size (Daniel Veillard),
Harden the buffer code and make it more compatible (Daniel Veillard),
More cleanups for input/buffers code (Daniel Veillard),
Cleanup function xmlBufResetInput(), to set input from Buffer (Daniel Veillard)
Switch the test program for characters to new input buffers (Daniel Veillard),
Convert the HTML tree module to the new buffers (Daniel Veillard),
Convert of the HTML parser to new input buffers (Daniel Veillard),
Convert the writer to new output buffer and save APIs (Daniel Veillard),
Convert XMLReader to the new input buffers (Daniel Veillard),
New saving functions using xmlBuf and conversion (Daniel Veillard),
Provide new xmlBuf based saving functions (Daniel Veillard),
Convert XInclude to the new input buffers (Daniel Veillard),
Convert catalog code to the new input buffers (Daniel Veillard),
Convert C14N to the new Input buffer (Daniel Veillard),
Convert xmlIO.c to the new input and output buffers (Daniel Veillard),
Convert XML parser to the new input buffers (Daniel Veillard),
Incompatible change to the Input and Output buffers (Daniel Veillard),
Adding new encoding function to deal with the new structures (Daniel Veillard),
Convert XPath to xmlBuf (Daniel Veillard),
Adding a new buf module for buffers (Daniel Veillard),
Memory error within SAX2 reuse common framework (Daniel Veillard),
Fix xmllint --xpath node initialization (Daniel Veillard)
- Cleanups:
Various cleanups to avoid compiler warnings (Daniel Veillard),
Big space and tab cleanup (Daniel Veillard),
Followup to LibXML2 docs/examples cleanup patch (Daniel Veillard),
Second round of cleanups for LibXML2 docs/examples (Daniel Richard),
Remove all .cvsignore as they are not used anymore (Daniel Veillard),
Fix a Timsort function helper comment (Daniel Veillard),
Small cleanup for valgrind target (Daniel Veillard),
Patch for portability of latin characters in C files (Daniel Veillard),
Cleanup some of the parser code (Daniel Veillard),
Fix a variable name in comment (Daniel Veillard),
Regenerated testapi.c (Daniel Veillard),
Regenerating docs and API files (Daniel Veillard),
Small cleanup of unused variables in test (Daniel Veillard),
Expand .gitignore with more files (Daniel Veillard)
2.8.0: May 23 2012:
- Features:
add lzma compression support (Anders F Bjorklund)
- Documentation:
xmlcatalog: Add uri and delegateURI to possible add types in man page. (Ville Skyttä),
Update README.tests (Daniel Veillard),
URI handling code is not OOM resilient (Daniel Veillard),
Fix an error in comment (Daniel Veillard),
Fixed bug #617016 (Daniel Mustieles),
Fixed two typos in the README document (Daniel Neel),
add generated html files (Anders F Bjorklund),
Clarify the need to use xmlFreeNode after xmlUnlinkNode (Daniel Veillard),
Improve documentation a bit (Daniel Veillard),
Updated URL for lxml python bindings (Daniel Veillard)
- Portability:
Restore code for Windows compilation (Daniel Veillard),
Remove git error message during configure (Christian Dywan),
xmllint: Build fix for endTimer if !defined(HAVE_GETTIMEOFDAY) (Patrick R. Gansterer),
remove a bashism in (John Hein),
undef ERROR if already defined (Patrick R. Gansterer),
Fix library problems with mingw-w64 (Michael Cronenworth),
fix windows build. ifdef addition from bug 666491 makes no sense (Rob Richards),
prefer native threads on win32 (Sam Thursfield),
Allow to compile with Visual Studio 2010 (Thomas Lemm),
Fix mingw's snprintf configure check (Andoni Morales),
fixed a 64bit big endian issue (Marcus Meissner),
Fix portability failure if netdb.h lacks NO_ADDRESS (Daniel Veillard),
Fix windows build from lzma addition (Rob Richards),
autogen: Only check for libtoolize (Colin Walters),
Fix the Windows build files (Patrick von Reth),
634846 Remove a linking option breaking Windows VC10 (Daniel Veillard),
599241 fix an initialization problem on Win64 (Andrew W. Nosenko),
fix win build (Rob Richards)
- Bug fixes:
Part for rand_r checking missing (Daniel Veillard),
Cleanup on randomization (Daniel Veillard),
Fix undefined reference in python module (Pacho Ramos),
Fix a race in xmlNewInputStream (Daniel Veillard),
Fix weird streaming RelaxNG errors (Noam),
Fix various bugs in new code raised by the API checking (Daniel Veillard),
Fix various problems with "make dist" (Daniel Veillard),
Fix a memory leak in the xzlib code (Daniel Veillard),
HTML parser error with <noscript> in the <head> (Denis Pauk),
XSD: optional element in complex type extension (Remi Gacogne),
Fix html serialization error and htmlSetMetaEncoding() (Daniel Veillard),
Fix a wrong return value in previous patch (Daniel Veillard),
Fix an uninitialized variable use (Daniel Veillard),
Fix a compilation problem with --minimum (Brandon Slack),
Remove redundant and ungarded include of resolv.h (Daniel Veillard),
xinclude with parse="text" does not use the entity loader (Shaun McCance),
Allow to parse 1 byte HTML files (Denis Pauk),
Patch that fixes the skipping of the HTML_PARSE_NOIMPLIED flag (Martin Schröder),
Avoid memory leak if xmlParserInputBufferCreateIO fails (Lin Yi-Li),
Prevent an infinite loop when dumping a node with encoding problems (Timothy Elliott),
xmlParseNodeInContext problems with an empty document (Tim Elliott),
HTML element position is not detected properly (Pavel Andrejs),
Fix an off by one pointer access (Jüri Aedla),
Try to fix a problem with entities in SAX mode (Daniel Veillard),
Fix a crash with xmllint --path on empty results (Daniel Veillard),
Fixed bug #667946 (Daniel Mustieles),
Fix a logic error in Schemas Component Constraints (Ryan Sleevi),
Fix a wrong enum type use in Schemas Types (Nico Weber),
Fix SAX2 builder in case of undefined attributes namespace (Daniel Veillard),
Fix SAX2 builder in case of undefined element namespaces (Daniel Veillard),
fix reference to STDOUT_FILENO on MSVC (Tay Ray Chuan),
fix a pair of possible out of array char references (Daniel Veillard),
Fix an allocation error when copying entities (Daniel Veillard),
Make sure the parser returns when getting a Stop order (Chris Evans),
Fix some potential problems on reallocation failures(parser.c) (Xia Xinfeng),
Fix a schema type duration comparison overflow (Daniel Veillard),
Fix an unimplemented part in RNG value validation (Daniel Veillard),
Fix missing error status in XPath evaluation (Daniel Veillard),
Hardening of XPath evaluation (Daniel Veillard),
Fix an off by one error in encoding (Daniel Veillard),
Fix RELAX NG include bug #655288 (Shaun McCance),
Fix XSD validation bug #630130 (Toyoda Eizi),
Fix some potential problems on reallocation failures (Chris Evans),
__xmlRaiseError: fix use of the structured callback channel (Dmitry V. Levin),
__xmlRaiseError: fix the structured callback channel's data initialization (Dmitry V. Levin),
Fix memory corruption when xmlParseBalancedChunkMemoryInternal is called from xmlParseBalancedChunk (Rob Richards),
Small fix for previous commit (Daniel Veillard),
Fix a potential freeing error in XPath (Daniel Veillard),
Fix a potential memory access error (Daniel Veillard),
Reactivate the shared library versioning script (Daniel Veillard)
- Improvements:
use mingw C99 compatible functions {v}snprintf instead those from MSVC runtime (Roumen Petrov),
New symbols added for the next release (Daniel Veillard),
xmlTextReader bails too quickly on error (Andy Lutomirski),
Use a hybrid allocation scheme in xmlNodeSetContent (Conrad Irwin),
Use buffers when constructing string node lists. (Conrad Irwin),
Add HTML parser support for HTML5 meta charset encoding declaration (Denis Pauk),
wrong message for double hyphen in comment XML error (Bryan Henderson),
Fix "make tst" to grab lzma lib too (Daniel Veillard),
Add "whereis" command to xmllint shell (Ryan),
Improve xmllint shell (Ryan),
add function xmlTextReaderRelaxNGValidateCtxt() (Noam Postavsky),
Add --system support to (Daniel Veillard),
Add hash randomization to hash and dict structures (Daniel Veillard),
included xzlib in dist (Anders F Bjorklund),
move xz/lzma helpers to separate included files (Anders F Bjorklund),
add generated devhelp files (Anders F Bjorklund),
add XML_WITH_LZMA to api (Anders F Bjorklund), Honor NOCONFIGURE environment variable (Colin Walters),
Improve the error report on undefined REFs (Daniel Veillard),
Add exception for new W3C PI xml-model (Daniel Veillard),
Add options to ignore the internal encoding (Daniel Veillard),
testapi: use the right type for the check (Stefan Kost),
various: handle return values of write calls (Stefan Kost),
testWriter: xmlTextWriterWriteFormatElement wants an int instead of a long int (Stefan Kost),
runxmlconf: update to latest testsuite version (Stefan Kost),
configure: add -Wno-long-long to CFLAGS (Stefan Kost),
configure: support silent automake rules if possible (Stefan Kost),
xmlmemory: add a cast as size_t has no portable printf modifier (Stefan Kost),
__xmlRaiseError: remove redundant schannel initialization (Dmitry V. Levin),
__xmlRaiseError: do cheap code check early (Dmitry V. Levin)
- Cleanups:
Cleanups before 2.8.0-rc2 (Daniel Veillard),
Avoid an extra operation (Daniel Veillard),
Remove vestigial de-ANSI-fication support. (Javier Jardón), Fix typo (Javier Jardón),
Do not use unsigned but unsigned int (Daniel Veillard),
Remove two references to u_short (Daniel Veillard),
Fix -Wempty-body warning from clang (Nico Weber),
Cleanups of lzma support (Daniel Veillard),
Augment the list of ignored files (Daniel Veillard),
python: remove unused variable (Stefan Kost),
python: flag two unused args (Stefan Kost),
configure: acconfig.h is deprecated since autoconf-2.50 (Stefan Kost),
xpath: remove unused variable (Stefan Kost)
2.7.8: Nov 4 2010:
- Features:
480323 add code to plug in ICU converters by default (Giuseppe Iuculano),
Add xmlSaveOption XML_SAVE_WSNONSIG (Adam Spragg)
- Documentation:
Fix devhelp documentation installation (Mike Hommey),
Fix web site encoding problems (Daniel Veillard),
Fix a couple of typo in HTML parser error messages (Michael Day),
Forgot to update the news page for 0.7.7 (Daniel Veillard)
- Portability:
607273 Fix python detection on MSys/Windows (LRN),
614087 Fix Socket API usage to allow Windows64 compilation (Ozkan Sezer),
Fix compilation with Clang (Koop Mast),
Fix Win32 build (Rob Richards)
- Bug Fixes:
595789 fix a remaining potential Solaris problem (Daniel Veillard),
617468 fix progressive HTML parsing with style using "'" (Denis Pauk),
616478 Fix xmllint shell write command (Gwenn Kahz),
614005 Possible erroneous HTML parsing on unterminated script (Pierre Belzile),
627987 Fix XSD IDC errors in imported schemas (Jim Panetta),
629325 XPath rounding errors first cleanup (Phil Shafer),
630140 fix iso995x encoding error (Daniel Veillard),
make sure htmlCtxtReset do reset the disableSAX field (Daniel Veillard),
Fix a change of semantic on XPath preceding and following axis (Daniel Veillard),
Fix a potential segfault due to weak symbols on pthreads (Mike Hommey),
Fix a leak in XPath compilation (Daniel Veillard),
