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CHANGES - changes for libpng
version 0.2
added reader into png.h
fixed small problems in stub file
version 0.3
added pull reader
split up pngwrite.c to several files
added pnglib.txt
added example.c
cleaned up writer, adding a few new tranformations
fixed some bugs in writer
interfaced with zlib 0.5
added K&R support
added check for 64 KB blocks for 16 bit machines
version 0.4
cleaned up code and commented code
simplified time handling into png_time
created png_color_16 and png_color_8 to handle color needs
cleaned up color type defines
fixed various bugs
made various names more consistant
interfaced with zlib 0.71
cleaned up zTXt reader and writer (using zlib's Reset functions)
split transformations into pngrtran.c and pngwtran.c
version 0.5
interfaced with zlib 0.8
fixed many reading and writing bugs
saved using 3 spaces instead of tabs
version 0.6
added png_large_malloc() and png_large_free()
added png_size_t
cleaned up some compiler warnings
added png_start_read_image()
version 0.7
cleaned up lots of bugs
finished dithering and other stuff
added test program
changed name from pnglib to libpng
version 0.71 [June, 1995]
changed pngtest.png for zlib 0.93
fixed error in libpng.txt and example.c
version 0.8
cleaned up some bugs
added png_set_filler()
split up pngstub.c into pngmem.c, pngio.c, and pngerror.c
added #define's to remove unwanted code
moved png_info_init() to png.c
added old_size into png_realloc()
added functions to manually set filtering and compression info
changed compression parameters based on image type
optimized filter selection code
added version info
changed external functions passing floats to doubles (k&r problems?)
put all the configurable stuff in pngconf.h
enabled png_set_shift to work with paletted images on read
added png_read_update_info() - updates info structure with
version 0.81 [August, 1995]
incorporated Tim Wegner's medium model code (thanks, Tim)
version 0.82 [September, 1995]
[unspecified changes]
version 0.85 [December, 1995]
added more medium model code (almost everything's a far)
added i/o, error, and memory callback functions
fixed some bugs (16 bit, 4 bit interlaced, etc.)
added first run progressive reader (barely tested)
version 0.86 [January, 1996]
fixed bugs
improved documentation
version 0.87 [January, 1996]
fixed medium model bugs
fixed other bugs introduced in 0.85 and 0.86
added some minor documentation
version 0.88 [January, 1996]
fixed progressive bugs
replaced tabs with spaces
cleaned up documentation
added callbacks for read/write and warning/error functions
version 0.89 [July, 1996]
added new initialization API to make libpng work better with shared libs
we now have png_create_read_struct(), png_create_write_struct(),
png_create_info_struct(), png_destroy_read_struct(), and
png_destroy_write_struct() instead of the separate calls to
malloc and png_read_init(), png_info_init(), and png_write_init()
changed warning/error callback functions to fix bug - this means you
should use the new initialization API if you were using the old
png_set_message_fn() calls, and that the old API no longer exists
so that people are aware that they need to change their code
changed filter selection API to allow selection of multiple filters
since it didn't work in previous versions of libpng anyways
optimized filter selection code
fixed png_set_background() to allow using an arbitrary RGB color for
paletted images
fixed gamma and background correction for paletted images, so
png_correct_palette is not needed unless you are correcting an
external palette (you will need to #define PNG_CORRECT_PALETTE_SUPPORTED
in pngconf.h) - if nobody uses this, it may disappear in the future.
