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Libpng 1.0.68 - August 24, 2017
This is a public release of libpng, intended for use in production codes.
Files available for download:
Source files with LF line endings (for Unix/Linux) and with a
"configure" script
libpng-1.0.68.tar.xz (LZMA-compressed, recommended)
Source files with LF line endings (for Unix/Linux) without the
"configure" script
libpng-1.0.68-no-config.tar.xz (LZMA-compressed, recommended)
Source files with CRLF line endings (for Windows), without the
"configure" script
Project files
Other information:
libpng-1.0.68-*.asc (armored detached GPG signatures)
Changes since the last public release (1.0.67):
version 1.2.58 [August 24, 2017]
Added png_check_chunk_length() function, and check all chunks except
IDAT against the default 8MB limit; check IDAT against the maximum
size computed from IHDR parameters.
Check for 0 return from png_get_rowbytes() and added some (size_t) typecasts
in contrib/pngminus/*.c to stop some Coverity issues (162705, 162706,
and 162707).
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