Fix the semantic of XPath axis for namespace/attribute context nodes (Daniel Veillard),
Avoid a descriptor leak in catalog loading code (Carlo Bramini),
Fix a small bug in XPath evaluation code (Marius Wachtler),
Fix handling of XML-1.0 XML namespace declaration (Daniel Veillard),
Fix errors in XSD double validation check (Csaba Raduly),
Fix handling of apos in URIs (Daniel Veillard),
xmlTextReaderReadOuterXml should handle DTD (Rob Richards), needs to create m4 directory (Rob Richards)
- Improvements:
606592 update language ID parser to RFC 5646 (Daniel Veillard),
Sort python generated stubs (Mike Hommey),
Add an HTML parser option to avoid a default doctype (Daniel Veillard)
- Cleanups:
618831 don't ship generated files in git (Adrian Bunk),
Switch from the obsolete mkinstalldirs to AC_PROG_MKDIR_P (Adrian Bunk),
Various cleanups on encoding handling (Daniel Veillard),
Fix xmllint to use format=1 for default formatting (Adam Spragg),
Force _xmlSaveCtxt.format to be 0 or 1 (Adam Spragg),
Cleanup encoding pointer comparison (Nikolay Sivov),
Small code cleanup on previous patch (Daniel Veillard)
2.7.7: Mar 15 2010:
- Improvements:
Adding a --xpath option to xmllint (Daniel Veillard),
Make HTML parser non-recursive (Eugene Pimenov)
- Portability:
relaxng.c: cast to allow compilation with sun studio 11 (Ben Walton),
Fix build failure on Sparc solaris (Roumen Petrov),
use autoreconf in (Daniel Veillard),
Fix build with mingw (Roumen Petrov),
Upgrade some of the configure and autogen (Daniel Veillard),
Fix relaxNG tests in runtest for Windows runtest.c: initialize ret (Rob Richards),
Fix a const warning in xmlNodeSetBase (Martin Trappel),
Fix python generator to not use deprecated xmllib (Daniel Veillard),
Update some automake files (Daniel Veillard),
598785 Fix nanohttp on Windows (spadix)
- Bug Fixes:
libxml violates the zlib interface and crashes (Mark Adler),
Fix broken escape behaviour in regexp ranges (Daniel Veillard),
Fix missing win32 libraries in libxml-2.0.pc (Volker Grabsch),
Fix detection of python linker flags (Daniel Macks),
fix build error in libxml2/python (Paul Smith),
ChunkParser: Incorrect decoding of small xml files (Raul Hudea),
htmlCheckEncoding doesn't update input-end after shrink (Eugene Pimenov),
Fix a missing #ifdef (Daniel Veillard),
Fix encoding selection for xmlParseInNodeContext (Daniel Veillard),
xmlPreviousElementSibling mistake (François Delyon),
608773 add a missing check in xmlGROW (Daniel Veillard),
Fix xmlParseInNodeContext for HTML content (Daniel Veillard),
Fix lost namespace when copying node * tree.c: reconcile namespace if not found (Rob Richards),
Fix some missing commas in HTML element lists (Eugene Pimenov),
Correct variable type to unsigned (Nikolay Sivov),
Recognize ID attribute in HTML without DOCTYPE (Daniel Veillard),
Fix memory leak in xmlXPathEvalExpression() (Martin),
Fix an init bug in global.c (Kai Henning),
Fix xmlNodeSetBase() comment (Daniel Veillard),
Fix broken escape behaviour in regexp ranges (Daniel Veillard),
Don't give default HTML boolean attribute values in parser (Daniel Veillard),
xmlCtxtResetLastError should reset ctxt-errNo (Daniel Veillard)
- Cleanups:
Cleanup a couple of weirdness in HTML parser (Eugene Pimenov)
2.7.6: Oct 6 2009:
- Bug Fixes:
Restore thread support in default configuration (Andrew W. Nosenko),
URI with no path parsing problem (Daniel Veillard),
Minor patch for conditional defines in threads.c (Eric Zurcher)
2.7.5: Sep 24 2009:
- Bug Fixes:
Restore behavior of --with-threads without argument (Andrew W. Nosenko),
Fix memory leak when doc is NULL (Rob Richards),
595792 fixing a RelaxNG bug introduced in 2.7.4 (Daniel Veillard),
Fix a Relaxng bug raised by libvirt test suite (Daniel Veillard),
Fix a parsing problem with little data at startup (Daniel Veillard),
link python module with python library (Frederic Crozat),
594874 Forgot an fclose in xmllint (Daniel Veillard)
- Cleanup:
Adding symbols.xml to EXTRA_DIST (Daniel Veillard)
2.7.4: Sep 10 2009:
- Improvements:
Switch to GIT (GNOME),
Add symbol versioning to libxml2 shared libs (Daniel Veillard)
- Portability:
593857 try to work around thread pbm MinGW 4.4 (Daniel Veillard),
594250 rename ATTRIBUTE_ALLOC_SIZE to avoid clashes (Daniel Veillard),
Fix Windows build * relaxng.c: fix windows build (Rob Richards),
Fix the globals.h to use XMLPUBFUN (Paul Smith),
Problem with extern extern in header (Daniel Veillard),
Add -lnetwork for compiling on Haiku (Scott McCreary),
Runtest portability patch for Solaris (Tim Rice),
Small patch to accommodate the Haiku OS (Scott McCreary),
584605 package VxWorks folder in the distribution (Daniel Veillard),
574017 Realloc too expensive on most platform (Daniel Veillard),
Fix windows build (Rob Richards),
545579 doesn't compile without schema support (Daniel Veillard),
xmllint use xmlGetNodePath when not compiled in (Daniel Veillard),
Try to avoid __imp__xmlFree link trouble on msys (Daniel Veillard),
Allow to select the threading system on Windows (LRN),
Fix Solaris binary links, cleanups (Daniel Veillard),
Bug 571059 – MSVC doesn't work with the bakefile (Intron),
fix ATTRIBUTE_PRINTF header clash (Belgabor and Mike Hommey),
fixes for Borland/CodeGear/Embarcadero compilers (Eric Zurcher)
- Documentation:
544910 typo: "renciliateNs" (Leonid Evdokimov),
Add VxWorks to list of OSes (Daniel Veillard),
Regenerate the documentation and update for git (Daniel Veillard),
560524 ¿ xmlTextReaderLocalName description (Daniel Veillard),
Added sponsoring by AOE media for the server (Daniel Veillard),
updated URLs for GNOME (Vincent Lefevre),
more warnings about xmlCleanupThreads and xmlCleanupParser (Daniel Veillard)
- Bug fixes:
594514 memory leaks - duplicate initialization (MOD),
Wrong block opening in htmlNodeDumpOutputInternal (Daniel Veillard),
492317 Fix Relax-NG validation problems (Daniel Veillard),
558452 fight with reg test and error report (Daniel Veillard),
558452 RNG compilation of optional multiple child (Daniel Veillard),
579746 XSD validation not correct / nilable groups (Daniel Veillard),
502960 provide namespace stack when parsing entity (Daniel Veillard),
566012 part 2 fix regression tests and push mode (Daniel Veillard),
566012 autodetected encoding and encoding conflict (Daniel Veillard),
584220 xpointer(/) and xinclude problems (Daniel Veillard),
587663 Incorrect Attribute-Value Normalization (Daniel Veillard),
444994 HTML chunked failure for attribute with <> (Daniel Veillard),
Fix end of buffer char being split in XML parser (Daniel Veillard),
Non ASCII character may be split at buffer end (Adiel Mittmann),
440226 Add xmlXIncludeProcessTreeFlagsData API (Stefan Behnel),
572129 speed up parsing of large HTML text nodes (Markus Kull),
Fix HTML parsing with 0 character in CDATA (Daniel Veillard),
Fix SetGenericErrorFunc and SetStructured clash (Wang Lam),
566012 Incomplete EBCDIC parsing support (Martin Kogler),
541335 HTML avoid creating 2 head or 2 body element (Daniel Veillard),
541237 error correcting missing end tags in HTML (Daniel Veillard),
583439 missing line numbers in push mode (Daniel Veillard),
587867 xmllint --html --xmlout serializing as HTML (Daniel Veillard),
559501 avoid select and use poll for nanohttp (Raphael Prevost),
559410 - Regexp bug on (...)? constructs (Daniel Veillard),
Fix a small problem on previous HTML parser patch (Daniel Veillard),
592430 - HTML parser runs into endless loop (Daniel Veillard),
447899 potential double free in xmlFreeTextReader (Daniel Veillard),
446613 small validation bug mixed content with NS (Daniel Veillard),
Fix the problem of revalidating a doc with RNG (Daniel Veillard),
Fix xmlKeepBlanksDefault to not break indent (Nick Wellnhofer),
512131 refs from externalRef part need to be added (Daniel Veillard),
512131 crash in xmlRelaxNGValidateFullElement (Daniel Veillard),
588441 allow '.' in HTML Names even if invalid (Daniel Veillard),
582913 Fix htmlSetMetaEncoding() to be nicer (Daniel Veillard),
579317 Try to find the HTML encoding information (Daniel Veillard),
575875 don't output charset=html (Daniel Veillard),
571271 fix semantic of xsd:all with minOccurs=0 (Daniel Veillard),
570702 fix a bug in regexp determinism checking (Daniel Veillard),
567619 xmlValidateNotationUse missing param test (Daniel Veillard),
574393 ¿ utf-8 filename magic for compressed files (Hans Breuer),
Fix a couple of problems in the parser (Daniel Veillard),
585505 ¿ Document ids and refs populated by XSD (Wayne Jensen),
582906 XSD validating multiple imports of the same schema (Jason Childs),
Bug 582887 ¿ problems validating complex schemas (Jason Childs),
Bug 579729 ¿ fix XSD schemas parsing crash (Miroslav Bajtos),
576368 ¿ htmlChunkParser with special attributes (Jiri Netolicky),
Bug 565747 ¿ relax anyURI data character checking (Vincent Lefevre),
Preserve attributes of include start on tree copy (Petr Pajas),
Skip silently unrecognized XPointer schemes (Jakub Wilk),
Fix leak on SAX1, xmllint --sax1 option and debug (Daniel Veillard),
potential NULL dereference on non-glibc (Jim Meyering),
Fix an XSD validation crash (Daniel Veillard),
Fix a regression in streaming entities support (Daniel Veillard),
Fix a couple of ABI issues with C14N 1.1 (Aleksey Sanin),
Aleksey Sanin support for c14n 1.1 (Aleksey Sanin),
reader bug fix with entities (Daniel Veillard),
use options from current parser ctxt for external entities (Rob Richards),
581612 use %s to printf strings (Christian Persch),
584605 change the threading initialization sequence (Igor Novoseltsev),
580705 keep line numbers in HTML parser (Aaron Patterson),
581803 broken HTML table attributes init (Roland Steiner),
do not set error code in xmlNsWarn (Rob Richards),
564217 fix structured error handling problems,
reuse options from current parser for entities (Rob Richards),
xmlXPathRegisterNs should not allow enpty prefixes (Daniel Veillard),
add a missing check in xmlAddSibling (Kris Breuker),
avoid leaks on errors (Jinmei Tatuya)
- Cleanup:
Chasing dead assignments reported by clang-scan (Daniel Veillard),
A few more safety cleanup raised by scan (Daniel Veillard),
Fixing assorted potential problems raised by scan (Daniel Veillard),
Potential uninitialized arguments raised by scan (Daniel Veillard),
Fix a bunch of scan 'dead increments' and cleanup (Daniel Veillard),
Remove a pedantic warning (Daniel Veillard),
555833 always use rm -f in uninstall-local (Daniel Veillard),
542394 xmlRegisterOutputCallbacks MAX_INPUT_CALLBACK (Daniel Veillard),
Autoregenerate libxml2.syms automated checkings (Daniel Veillard),
Make xmlRecoverDoc const (Martin Trappel) (Daniel Veillard),
Both args of xmlStrcasestr are const (Daniel Veillard),
hide the nbParse* variables used for debugging (Mike Hommey),
570806 changed include of config.h (William M. Brack),
cleanups and error reports when xmlTextWriterVSprintf fails (Jinmei Tatuya)
2.7.3: Jan 18 2009:
- Build fix: fix build when HTML support is not included.
