Maintainer's Guide

Making a release

Rebuild generated files and documentation

The documentation and some generated files can be rebuilt by running

make -C doc rebuild

This requires xsltproc and the libxml2 Python bindings to be installed.

Update the NEWS file

You can get started by running

git log --format='- %s (%an)' [previous-release-tag]..

Bump the version number

Edit the version number in if you haven't done so already.

Build the tarball

I'd recommend to build the tarball by running

make distcheck

which performs some useful checks as well.

Upload the tarball

Follow the instructions at

scp libxml2-[version].tar.xz
ssh ftpadmin install libxml2-[version].tar.xz

Tag the release

Create an annotated tag and push it:

git tag -a [version] -m 'Release [version]'
git push origin [version]

Create a GitLab release

Create a new GitLab release on

Announce the release

Announce the release by sending an email to the mailing list at

Updating the CI Docker image

Note that the CI image is used for libxslt as well. Run the following commands with the Dockerfile in the .gitlab-ci directory:

docker login
docker build -t - \
    < .gitlab-ci/Dockerfile
docker push