- Bug fixes: avoid memory overflow in gigantic text nodes,
indentation problem on the writed (Rob Richards),
xmlAddChildList pointer problem (Rob Richards and Kevin Milburn),
xmlAddChild problem with attribute (Rob Richards and Kris Breuker),
avoid a memory leak in an edge case (Daniel Zimmermann),
deallocate some pthread data (Alex Ott).
- Improvements: configure option to avoid rebuilding docs (Adrian Bunk),
limit text nodes to 10MB max by default, add element traversal
APIs, add a parser option to enable pre 2.7 SAX behavior (Rob Richards),
add gcc malloc checking (Marcus Meissner), add gcc printf like functions
parameters checking (Marcus Meissner).
2.7.2: Oct 3 2008:
- Portability fix: fix solaris compilation problem, fix compilation
if XPath is not configured in
- Bug fixes: nasty entity bug introduced in 2.7.0, restore old behaviour
when saving an HTML doc with an xml dump function, HTML UTF-8 parsing
bug, fix reader custom error handlers (Riccardo Scussat)
- Improvement: xmlSave options for more flexibility to save as
XML/HTML/XHTML, handle leading BOM in HTML documents
2.7.1: Sep 1 2008:
- Portability fix: Borland C fix (Moritz Both)
- Bug fixes: python serialization wrappers, XPath QName corner
case handking and leaks (Martin)
- Improvement: extend the xmlSave to handle HTML documents and trees
- Cleanup: python serialization wrappers
2.7.0: Aug 30 2008:
- Documentation: switch ChangeLog to UTF-8, improve mutithreads and
xmlParserCleanup docs
- Portability fixes: Older Win32 platforms (Rob Richards), MSVC
porting fix (Rob Richards), Mac OS X regression tests (Sven Herzberg),
non GNUCC builds (Rob Richards), compilation on Haiku (Andreas Färber)
- Bug fixes: various realloc problems (Ashwin), potential double-free
(Ashwin), regexp crash, icrash with invalid whitespace facets (Rob
Richards), pattern fix when streaming (William Brack), various XML
parsing and validation fixes based on the W3C regression tests, reader
tree skipping function fix (Ashwin), Schemas regexps escaping fix
(Volker Grabsch), handling of entity push errors (Ashwin), fix a slowdown
when encoder can't serialize characters on output
- Code cleanup: compilation fix without the reader, without the output
(Robert Schwebel), python whitespace (Martin), many space/tabs cleanups,
serious cleanup of the entity handling code
- Improvement: switch parser to XML-1.0 5th edition, add parsing flags
for old versions, switch URI parsing to RFC 3986,
add xmlSchemaValidCtxtGetParserCtxt (Holger Kaelberer),
new hashing functions for dictionaries (based on Stefan Behnel work),
improve handling of misplaced html/head/body in HTML parser, better
regression test tools and code coverage display, better algorithms
to detect various versions of the billion laughts attacks, make
arbitrary parser limits avoidable as a parser option
2.6.32: Apr 8 2008:
- Documentation: returning heap memory to kernel (Wolfram Sang),
trying to clarify xmlCleanupParser() use, xmlXPathContext improvement
(Jack Jansen), improve the *Recover* functions documentation,
XmlNodeType doc link fix (Martijn Arts)
- Bug fixes: internal subset memory leak (Ashwin), avoid problem with
paths starting with // (Petr Sumbera), streaming XSD validation callback
patches (Ashwin), fix redirection on port other than 80 (William Brack),
SAX2 leak (Ashwin), XInclude fragment of own document (Chris Ryan),
regexp bug with '.' (Andrew Tosh), flush the writer at the end of the
document (Alfred Mickautsch), output I/O bug fix (William Brack),
writer CDATA output after a text node (Alex Khesin), UTF-16 encoding
detection (William Brack), fix handling of empty CDATA nodes for Safari
team, python binding problem with namespace nodes, improve HTML parsing
(Arnold Hendriks), regexp automata build bug, memory leak fix (Vasily
Chekalkin), XSD test crash, weird system parameter entity parsing problem,
allow save to file:///X:/ windows paths, various attribute normalisation
problems, externalSubsetSplit fix (Ashwin), attribute redefinition in
the DTD (Ashwin), fix in char ref parsing check (Alex Khesin), many
out of memory handling fixes (Ashwin), XPath out of memory handling fixes
(Alvaro Herrera), various realloc problems (Ashwin), UCS4 encoding
conversion buffer size (Christian Fruth), problems with EatName
functions on memory errors, BOM handling in external parsed entities
(Mark Rowe)
- Code cleanup: fix build under VS 2008 (David Wimsey), remove useless
mutex in xmlDict (Florent Guilian), Mingw32 compilation fix (Carlo
Bramini), Win and MacOS EOL cleanups (Florent Guiliani), iconv need
a const detection (Roumen Petrov), simplify xmlSetProp (Julien Charbon),
cross compilation fixes for Mingw (Roumen Petrov), SCO Openserver build
fix (Florent Guiliani), iconv uses const on Win32 (Rob Richards),
duplicate code removal (Ashwin), missing malloc test and error reports
(Ashwin), VMS makefile fix (Tycho Hilhorst)
- improvements: better plug of schematron in the normal error handling
(Tobias Minich)
2.6.31: Jan 11 2008:
- Security fix: missing of checks in UTF-8 parsing
- Bug fixes: regexp bug, dump attribute from XHTML document, fix
xmlFree(NULL) to not crash in debug mode, Schematron parsing crash
(Rob Richards), global lock free on Windows (Marc-Antoine Ruel),
XSD crash due to double free (Rob Richards), indentation fix in
xmlTextWriterFullEndElement (Felipe Pena), error in attribute type
parsing if attribute redeclared, avoid crash in hash list scanner if
deleting elements, column counter bug fix (Christian Schmidt),
HTML embed element saving fix (Stefan Behnel), avoid -L/usr/lib
output from xml2-config (Fred Crozat), avoid an xmllint crash
(Stefan Kost), don't stop HTML parsing on out of range chars.
- Code cleanup: fix open() call third argument, regexp cut'n paste
copy error, unused variable in __xmlGlobalInitMutexLock (Hannes Eder),
some make distcheck related fixes (John Carr)
- Improvements: HTTP Header: includes port number (William Brack),
testURI --debug option,
2.6.30: Aug 23 2007:
- Portability: Solaris crash on error handling, windows path fixes
(Roland Schwarz and Rob Richards), mingw build (Roland Schwarz)
- Bugfixes: xmlXPathNodeSetSort problem (William Brack), leak when
reusing a writer for a new document (Dodji Seketeli), Schemas
xsi:nil handling patch (Frank Gross), relative URI build problem
(Patrik Fimml), crash in xmlDocFormatDump, invalid char in comment
detection bug, fix disparity with xmlSAXUserParseMemory, automata
generation for complex regexp counts problems, Schemas IDC import
problems (Frank Gross), xpath predicate evailation error handling
(William Brack)
2.6.29: Jun 12 2007:
- Portability: patches from Andreas Stricke for WinCEi,
fix compilation warnings (William Brack), avoid warnings on Apple OS/X
(Wendy Doyle and Mark Rowe), Windows compilation and threading
improvements (Rob Richards), compilation against old Python versions,
new GNU tar changes (Ryan Hill)
- Documentation: xmlURIUnescapeString comment,
- Bugfixes: xmlBufferAdd problem (Richard Jones), 'make valgrind'
flag fix (Richard Jones), regexp interpretation of \,
htmlCreateDocParserCtxt (Jean-Daniel Dupas),
typo (Bjorn Reese), entity content failure, xmlListAppend() fix
(Georges-André Silber), XPath number serialization (William Brack),
nanohttp gzipped stream fix (William Brack and Alex Cornejo),
xmlCharEncFirstLine typo (Mark Rowe), uri bug (François Delyon),
XPath string value of PI nodes (William Brack), XPath node set
sorting bugs (William Brack), avoid outputting namespace decl
dups in the writer (Rob Richards), xmlCtxtReset bug, UTF-8 encoding
error handling, recustion on next in catalogs, fix a Relax-NG crash,
workaround wrong file: URIs, htmlNodeDumpFormatOutput on attributes,
invalid character in attribute detection bug, big comments before
internal subset streaming bug, HTML parsing of attributes with : in
the name, IDness of name in HTML (Dagfinn I. Mannsåker)
- Improvement: keep URI query parts in raw form (Richard Jones),
embed tag support in HTML (Michael Day)
2.6.28: Apr 17 2007:
- Documentation: comment fixes (Markus Keim), xpath comments fixes too
(James Dennett)
- Bug fixes: XPath bug (William Brack), HTML parser autoclose stack usage
(Usamah Malik), various regexp bug fixes (DV and William), path conversion
on Windows (Igor Zlatkovic), htmlCtxtReset fix (Michael Day), XPath
principal node of axis bug, HTML serialization of some codepoint
(Steven Rainwater), user data propagation in XInclude (Michael Day),
standalone and XML decl detection (Michael Day), Python id output
for some id, fix the big python string memory leak, URI parsing fixes
(Stéphane Bidoul and William), long comments parsing bug (William),
concurrent threads initialization (Ted Phelps), invalid char
in text XInclude (William), XPath memory leak (William), tab in
python problems (Andreas Hanke), XPath node comparison error
(Oleg Paraschenko), cleanup patch for reader (Julien Reichel),
XML Schemas attribute group (William), HTML parsing problem (William),
fix char 0x2d in regexps (William), regexp quantifier range with
min occurs of 0 (William), HTML script/style parsing (Mike Day)
- Improvement: make xmlTextReaderSetup() public
- Compilation and postability: fix a missing include problem (William),
__ss_family on AIX again (Björn Wiberg), compilation without zlib
(Michael Day), catalog patch for Win32 (Christian Ehrlicher),
Windows CE fixes (Andreas Stricke)
- Various CVS to SVN infrastructure changes
2.6.27: Oct 25 2006:
- Portability fixes: file names on windows (Roland Schwingel,
Emelyanov Alexey), windows compile fixup (Rob Richards),
AIX iconv() is apparently case sensitive
- improvements: Python XPath types mapping (Nic Ferrier), XPath optimization
(Kasimier), add xmlXPathCompiledEvalToBoolean (Kasimier), Python node
equality and comparison (Andreas Pakulat), xmlXPathCollectAndTest
improvememt (Kasimier), expose if library was compiled with zlib
support (Andrew Nosenko), cache for xmlSchemaIDCMatcher structs
(Kasimier), xmlTextConcat should work with comments and PIs (Rob
Richards), export htmlNewParserCtxt needed by Michael Day, refactoring
of catalog entity loaders (Michael Day), add XPointer support to
python bindings (Ross Reedstrom, Brian West and Stefan Anca),
try to sort out most file path to URI conversions and xmlPathToUri,
add --html --memory case to xmllint
- building fix: fix --with-minimum (Felipe Contreras), VMS fix,
const'ification of HTML parser structures (Matthias Clasen),
portability fix (Emelyanov Alexey), wget autodetection (Peter
Breitenlohner), remove the build path recorded in the python
shared module, separate library flags for shared and static builds
(Mikhail Zabaluev), fix --with-minimum --with-sax1 builds, fix
--with-minimum --with-schemas builds
- bug fix: xmlGetNodePath fix (Kasimier), xmlDOMWrapAdoptNode and
attribute (Kasimier), crash when using the recover mode,
xmlXPathEvalExpr problem (Kasimier), xmlXPathCompExprAdd bug (Kasimier),
missing destroy in xmlFreeRMutex (Andrew Nosenko), XML Schemas fixes
(Kasimier), warning on entities processing, XHTML script and style
serialization (Kasimier), python generator for long types, bug in
xmlSchemaClearValidCtxt (Bertrand Fritsch), xmlSchemaXPathEvaluate
allocation bug (Marton Illes), error message end of line (Rob Richards),
fix attribute serialization in writer (Rob Richards), PHP4 DTD validation
crash, parser safety patch (Ben Darnell), _private context propagation
when parsing entities (with Michael Day), fix entities behaviour when
using SAX, URI to file path fix (Mikhail Zabaluev), disappearing validity
context, arg error in SAX callback (Mike Hommey), fix mixed-content
autodetect when using --noblanks, fix xmlIOParseDTD error handling,
fix bug in xmlSplitQName on special Names, fix Relax-NG element content
validation bug, fix xmlReconciliateNs bug, fix potential attribute
XML parsing bug, fix line/column accounting in XML parser, chunking bug
in the HTML parser on script, try to detect obviously buggy HTML
meta encoding indications, bugs with encoding BOM and xmlSaveDoc,
HTML entities in attributes parsing, HTML minimized attribute values,
htmlReadDoc and htmlReadIO were broken, error handling bug in
xmlXPathEvalExpression (Olaf Walkowiak), fix a problem in
htmlCtxtUseOptions, xmlNewInputFromFile could leak (Marius Konitzer),
bug on misformed SSD regexps (Christopher Boumenot)
- documentation: warning about XML_PARSE_COMPACT (Kasimier Buchcik),
fix xmlXPathCastToString documentation, improve man pages for
xmllitn and xmlcatalog (Daniel Leidert), fixed comments of a few
2.6.26: Jun 6 2006:
- portability fixes: Python detection (Joseph Sacco), compilation
error(William Brack and Graham Bennett), LynxOS patch (Olli Savia)
- bug fixes: encoding buffer problem, mix of code and data in
xmlIO.c(Kjartan Maraas), entities in XSD validation (Kasimier Buchcik),
variousXSD validation fixes (Kasimier), memory leak in pattern (Rob
Richards andKasimier), attribute with colon in name (Rob Richards), XPath
leak inerror reporting (Aleksey Sanin), XInclude text include of
- improvements: Xpath optimizations (Kasimier), XPath object
2.6.25: Jun 6 2006::
Do not use or package 2.6.25
2.6.24: Apr 28 2006:
- Portability fixes: configure on Windows, testapi compile on windows
(Kasimier Buchcik, venkat naidu), Borland C++ 6 compile (Eric Zurcher),
HP-UX compiler workaround (Rick Jones), xml2-config bugfix, gcc-4.1
cleanups, Python detection scheme (Joseph Sacco), UTF-8 file paths on
Windows (Roland Schwingel).
- Improvements: xmlDOMWrapReconcileNamespaces xmlDOMWrapCloneNode (Kasimier
Buchcik), XML catalog debugging (Rick Jones), update to Unicode 4.01.
- Bug fixes: xmlParseChunk() problem in 2.6.23, xmlParseInNodeContext()
on HTML docs, URI behaviour on Windows (Rob Richards), comment streaming
bug, xmlParseComment (with William Brack), regexp bug fixes (DV &
Youri Golovanov), xmlGetNodePath on text/CDATA (Kasimier),
one Relax-NG interleave bug, xmllint --path and --valid,
XSD bugfixes (Kasimier), remove debug
left in Python bindings (Nic Ferrier), xmlCatalogAdd bug (Martin Cole),
xmlSetProp fixes (Rob Richards), HTML IDness (Rob Richards), a large
number of cleanups and small fixes based on Coverity reports, bug
in character ranges, Unicode tables const (Aivars Kalvans), schemas
fix (Stefan Kost), xmlRelaxNGParse error deallocation,
xmlSchemaAddSchemaDoc error deallocation, error handling on unallowed
code point, ixmllint --nonet to never reach the net (Gary Coady),
line break in writer after end PI (Jason Viers).
- Documentation: man pages updates and cleanups (Daniel Leidert).
- New features: Relax NG structure error handlers.
2.6.23: Jan 5 2006:
- portability fixes: Windows (Rob Richards), getaddrinfo on Windows
(Kolja Nowak, Rob Richards), icc warnings (Kjartan Maraas),
--with-minimum compilation fixes (William Brack), error case handling fix
on Solaris (Albert Chin), don't use 'list' as parameter name reported by
Samuel Diaz Garcia, more old Unices portability fixes (Albert Chin),
MinGW compilation (Mark Junker), HP-UX compiler warnings (Rick
- code cleanup: xmlReportError (Adrian Mouat), remove xmlBufferClose
(Geert Jansen), unreachable code (Oleksandr Kononenko), refactoring
parsing code (Bjorn Reese)
- bug fixes: xmlBuildRelativeURI and empty path (William Brack),
combinatory explosion and performances in regexp code, leak in
xmlTextReaderReadString(), xmlStringLenDecodeEntities problem (Massimo
Morara), Identity Constraints bugs and a segfault (Kasimier Buchcik),
XPath pattern based evaluation bugs (DV & Kasimier),
xmlSchemaContentModelDump() memory leak (Kasimier), potential leak in
xmlSchemaCheckCSelectorXPath(), xmlTextWriterVSprintf() misuse of
vsnprintf (William Brack), XHTML serialization fix (Rob Richards), CRLF
split problem (William), issues with non-namespaced attributes in
xmlAddChild() xmlAddNextSibling() and xmlAddPrevSibling() (Rob Richards),
HTML parsing of script, Python must not output to stdout (Nic Ferrier),
exclusive C14N namespace visibility (Aleksey Sanin), XSD datatype
totalDigits bug (Kasimier Buchcik), error handling when writing to an
xmlBuffer (Rob Richards), runtest schemas error not reported (Hisashi
Fujinaka), signed/unsigned problem in date/time code (Albert Chin), fix
XSI driven XSD validation (Kasimier), parsing of xs:decimal (Kasimier),
fix DTD writer output (Rob Richards), leak in xmlTextReaderReadInnerXml
(Gary Coady), regexp bug affecting schemas (Kasimier), configuration of
runtime debugging (Kasimier), xmlNodeBufGetContent bug on entity refs
(Oleksandr Kononenko), xmlRegExecPushString2 bug (Sreeni Nair),
compilation and build fixes (Michael Day), removed dependencies on
xmlSchemaValidError (Kasimier), bug with <xml:foo/>, more XPath
pattern based evaluation fixes (Kasimier)
- improvements: XSD Schemas redefinitions/restrictions (Kasimier
Buchcik), node copy checks and fix for attribute (Rob Richards), counted
transition bug in regexps, ctxt->standalone = -2 to indicate no
standalone attribute was found, add xmlSchemaSetParserStructuredErrors()
(Kasimier Buchcik), add xmlTextReaderSchemaValidateCtxt() to API
(Kasimier), handle gzipped HTTP resources (Gary Coady), add
htmlDocDumpMemoryFormat. (Rob Richards),
- documentation: typo (Michael Day), libxml man page (Albert Chin), save
function to XML buffer (Geert Jansen), small doc fix (Aron Stansvik),
2.6.22: Sep 12 2005:
- build fixes: compile without schematron (Stéphane Bidoul)
- bug fixes: xmlDebugDumpNode on namespace node (Oleg Paraschenko)i,
CDATA push parser bug, xmlElemDump problem with XHTML1 doc,
XML_FEATURE_xxx clash with expat headers renamed XML_WITH_xxx, fix some
output formatting for meta element (Rob Richards), script and style
XHTML1 serialization (David Madore), Attribute derivation fixups in XSD
(Kasimier Buchcik), better IDC error reports (Kasimier Buchcik)
- improvements: add XML_SAVE_NO_EMPTY xmlSaveOption (Rob Richards), add
XML_SAVE_NO_XHTML xmlSaveOption, XML Schemas improvements preparing for
derive (Kasimier Buchcik).
- documentation: generation of gtk-doc like docs, integration with
2.6.21: Sep 4 2005:
- build fixes: Cygwin portability fixes (Gerrit P. Haase), calling
convention problems on Windows (Marcus Boerger), cleanups based on Linus'
sparse tool, update of win32/configure.js (Rob Richards), remove warnings
on Windows(Marcus Boerger), compilation without SAX1, detection of the
Python binary, use $GCC inestad of $CC = 'gcc' (Andrew W. Nosenko),
compilation/link with threads and old gcc, compile problem by C370 on
- bug fixes: http_proxy environments (Peter Breitenlohner), HTML UTF-8
bug (Jiri Netolicky), XPath NaN compare bug (William Brack),
htmlParseScript potential bug, Schemas regexp handling of spaces, Base64
Schemas comparisons NIST passes, automata build error xsd:all,
xmlGetNodePath for namespaced attributes (Alexander Pohoyda), xmlSchemas
foreign namespaces handling, XML Schemas facet comparison (Kupriyanov
Anatolij), xmlSchemaPSimpleTypeErr error report (Kasimier Buchcik), xml:
namespace ahndling in Schemas (Kasimier), empty model group in Schemas
(Kasimier), wildcard in Schemas (Kasimier), URI composition (William),
xs:anyType in Schemas (Kasimier), Python resolver emitting error
messages directly, Python xmlAttr.parent (Jakub Piotr Clapa), trying to
fix the file path/URI conversion, xmlTextReaderGetAttribute fix (Rob
Richards), xmlSchemaFreeAnnot memleak (Kasimier), HTML UTF-8
serialization, streaming XPath, Schemas determinism detection problem,
XInclude bug, Schemas context type (Dean Hill), validation fix (Derek
Poon), xmlTextReaderGetAttribute[Ns] namespaces (Rob Richards), Schemas
type fix (Kuba Nowakowski), UTF-8 parser bug, error in encoding handling,
xmlGetLineNo fixes, bug on entities handling, entity name extraction in
error handling with XInclude, text nodes in HTML body tags (Gary Coady),
xml:id and IDness at the treee level fixes, XPath streaming patterns
- improvements: structured interfaces for schemas and RNG error reports
(Marcus Boerger), optimization of the char data inner loop parsing
(thanks to Behdad Esfahbod for the idea), schematron validation though
not finished yet, xmlSaveOption to omit XML declaration, keyref match
error reports (Kasimier), formal expression handling code not plugged
yet, more lax mode for the HTML parser, parser XML_PARSE_COMPACT option
for text nodes allocation.
- documentation: xmllint man page had --nonet duplicated
2.6.20: Jul 10 2005:
- build fixes: Windows build (Rob Richards), Mingw compilation (Igor
Zlatkovic), Windows Makefile (Igor), gcc warnings (Kasimier and, use gcc weak references to pthread to avoid the
pthread dependency on Linux, compilation problem (Steve Nairn), compiling
of subset (Morten Welinder), IPv6/ss_family compilation (William Brack),
compilation when disabling parts of the library, standalone test
- bug fixes: bug in lang(), memory cleanup on errors (William Brack),
HTTP query strings (Aron Stansvik), memory leak in DTD (William), integer
overflow in XPath (William), nanoftp buffer size, pattern "." apth fixup
(Kasimier), leak in tree reported by Malcolm Rowe, replaceNode patch
(Brent Hendricks), CDATA with NULL content (Mark Vakoc), xml:base fixup
on XInclude (William), pattern fixes (William), attribute bug in
exclusive c14n (Aleksey Sanin), xml:space and xml:lang with SAX2 (Rob
Richards), namespace trouble in complex parsing (Malcolm Rowe), XSD type
QNames fixes (Kasimier), XPath streaming fixups (William), RelaxNG bug
(Rob Richards), Schemas for Schemas fixes (Kasimier), removal of ID (Rob
Richards), a small RelaxNG leak, HTML parsing in push mode bug (James
Bursa), failure to detect UTF-8 parsing bugs in CDATA sections,
areBlanks() heuristic failure, duplicate attributes in DTD bug
- improvements: lot of work on Schemas by Kasimier Buchcik both on
conformance and streaming, Schemas validation messages (Kasimier Buchcik,
Matthew Burgess), namespace removal at the python level (Brent
Hendricks), Update to new Schemas regression tests from W3C/Nist
(Kasimier), xmlSchemaValidateFile() (Kasimier), implementation of
xmlTextReaderReadInnerXml and xmlTextReaderReadOuterXml (James Wert),
standalone test framework and programs, new DOM import APIs
xmlDOMWrapReconcileNamespaces() xmlDOMWrapAdoptNode() and
xmlDOMWrapRemoveNode(), extension of xmllint capabilities for SAX and
Schemas regression tests, xmlStopParser() available in pull mode too,
ienhancement to xmllint --shell namespaces support, Windows port of the
standalone testing tools (Kasimier and William),
xmlSchemaValidateStream() xmlSchemaSAXPlug() and xmlSchemaSAXUnplug() SAX
Schemas APIs, Schemas xmlReader support.
2.6.19: Apr 02 2005:
- build fixes: drop .la from RPMs, --with-minimum build fix (William
Brack), use XML_SOCKLEN_T instead of SOCKLEN_T because it breaks with AIX
5.3 compiler, fixed elfgcchack.h generation and PLT reduction code on
- bug fixes: schemas type decimal fixups (William Brack), xmmlint return
code (Gerry Murphy), small schemas fixes (Matthew Burgess and GUY
Fabrice), workaround "DAV:" namespace brokenness in c14n (Aleksey Sanin),
segfault in Schemas (Kasimier Buchcik), Schemas attribute validation
(Kasimier), Prop related functions and xmlNewNodeEatName (Rob Richards),
HTML serialization of name attribute on a elements, Python error handlers
leaks and improvement (Brent Hendricks), uninitialized variable in
encoding code, Relax-NG validation bug, potential crash if
gnorableWhitespace is NULL, xmlSAXParseDoc and xmlParseDoc signatures,
switched back to assuming UTF-8 in case no encoding is given at
serialization time
- improvements: lot of work on Schemas by Kasimier Buchcik on facets
checking and also mixed handling.
2.6.18: Mar 13 2005:
- build fixes: warnings (Peter Breitenlohner), testapi.c generation,
Bakefile support (Francesco Montorsi), Windows compilation (Joel Reed),
some gcc4 fixes, HP-UX portability fixes (Rick Jones).
- bug fixes: xmlSchemaElementDump namespace (Kasimier Buchcik), push and
xmlreader stopping on non-fatal errors, thread support for dictionaries
reference counting (Gary Coady), internal subset and push problem, URL
saved in xmlCopyDoc, various schemas bug fixes (Kasimier), Python paths
fixup (Stephane Bidoul), xmlGetNodePath and namespaces, xmlSetNsProp fix
(Mike Hommey), warning should not count as error (William Brack),
xmlCreatePushParser empty chunk, XInclude parser flags (William), cleanup
FTP and HTTP code to reuse the uri parsing and IPv6 (William),
xmlTextWriterStartAttributeNS fix (Rob Richards), XMLLINT_INDENT being
empty (William), xmlWriter bugs (Rob Richards), multithreading on Windows
(Rich Salz), xmlSearchNsByHref fix (Kasimier), Python binding leak (Brent
Hendricks), aliasing bug exposed by gcc4 on s390, xmlTextReaderNext bug
(Rob Richards), Schemas decimal type fixes (William Brack),
xmlByteConsumed static buffer (Ben Maurer).
- improvement: speedup parsing comments and DTDs, dictionary support for
hash tables, Schemas Identity constraints (Kasimier), streaming XPath
subset, xmlTextReaderReadString added (Bjorn Reese), Schemas canonical
values handling (Kasimier), add xmlTextReaderByteConsumed (Aron
- Documentation: Wiki support (Joel Reed)
2.6.17: Jan 16 2005:
- build fixes: Windows, warnings removal (William Brack),
maintainer-clean dependency(William), build in a different directory
(William), fixing --with-minimum configure build (William), BeOS build
(Marcin Konicki), Python-2.4 detection (William), compilation on AIX (Dan
- bug fixes: xmlTextReaderHasAttributes (Rob Richards), xmlCtxtReadFile()
to use the catalog(s), loop on output (William Brack), XPath memory leak,
ID deallocation problem (Steve Shepard), debugDumpNode crash (William),
warning not using error callback (William), xmlStopParser bug (William),
UTF-16 with BOM on DTDs (William), namespace bug on empty elements in
push mode (Rob Richards), line and col computations fixups (Aleksey
Sanin), xmlURIEscape fix (William), xmlXPathErr on bad range (William),
patterns with too many steps, bug in RNG choice optimization, line number
sometimes missing.
- improvements: XSD Schemas (Kasimier Buchcik), python generator
(William), xmlUTF8Strpos speedup (William), unicode Python strings
(William), XSD error reports (Kasimier Buchcik), Python __str__ call
- new APIs: added xmlDictExists(), GetLineNumber and GetColumnNumber for
the xmlReader (Aleksey Sanin), Dynamic Shared Libraries APIs (mostly Joel
Reed), error extraction API from regexps, new XMLSave option for format
(Phil Shafer)
- documentation: site improvement (John Fleck), FAQ entries
2.6.16: Nov 10 2004:
- general hardening and bug fixing crossing all the API based on new
automated regression testing
- build fix: IPv6 build and test on AIX (Dodji Seketeli)
- bug fixes: problem with XML::Libxml reported by Petr Pajas, encoding
conversion functions return values, UTF-8 bug affecting XPath reported by
Markus Bertheau, catalog problem with NULL entries (William Brack)
- documentation: fix to xmllint man page, some API function description
were updated.
- improvements: DTD validation APIs provided at the Python level (Brent
2.6.15: Oct 27 2004:
- security fixes on the nanoftp and nanohttp modules
- build fixes: xmllint detection bug in configure, building outside the
source tree (Thomas Fitzsimmons)
- bug fixes: HTML parser on broken ASCII chars in names (William), Python
paths (Malcolm Tredinnick), xmlHasNsProp and default namespace (William),
saving to python file objects (Malcolm Tredinnick), DTD lookup fix
(Malcolm), save back <group> in catalogs (William), tree build
fixes (DV and Rob Richards), Schemas memory bug, structured error handler
on Python 64bits, thread local memory deallocation, memory leak reported
by Volker Roth, xmlValidateDtd in the presence of an internal subset,
entities and _private problem (William), xmlBuildRelativeURI error
- improvements: better XInclude error reports (William), tree debugging
module and tests, convenience functions at the Reader API (Graham
Bennett), add support for PI in the HTML parser.
2.6.14: Sep 29 2004:
- build fixes: configure paths for xmllint and xsltproc, compilation
without HTML parser, compilation warning cleanups (William Brack &
Malcolm Tredinnick), VMS makefile update (Craig Berry),
- bug fixes: xmlGetUTF8Char (William Brack), QName properties (Kasimier
Buchcik), XInclude testing, Notation serialization, UTF8ToISO8859x
transcoding (Mark Itzcovitz), lots of XML Schemas cleanup and fixes
(Kasimier), ChangeLog cleanup (Stepan Kasal), memory fixes (Mark Vakoc),
handling of failed realloc(), out of bound array addressing in Schemas
date handling, Python space/tabs cleanups (Malcolm Tredinnick), NMTOKENS
E20 validation fix (Malcolm),
- improvements: added W3C XML Schemas testsuite (Kasimier Buchcik), add
xmlSchemaValidateOneElement (Kasimier), Python exception hierearchy
(Malcolm Tredinnick), Python libxml2 driver improvement (Malcolm
Tredinnick), Schemas support for xsi:schemaLocation,
xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation, xsi:type (Kasimier Buchcik)
2.6.13: Aug 31 2004:
- build fixes: Windows and zlib (Igor Zlatkovic), -O flag with gcc,
Solaris compiler warning, fixing RPM BuildRequires,
- fixes: DTD loading on Windows (Igor), Schemas error reports APIs
(Kasimier Buchcik), Schemas validation crash, xmlCheckUTF8 (William Brack
and Julius Mittenzwei), Schemas facet check (Kasimier), default namespace
problem (William), Schemas hexbinary empty values, encoding error could
generate a serialization loop.
- Improvements: Schemas validity improvements (Kasimier), added --path
and --load-trace options to xmllint
- documentation: tutorial update (John Fleck)
2.6.12: Aug 22 2004:
- build fixes: fix --with-minimum, elfgcchack.h fixes (Peter
Breitenlohner), perl path lookup (William), diff on Solaris (Albert
Chin), some 64bits cleanups.
- Python: avoid a warning with 2.3 (William Brack), tab and space mixes
(William), wrapper generator fixes (William), Cygwin support (Gerrit P.
Haase), node wrapper fix (Marc-Antoine Parent), XML Schemas support
(Torkel Lyng)
- Schemas: a lot of bug fixes and improvements from Kasimier Buchcik
- fixes: RVT fixes (William), XPath context resets bug (William), memory
debug (Steve Hay), catalog white space handling (Peter Breitenlohner),
xmlReader state after attribute reading (William), structured error
handler (William), XInclude generated xml:base fixup (William), Windows
memory reallocation problem (Steve Hay), Out of Memory conditions
handling (William and Olivier Andrieu), htmlNewDoc() charset bug,
htmlReadMemory init (William), a posteriori validation DTD base
(William), notations serialization missing, xmlGetNodePath (Dodji),
xmlCheckUTF8 (Diego Tartara), missing line numbers on entity
- improvements: DocBook catalog build scrip (William), xmlcatalog tool
(Albert Chin), xmllint --c14n option, no_proxy environment (Mike Hommey),
xmlParseInNodeContext() addition, extend xmllint --shell, allow XInclude
to not generate start/end nodes, extend xmllint --version to include CVS
tag (William)
- documentation: web pages fixes, validity API docs fixes (William)
schemas API fix (Eric Haszlakiewicz), xmllint man page (John Fleck)
2.6.11: July 5 2004:
- Schemas: a lot of changes and improvements by Kasimier Buchcik for
attributes, namespaces and simple types.
- build fixes: --with-minimum (William Brack), some gcc cleanup
(William), --with-thread-alloc (William)
- portability: Windows binary package change (Igor Zlatkovic), Catalog
path on Windows
- documentation: update to the tutorial (John Fleck), xmllint return code
(John Fleck), man pages (Ville Skytta),
- bug fixes: C14N bug serializing namespaces (Aleksey Sanin), testSAX
properly initialize the library (William), empty node set in XPath
(William), xmlSchemas errors (William), invalid charref problem pointed
by Morus Walter, XInclude xml:base generation (William), Relax-NG bug
with div processing (William), XPointer and xml:base problem(William),
Reader and entities, xmllint return code for schemas (William), reader
streaming problem (Steve Ball), DTD serialization problem (William),
libxml.m4 fixes (Mike Hommey), do not provide destructors as methods on
Python classes, xmlReader buffer bug, Python bindings memory interfaces
improvement (with Stéphane Bidoul), Fixed the push parser to be back to
synchronous behaviour.
- improvement: custom per-thread I/O enhancement (Rob Richards), register
namespace in debug shell (Stefano Debenedetti), Python based regression
test for non-Unix users (William), dynamically increase the number of
XPath extension functions in Python and fix a memory leak (Marc-Antoine
Parent and William)
- performance: hack done with Arjan van de Ven to reduce ELF footprint
and generated code on Linux, plus use gcc runtime profiling to optimize
the code generated in the RPM packages.
2.6.10: May 17 2004:
- Web page generated for ChangeLog
- build fixes: --without-html problems, make check without make all
- portability: problem with xpath.c on Windows (MSC and Borland), memcmp
vs. strncmp on Solaris, XPath tests on Windows (Mark Vakoc), C++ do not
use "list" as parameter name, make tests work with Python 1.5 (Ed
- improvements: made xmlTextReaderMode public, small buffers resizing
(Morten Welinder), add --maxmem option to xmllint, add
xmlPopInputCallback() for Matt Sergeant, refactoring of serialization
escaping, added escaping customization
- bugfixes: xsd:extension (Taihei Goi), assorted regexp bugs (William
Brack), xmlReader end of stream problem, node deregistration with reader,
URI escaping and filemanes, XHTML1 formatting (Nick Wellnhofer), regexp
transition reduction (William), various XSD Schemas fixes (Kasimier
Buchcik), XInclude fallback problem (William), weird problems with DTD
(William), structured error handler callback context (William), reverse
xmlEncodeSpecialChars() behaviour back to escaping '"'
2.6.9: Apr 18 2004:
- implement xml:id Working Draft, relaxed XPath id() checking
- bugfixes: xmlCtxtReset (Brent Hendricks), line number and CDATA (Dave
Beckett), Relax-NG compilation (William Brack), Regexp patches (with
William), xmlUriEscape (Mark Vakoc), a Relax-NG notAllowed problem (with
William), Relax-NG name classes compares (William), XInclude duplicate
fallback (William), external DTD encoding detection (William), a DTD
validation bug (William), xmlReader Close() fix, recursive extension
- improvements: use xmlRead* APIs in test tools (Mark Vakoc), indenting
save optimization, better handle IIS broken HTTP redirect behaviour (Ian
Hummel), HTML parser frameset (James Bursa), libxml2-python RPM
dependency, XML Schemas union support (Kasimier Buchcik), warning removal
clanup (William), keep ChangeLog compressed when installing from RPMs
- documentation: examples and xmlDocDumpMemory docs (John Fleck), new
example (load, xpath, modify, save), xmlCatalogDump() comments,
- Windows: Borland C++ builder (Eric Zurcher), work around Microsoft
compiler NaN handling bug (Mark Vakoc)
2.6.8: Mar 23 2004:
- First step of the cleanup of the serialization code and APIs
- XML Schemas: mixed content (Adam Dickmeiss), QName handling fixes (Adam
Dickmeiss), anyURI for "" (John Belmonte)
- Python: Canonicalization C14N support added (Anthony Carrico)
- xmlDocCopyNode() extension (William)
- Relax-NG: fix when processing XInclude results (William), external
reference in interleave (William), missing error on <choice>
failure (William), memory leak in schemas datatype facets.
- xmlWriter: patch for better DTD support (Alfred Mickautsch)
- bug fixes: xmlXPathLangFunction memory leak (Mike Hommey and William
Brack), no ID errors if using HTML_PARSE_NOERROR, xmlcatalog fallbacks to
URI on SYSTEM lookup failure, XInclude parse flags inheritance (William),
XInclude and XPointer fixes for entities (William), XML parser bug
reported by Holger Rauch, nanohttp fd leak (William), regexps char
groups '-' handling (William), dictionary reference counting problems,
do not close stderr.
- performance patches from Petr Pajas
- Documentation fixes: XML_CATALOG_FILES in man pages (Mike Hommey)
- compilation and portability fixes: --without-valid, catalog cleanups
(Peter Breitenlohner), MingW patch (Roland Schwingel), cross-compilation
to Windows (Christophe de Vienne), --with-html-dir fixup (Julio Merino
Vidal), Windows build (Eric Zurcher)
2.6.7: Feb 23 2004:
- documentation: tutorial updates (John Fleck), benchmark results
- xmlWriter: updates and fixes (Alfred Mickautsch, Lucas Brasilino)
- XPath optimization (Petr Pajas)
- DTD ID handling optimization
- bugfixes: xpath number with > 19 fractional (William Brack), push
mode with unescaped '>' characters, fix xmllint --stream --timing, fix
xmllint --memory --stream memory usage, xmlAttrSerializeTxtContent
handling NULL, trying to fix Relax-NG/Perl interface.
- python: 2.3 compatibility, whitespace fixes (Malcolm Tredinnick)
- Added relaxng option to xmllint --shell
2.6.6: Feb 12 2004:
- nanohttp and nanoftp: buffer overflow error on URI parsing (Igor and
William) reported by Yuuichi Teranishi
- bugfixes: make test and path issues, xmlWriter attribute serialization
(William Brack), xmlWriter indentation (William), schemas validation
(Eric Haszlakiewicz), XInclude dictionaries issues (William and Oleg
Paraschenko), XInclude empty fallback (William), HTML warnings (William),
XPointer in XInclude (William), Python namespace serialization,
isolat1ToUTF8 bound error (Alfred Mickautsch), output of parameter
entities in internal subset (William), internal subset bug in push mode,
<xs:all> fix (Alexey Sarytchev)
- Build: fix for automake-1.8 (Alexander Winston), warnings removal
(Philip Ludlam), SOCKLEN_T detection fixes (Daniel Richard), fix
--with-minimum configuration.
- XInclude: allow the 2001 namespace without warning.
- Documentation: missing example/index.html (John Fleck), version
dependencies (John Fleck)
- reader API: structured error reporting (Steve Ball)
- Windows compilation: mingw, msys (Mikhail Grushinskiy), function
prototype (Cameron Johnson), MSVC6 compiler warnings, _WINSOCKAPI_
- Parsers: added xmlByteConsumed(ctxt) API to get the byte offset in
2.6.5: Jan 25 2004:
- Bugfixes: dictionaries for schemas (William Brack), regexp segfault
(William), xs:all problem (William), a number of XPointer bugfixes
(William), xmllint error go to stderr, DTD validation problem with
namespace, memory leak (William), SAX1 cleanup and minimal options fixes
(Mark Vadoc), parser context reset on error (Shaun McCance), XPath union
evaluation problem (William) , xmlReallocLoc with NULL (Aleksey Sanin),
XML Schemas double free (Steve Ball), XInclude with no href, argument
callbacks order for XPath callbacks (Frederic Peters)
- Documentation: python scripts (William Brack), xslt stylesheets (John
Fleck), doc (Sven Zimmerman), I/O example.
- Python bindings: fixes (William), enum support (Stéphane Bidoul),
structured error reporting (Stéphane Bidoul)
- XInclude: various fixes for conformance, problem related to dictionary
references (William & me), recursion (William)
- xmlWriter: indentation (Lucas Brasilino), memory leaks (Alfred
- xmlSchemas: normalizedString datatype (John Belmonte)
- code cleanup for strings functions (William)
- Windows: compiler patches (Mark Vakoc)
- Parser optimizations, a few new XPath and dictionary APIs for future
XSLT optimizations.
2.6.4: Dec 24 2003:
- Windows build fixes (Igor Zlatkovic)
- Some serious XInclude problems reported by Oleg Paraschenko and
- Unix and Makefile packaging fixes (me, William Brack,
- Documentation improvements (John Fleck, William Brack), example fix
(Lucas Brasilino)
- bugfixes: xmlTextReaderExpand() with xmlReaderWalker, XPath handling of
NULL strings (William Brack) , API building reader or parser from
filedescriptor should not close it, changed XPath sorting to be stable
again (William Brack), xmlGetNodePath() generating '(null)' (William
Brack), DTD validation and namespace bug (William Brack), XML Schemas
double inclusion behaviour
2.6.3: Dec 10 2003:
- documentation updates and cleanup (DV, William Brack, John Fleck)
- added a repository of examples, examples from Aleksey Sanin, Dodji
Seketeli, Alfred Mickautsch
- Windows updates: Mark Vakoc, Igor Zlatkovic, Eric Zurcher, Mingw
(Kenneth Haley)
- Unicode range checking (William Brack)
- code cleanup (William Brack)
- Python bindings: doc (John Fleck), bug fixes
- UTF-16 cleanup and BOM issues (William Brack)
- bug fixes: ID and xmlReader validation, XPath (William Brack),
xmlWriter (Alfred Mickautsch), hash.h inclusion problem, HTML parser
(James Bursa), attribute defaulting and validation, some serialization
cleanups, XML_GET_LINE macro, memory debug when using threads (William
Brack), serialization of attributes and entities content, xmlWriter
(Daniel Schulman)
- XInclude bugfix, new APIs and update to the last version including the
namespace change.
- XML Schemas improvements: include (Robert Stepanek), import and
namespace handling, fixed the regression tests troubles, added examples
based on Eric van der Vlist book, regexp fixes
- preliminary pattern support for streaming (needed for schemas
constraints), added xmlTextReaderPreservePattern() to collect subdocument
when streaming.
- various fixes in the structured error handling
2.6.2: Nov 4 2003:
- XPath context unregistration fixes
- text node coalescing fixes (Mark Lilback)
- API to screate a W3C Schemas from an existing document (Steve Ball)
- BeOS patches (Marcin 'Shard' Konicki)
- xmlStrVPrintf function added (Aleksey Sanin)
- compilation fixes (Mark Vakoc)
- stdin parsing fix (William Brack)
- a posteriori DTD validation fixes
- xmlReader bug fixes: Walker fixes, python bindings
- fixed xmlStopParser() to really stop the parser and errors
- always generate line numbers when using the new xmlReadxxx
- added XInclude support to the xmlReader interface
- implemented XML_PARSE_NONET parser option
- DocBook XSLT processing bug fixed
- HTML serialization for <p> elements (William Brack and me)
- XPointer failure in XInclude are now handled as resource errors
- fixed xmllint --html to use the HTML serializer on output (added
--xmlout to implement the previous behaviour of saving it using the XML
2.6.1: Oct 28 2003:
- Mostly bugfixes after the big 2.6.0 changes
- Unix compilation patches: libxml.m4 (Patrick Welche), warnings cleanup
(William Brack)
- Windows compilation patches (Joachim Bauch, Stephane Bidoul, Igor
- xmlWriter bugfix (Alfred Mickautsch)
- chvalid.[ch]: couple of fixes from Stephane Bidoul
- context reset: error state reset, push parser reset (Graham
- context reuse: generate errors if file is not readable
- defaulted attributes for element coming from internal entities
(Stephane Bidoul)
- Python: tab and spaces mix (William Brack)
- Error handler could crash in DTD validation in 2.6.0
- xmlReader: do not use the document or element _private field
- testSAX.c: avoid a problem with some PIs (Massimo Morara)
- general bug fixes: mandatory encoding in text decl, serializing
Document Fragment nodes, xmlSearchNs 2.6.0 problem (Kasimier Buchcik),
XPath errors not reported, slow HTML parsing of large documents.
2.6.0: Oct 20 2003:
- Major revision release: should be API and ABI compatible but got a lot
of change
- Increased the library modularity, far more options can be stripped out,
a --with-minimum configuration will weight around 160KBytes
- Use per parser and per document dictionary, allocate names and small
text nodes from the dictionary
- Switch to a SAX2 like parser rewrote most of the XML parser core,
provides namespace resolution and defaulted attributes, minimize memory
allocations and copies, namespace checking and specific error handling,
immutable buffers, make predefined entities static structures, etc...
- rewrote all the error handling in the library, all errors can be
intercepted at a structured level, with precise information
- New simpler and more generic XML and HTML parser APIs, allowing to
easily modify the parsing options and reuse parser context for multiple
consecutive documents.
- Similar new APIs for the xmlReader, for options and reuse, provided new
functions to access content as const strings, use them for Python
- a lot of other smaller API improvements: xmlStrPrintf (Aleksey Sanin),
Walker i.e. reader on a document tree based on Alfred Mickautsch code,
make room in nodes for line numbers, reference counting and future PSVI
extensions, generation of character ranges to be checked with faster
algorithm (William), xmlParserMaxDepth (Crutcher Dunnavant), buffer
- New xmlWriter API provided by Alfred Mickautsch
- Schemas: base64 support by Anthony Carrico
- Parser<->HTTP integration fix, proper processing of the Mime-Type
and charset information if available.
- Relax-NG: bug fixes including the one reported by Martijn Faassen and
zeroOrMore, better error reporting.
- Python bindings (Stéphane Bidoul), never use stdout for errors
- Portability: all the headers have macros for export and calling
convention definitions (Igor Zlatkovic), VMS update (Craig A. Berry),
Windows: threads (Jesse Pelton), Borland compiler (Eric Zurcher, Igor),
Mingw (Igor), typos (Mark Vakoc), beta version (Stephane Bidoul),
warning cleanups on AIX and MIPS compilers (William Brack), BeOS (Marcin
'Shard' Konicki)
- Documentation fixes and README (William Brack), search fix (William),
tutorial updates (John Fleck), namespace docs (Stefan Kost)
- Bug fixes: xmlCleanupParser (Dave Beckett), threading uninitialized
mutexes, HTML doctype lowercase, SAX/IO (William), compression detection
and restore (William), attribute declaration in DTDs (William), namespace
on attribute in HTML output (William), input filename (Rob Richards),
namespace DTD validation, xmlReplaceNode (Chris Ryland), I/O callbacks
(Markus Keim), CDATA serialization (Shaun McCance), xmlReader (Peter
Derr), high codepoint charref like &#x10FFFF;, buffer access in push
mode (Justin Fletcher), TLS threads on Windows (Jesse Pelton), XPath bug
(William), xmlCleanupParser (Marc Liyanage), CDATA output (William), HTTP
error handling.
- xmllint options: --dtdvalidfpi for Tobias Reif, --sax1 for compat
testing, --nodict for building without tree dictionary, --nocdata to
replace CDATA by text, --nsclean to remove surperfluous namespace
- added xml2-config --libtool-libs option from Kevin P. Fleming
- a lot of profiling and tuning of the code, speedup patch for
xmlSearchNs() by Luca Padovani. The xmlReader should do far less
allocation and it speed should get closer to SAX. Chris Anderson worked
on speeding and cleaning up repetitive checking code.
- cleanup of "make tests"
- libxml-2.0-uninstalled.pc from Malcolm Tredinnick
- deactivated the broken docBook SGML parser code and plugged the XML
parser instead.
2.5.11: Sep 9 2003:
A bugfix only release: - risk of crash in Relax-NG
- risk of crash when using multithreaded programs
2.5.10: Aug 15 2003:
A bugfixes only release - Windows Makefiles (William Brack)
- UTF-16 support fixes (Mark Itzcovitz)
- Makefile and portability (William Brack) automake, Linux alpha, Mingw
on Windows (Mikhail Grushinskiy)
- HTML parser (Oliver Stoeneberg)
- XInclude performance problem reported by Kevin Ruscoe
- XML parser performance problem reported by Grant Goodale
- xmlSAXParseDTD() bug fix from Malcolm Tredinnick
- and a couple other cleanup
2.5.9: Aug 9 2003:
- bugfixes: IPv6 portability, xmlHasNsProp (Markus Keim), Windows build
(Wiliam Brake, Jesse Pelton, Igor), Schemas (Peter Sobisch), threading
(Rob Richards), hexBinary type (), UTF-16 BOM (Dodji Seketeli),
xmlReader, Relax-NG schemas compilation, namespace handling, EXSLT (Sean
Griffin), HTML parsing problem (William Brack), DTD validation for mixed
content + namespaces, HTML serialization, library initialization,
progressive HTML parser
- better interfaces for Relax-NG error handling (Joachim Bauch, )
- adding xmlXIncludeProcessTree() for XInclud'ing in a subtree
- doc fixes and improvements (John Fleck)
- configure flag for -with-fexceptions when embedding in C++
- couple of new UTF-8 helper functions (William Brack)
- general encoding cleanup + ISO-8859-x without iconv (Peter Jacobi)
- xmlTextReader cleanup + enum for node types (Bjorn Reese)
- general compilation/warning cleanup Solaris/HP-UX/... (William
2.5.8: Jul 6 2003:
- bugfixes: XPath, XInclude, file/URI mapping, UTF-16 save (Mark
Itzcovitz), UTF-8 checking, URI saving, error printing (William Brack),
PI related memleak, compilation without schemas or without xpath (Joerg
Schmitz-Linneweber/Garry Pennington), xmlUnlinkNode problem with DTDs,
rpm problem on , i86_64, removed a few compilation problems from 2.5.7,
xmlIOParseDTD, and xmlSAXParseDTD (Malcolm Tredinnick)
- portability: DJGPP (MsDos) , OpenVMS (Craig A. Berry)
- William Brack fixed multithreading lock problems
- IPv6 patch for FTP and HTTP accesses (Archana Shah/Wipro)
- Windows fixes (Igor Zlatkovic, Eric Zurcher), threading (Stéphane
- A few W3C Schemas Structure improvements
- W3C Schemas Datatype improvements (Charlie Bozeman)
- Python bindings for thread globals (Stéphane Bidoul), and method/class
- added --nonet option to xmllint
- documentation improvements (John Fleck)
2.5.7: Apr 25 2003:
- Relax-NG: Compiling to regexp and streaming validation on top of the
xmlReader interface, added to xmllint --stream
- xmlReader: Expand(), Next() and DOM access glue, bug fixes
- Support for large files: RGN validated a 4.5GB instance
- Thread support is now configured in by default
- Fixes: update of the Trio code (Bjorn), WXS Date and Duration fixes
(Charles Bozeman), DTD and namespaces (Brent Hendricks), HTML push parser
and zero bytes handling, some missing Windows file path conversions,
behaviour of the parser and validator in the presence of "out of memory"
error conditions
- extended the API to be able to plug a garbage collecting memory
allocator, added xmlMallocAtomic() and modified the allocations
- Performances: removed excessive malloc() calls, speedup of the push and
xmlReader interfaces, removed excessive thread locking
- Documentation: man page (John Fleck), xmlReader documentation
- Python: adding binding for xmlCatalogAddLocal (Brent M Hendricks)
2.5.6: Apr 1 2003:
- Fixed W3C XML Schemas datatype, should be compliant now except for
binHex and base64 which are not supported yet.
- bug fixes: non-ASCII IDs, HTML output, XInclude on large docs and
XInclude entities handling, encoding detection on external subsets, XML
Schemas bugs and memory leaks, HTML parser (James Bursa)
- portability: python/trio (Albert Chin), Sun compiler warnings
- documentation: added --relaxng option to xmllint man page (John)
- improved error reporting: xml:space, start/end tag mismatches, Relax NG
2.5.5: Mar 24 2003:
- Lot of fixes on the Relax NG implementation. More testing including
DocBook and TEI examples.
- Increased the support for W3C XML Schemas datatype
- Several bug fixes in the URI handling layer
- Bug fixes: HTML parser, xmlReader, DTD validation, XPath, encoding
conversion, line counting in the parser.
- Added support for $XMLLINT_INDENT environment variable, FTP delete
- Fixed the RPM spec file name
2.5.4: Feb 20 2003:
- Conformance testing and lot of fixes on Relax NG and XInclude
- Implementation of XPointer element() scheme
- Bug fixes: XML parser, XInclude entities merge, validity checking on
2 serialization bugs, node info generation problems, a DTD regexp
generation problem.
- Portability: windows updates and path canonicalization (Igor)
- A few typo fixes (Kjartan Maraas)
- Python bindings generator fixes (Stephane Bidoul)
2.5.3: Feb 10 2003:
- RelaxNG and XML Schemas datatypes improvements, and added a first
version of RelaxNG Python bindings
- Fixes: XLink (Sean Chittenden), XInclude (Sean Chittenden), API fix for
serializing namespace nodes, encoding conversion bug, XHTML1
- Portability fixes: Windows (Igor), AMD 64bits RPM spec file
2.5.2: Feb 5 2003:
- First implementation of RelaxNG, added --relaxng flag to xmllint
- Schemas support now compiled in by default.
- Bug fixes: DTD validation, namespace checking, XInclude and entities,
delegateURI in XML Catalogs, HTML parser, XML reader (Stéphane Bidoul),
XPath parser and evaluation, UTF8ToUTF8 serialization, XML reader memory
consumption, HTML parser, HTML serialization in the presence of
- added an HTML API to check elements and attributes.
- Documentation improvement, PDF for the tutorial (John Fleck), doc
patches (Stefan Kost)
- Portability fixes: NetBSD (Julio Merino), Windows (Igor Zlatkovic)
- Added python bindings for XPointer, contextual error reporting
(Stéphane Bidoul)
- URI/file escaping problems (Stefano Zacchiroli)
2.5.1: Jan 8 2003:
- Fixes a memory leak and configuration/compilation problems in 2.5.0
- documentation updates (John)
- a couple of XmlTextReader fixes
2.5.0: Jan 6 2003:
- New XmltextReader interface based on C#
API (with help of Stéphane Bidoul)
- Windows: more exports, including the new API (Igor)
- XInclude fallback fix
- Python: bindings for the new API, packaging (Stéphane Bidoul), Python xml.sax driver (Stéphane Bidoul), fixes, speedup
and iterators for Python-2.2 (Hannu Krosing)
- Tutorial fixes (john Fleck and Niraj Tolia) xmllint man update
- Fix an XML parser bug raised by Vyacheslav Pindyura
- Fix for VMS serialization (Nigel Hall) and config (Craig A. Berry)
- Entities handling fixes
- new API to optionally track node creation and deletion (Lukas
- Added documentation for the XmltextReader interface and some XML guidelines
2.4.30: Dec 12 2002:
- 2.4.29 broke the python bindings, rereleasing
- Improvement/fixes of the XML API generator, and couple of minor code
2.4.29: Dec 11 2002:
- Windows fixes (Igor): Windows CE port, pthread linking, python bindings
(Stéphane Bidoul), Mingw (Magnus Henoch), and export list updates
- Fix for prev in python bindings (ERDI Gergo)
- Fix for entities handling (Marcus Clarke)
- Refactored the XML and HTML dumps to a single code path, fixed XHTML1
- Fix for URI parsing when handling URNs with fragment identifiers
- Fix for HTTP URL escaping problem
- added an TextXmlReader (C#) like API (work in progress)
- Rewrote the API in XML generation script, includes a C parser and saves
more information needed for C# bindings
2.4.28: Nov 22 2002:
- a couple of python binding fixes
- 2 bug fixes in the XML push parser
- potential memory leak removed (Martin Stoilov)
- fix to the configure script for Unix (Dimitri Papadopoulos)
- added encoding support for XInclude parse="text"
- autodetection of XHTML1 and specific serialization rules added
- nasty threading bug fixed (William Brack)
2.4.27: Nov 17 2002:
- fixes for the Python bindings
- a number of bug fixes: SGML catalogs, xmlParseBalancedChunkMemory(),
HTML parser, Schemas (Charles Bozeman), document fragment support
(Christian Glahn), xmlReconciliateNs (Brian Stafford), XPointer,
xmlFreeNode(), xmlSAXParseMemory (Peter Jones), xmlGetNodePath (Petr
Pajas), entities processing
- added grep to xmllint --shell
- VMS update patch from Craig A. Berry
- cleanup of the Windows build with support for more compilers (Igor),
better thread support on Windows
- cleanup of Unix Makefiles and spec file
- Improvements to the documentation (John Fleck)
2.4.26: Oct 18 2002:
- Patches for Windows CE port, improvements on Windows paths handling
- Fixes to the validation code (DTD and Schemas), xmlNodeGetPath() ,
HTML serialization, Namespace compliance, and a number of small
2.4.25: Sep 26 2002:
- A number of bug fixes: XPath, validation, Python bindings, DOM and
tree, xmlI/O, Html
- Serious rewrite of XInclude
- Made XML Schemas regexp part of the default build and APIs, small fix
and improvement of the regexp core
- Changed the validation code to reuse XML Schemas regexp APIs
- Better handling of Windows file paths, improvement of Makefiles (Igor,
Daniel Gehriger, Mark Vakoc)
- Improved the python I/O bindings, the tests, added resolver and regexp
- New logos from Marc Liyanage
- Tutorial improvements: John Fleck, Christopher Harris
- Makefile: Fixes for AMD x86_64 (Mandrake), DESTDIR (Christophe
- removal of all stderr/perror use for error reporting
- Better error reporting: XPath and DTD validation
- update of the trio portability layer (Bjorn Reese)
2.4.24: Aug 22 2002 - XPath fixes (William), xf:escape-uri() (Wesley Terpstra)
- Python binding fixes: makefiles (William), generator, rpm build, x86-64
- HTML <style> and boolean attributes serializer fixes
- C14N improvements by Aleksey
- doc cleanups: Rick Jones
- Windows compiler makefile updates: Igor and Elizabeth Barham
- XInclude: implementation of fallback and xml:base fixup added
2.4.23: July 6 2002:
- performances patches: Peter Jacobi
- c14n fixes, testsuite and performances: Aleksey Sanin
- added xmlDocFormatDump: Chema Celorio
- new tutorial: John Fleck
- new hash functions and performances: Sander Vesik, portability fix from
Peter Jacobi
- a number of bug fixes: XPath (William Brack, Richard Jinks), XML and
HTML parsers, ID lookup function
- removal of all remaining sprintf: Aleksey Sanin
2.4.22: May 27 2002:
- a number of bug fixes: configure scripts, base handling, parser, memory
usage, HTML parser, XPath, documentation (Christian Cornelssen),
indentation, URI parsing
- Optimizations for XMLSec, fixing and making public some of the network
protocol handlers (Aleksey)
- performance patch from Gary Pennington
- Charles Bozeman provided date and time support for XML Schemas
2.4.21: Apr 29 2002:
This release is both a bug fix release and also contains the early XML
Schemas structures at
and datatypes at
code, beware, all
interfaces are likely to change, there is huge holes, it is clearly a work in
progress and don't even think of putting this code in a production system,
it's actually not compiled in by default. The real fixes are:
- a couple of bugs or limitations introduced in 2.4.20
- patches for Borland C++ and MSC by Igor
- some fixes on XPath strings and conformance patches by Richard
- patch from Aleksey for the ExcC14N specification
- OSF/1 bug fix by Bjorn
2.4.20: Apr 15 2002:
- bug fixes: file descriptor leak, XPath, HTML output, DTD validation
- XPath conformance testing by Richard Jinks
- Portability fixes: Solaris, MPE/iX, Windows, OSF/1, python bindings,
2.4.19: Mar 25 2002:
- bug fixes: half a dozen XPath bugs, Validation, ISO-Latin to UTF8
- portability fixes in the HTTP code
- memory allocation checks using valgrind, and profiling tests
- revamp of the Windows build and Makefiles
2.4.18: Mar 18 2002:
- bug fixes: tree, SAX, canonicalization, validation, portability,
- removed the --with-buffer option it was becoming unmaintainable
- serious cleanup of the Python makefiles
- speedup patch to XPath very effective for DocBook stylesheets
- Fixes for Windows build, cleanup of the documentation
2.4.17: Mar 8 2002:
- a lot of bug fixes, including "namespace nodes have no parents in
- fixed/improved the Python wrappers, added more examples and more
regression tests, XPath extension functions can now return node-sets
- added the XML Canonicalization support from Aleksey Sanin
2.4.16: Feb 20 2002:
- a lot of bug fixes, most of them were triggered by the XML Testsuite
from OASIS and W3C. Compliance has been significantly improved.
- a couple of portability fixes too.
2.4.15: Feb 11 2002:
- Fixed the Makefiles, especially the python module ones
- A few bug fixes and cleanup
- Includes cleanup
2.4.14: Feb 8 2002:
- Change of License to the MIT
License basically for integration in XFree86 codebase, and removing
confusion around the previous dual-licensing
- added Python bindings, beta software but should already be quite
- a large number of fixes and cleanups, especially for all tree
- cleanup of the headers, generation of a reference API definition in
2.4.13: Jan 14 2002:
- update of the documentation: John Fleck and Charlie Bozeman
- cleanup of timing code from Justin Fletcher
- fixes for Windows and initial thread support on Win32: Igor and Serguei
- Cygwin patch from Robert Collins
- added xmlSetEntityReferenceFunc() for Keith Isdale work on xsldbg
2.4.12: Dec 7 2001:
- a few bug fixes: thread (Gary Pennington), xmllint (Geert Kloosterman),
XML parser (Robin Berjon), XPointer (Danny Jamshy), I/O cleanups
- Eric Lavigne contributed project files for MacOS
- some makefiles cleanups
2.4.11: Nov 26 2001:
- fixed a couple of errors in the includes, fixed a few bugs, some code
- xmllint man pages improvement by Heiko Rupp
- updated VMS build instructions from John A Fotheringham
- Windows Makefiles updates from Igor
2.4.10: Nov 10 2001:
- URI escaping fix (Joel Young)
- added xmlGetNodePath() (for paths or XPointers generation)
- Fixes namespace handling problems when using DTD and validation
- improvements on xmllint: Morus Walter patches for --format and
--encode, Stefan Kost and Heiko Rupp improvements on the --shell
- fixes for xmlcatalog linking pointed by Weiqi Gao
- fixes to the HTML parser
2.4.9: Nov 6 2001:
- fixes more catalog bugs
- avoid a compilation problem, improve xmlGetLineNo()
2.4.8: Nov 4 2001:
- fixed SGML catalogs broken in previous release, updated xmlcatalog
- fixed a compile errors and some includes troubles.
2.4.7: Oct 30 2001:
- exported some debugging interfaces
- serious rewrite of the catalog code
- integrated Gary Pennington thread safety patch, added configure option
and regression tests
- removed an HTML parser bug
- fixed a couple of potentially serious validation bugs
- integrated the SGML DocBook support in xmllint
- changed the nanoftp anonymous login passwd
- some I/O cleanup and a couple of interfaces for Perl wrapper
- general bug fixes
- updated xmllint man page by John Fleck
- some VMS and Windows updates
2.4.6: Oct 10 2001:
- added an updated man pages by John Fleck
- portability and configure fixes
- an infinite loop on the HTML parser was removed (William)
- Windows makefile patches from Igor
- fixed half a dozen bugs reported for libxml or libxslt
- updated xmlcatalog to be able to modify SGML super catalogs
2.4.5: Sep 14 2001:
- Remove a few annoying bugs in 2.4.4
- forces the HTML serializer to output decimal charrefs since some
version of Netscape can't handle hexadecimal ones
1.8.16: Sep 14 2001:
- maintenance release of the old libxml1 branch, couple of bug and
portability fixes
2.4.4: Sep 12 2001:
- added --convert to xmlcatalog, bug fixes and cleanups of XML
- a few bug fixes and some portability changes
- some documentation cleanups
2.4.3: Aug 23 2001:
- XML Catalog support see the doc
- New NaN/Infinity floating point code
- A few bug fixes
2.4.2: Aug 15 2001:
- adds xmlLineNumbersDefault() to control line number generation
- lot of bug fixes
- the Microsoft MSC projects files should now be up to date
- inheritance of namespaces from DTD defaulted attributes
- fixes a serious potential security bug
- added a --format option to xmllint
2.4.1: July 24 2001:
- possibility to keep line numbers in the tree
- some computation NaN fixes
- extension of the XPath API
- cleanup for alpha and ia64 targets
- patch to allow saving through HTTP PUT or POST
2.4.0: July 10 2001:
- Fixed a few bugs in XPath, validation, and tree handling.
- Fixed XML Base implementation, added a couple of examples to the
regression tests
- A bit of cleanup
2.3.14: July 5 2001:
- fixed some entities problems and reduce memory requirement when
substituting them
- lots of improvements in the XPath queries interpreter can be
substantially faster
- Makefiles and configure cleanups
- Fixes to XPath variable eval, and compare on empty node set
- HTML tag closing bug fixed
- Fixed an URI reference computation problem when validating
2.3.13: June 28 2001:
- 2.3.12 was broken as well as the push mode XML parser
- a few more fixes for compilation on Windows MSC by Yon Derek
1.8.14: June 28 2001:
- Zbigniew Chyla gave a patch to use the old XML parser in push mode
- Small Makefile fix
2.3.12: June 26 2001:
- lots of cleanup