fixed bug with Borland 64K memory allocation (Alexander Lehmann)
fixed bug in interlace handling (Smarasderagd, I think)
added more error checking for writing and image to reduce invalid files
separated read and write functions so that they won't both be linked
into a binary when only reading or writing functionality is used
new pngtest image also has interlacing and zTXt
updated documentation to reflect new API
version 0.90 [January, 1997]
made CRC errors/warnings on critical and ancillary chunks configurable
libpng will use the zlib CRC routines by (compile-time) default
changed DOS small/medium model memory support - needs zlib 1.04 (Tim Wegner)
added external C++ wrapper statements to png.h (Gilles Dauphin)
allow PNG file to be read when some or all of file signature has already
been read from the beginning of the stream. ****This affects the size
of info_struct and invalidates all programs that use a shared libpng****
fixed png_filler() declarations
fixed? background color conversions
fixed order of error function pointers to match documentation
current chunk name is now available in png_struct to reduce the number
of nearly identical error messages (will simplify multi-lingual
support when available)
try to get ready for unknown-chunk callback functions:
- previously read critical chunks are flagged, so the chunk handling
routines can determine if the chunk is in the right place
- all chunk handling routines have the same prototypes, so we will
be able to handle all chunks via a callback mechanism
try to fix Linux "setjmp" buffer size problems
version 0.95 [March, 1997]
fixed bug in pngwutil.c allocating "up_row" twice and "avg_row" never
fixed bug in PNG file signature compares when start != 0
changed parameter type of png_set_filler(...filler...) from png_byte
to png_uint_32
added test for MACOS to ensure that both math.h and fp.h are not #included
added macros for libpng to be compiled as a Windows DLL (Andreas Kupries)
added "packswap" transformation, which changes the endianness of
packed-pixel bytes (Kevin Bracey)
added "strip_alpha" transformation, which removes the alpha channel of
input images without using it (not neccesarily a good idea)
added "swap_alpha" transformation, which puts the alpha channel in front
of the color bytes instead of after
removed all implicit variable tests which assume NULL == 0 (I think)
changed several variables to "png_size_t" to show 16/32-bit limitations
added new pCAL chunk read/write support
added experimental filter selection weighting (Greg Roelofs)
removed old png_set_rgbx() and png_set_xrgb() functions that have been
obsolete for about 2 years now (use png_set_filler() instead)
added macros to read 16- and 32-bit ints directly from buffer, to be
used only on those systems that support it (namely PowerPC and 680x0)
With some testing, this may become the default for MACOS/PPC systems.
only calculate CRC on data if we are going to use it
added macros for zTXt compression type PNG_zTXt_COMPRESSION_???
added macros for simple libpng debugging output selectable at compile time
removed PNG_READ_END_MODE in progressive reader (Smarasderagd)
more description of info_struct in libpng.txt and png.h
more instructions in example.c
more chunk types tested in pngtest.c
renamed pngrcb.c to pngset.c, and all png_read_<chunk> functions to be
png_set_<chunk>. We now have corresponding png_get_<chunk>
functions in pngget.c to get infomation in info_ptr. This isolates
the application from the internal organization of png_info_struct
(good for shared library implementations).
version 0.96 [May, 1997]
fixed serious bug with < 8bpp images introduced in 0.95
fixed 256-color transparency bug (Greg Roelofs)
fixed up documentation (Greg Roelofs, Laszlo Nyul)
fixed "error" in pngconf.h for Linux setjmp() behaviour
fixed DOS medium model support (Tim Wegner)
fixed png_check_keyword() for case with error in static string text
added read of CRC after IEND chunk for embedded PNGs (Laszlo Nyul)
added typecasts to quiet compiler errors
added more debugging info
version 0.97 [January, 1998]
removed PNG_USE_OWN_CRC capability
relocated png_set_crc_action from pngrutil.c to pngrtran.c
fixed typecasts of "new_key", etc. (Andreas Dilger)
added RFC 1152 [sic] date support
fixed bug in gamma handling of 4-bit grayscale
added 2-bit grayscale gamma handling (Glenn R-P)
added more typecasts. 65536L becomes (png_uint_32)65536L, etc. (Glenn R-P)
minor corrections in libpng.txt
added simple sRGB support (Glenn R-P)
easier conditional compiling, e.g. define PNG_READ/WRITE_NOT_FULLY_SUPPORTED;
all configurable options can be selected from command-line instead
of having to edit pngconf.h (Glenn R-P)
fixed memory leak in pngwrite.c (free info_ptr->text) (Glenn R-P)
added more conditions for png_do_background, to avoid changing
black pixels to background when a background is supplied and
no pixels are transparent
repaired PNG_NO_STDIO behaviour
tested NODIV support and made it default behaviour (Greg Roelofs)
added "-m" option and PNGTEST_DEBUG_MEMORY to pngtest (John Bowler)
regularized version numbering scheme and bumped shared-library major
version number to 2 to avoid problems with libpng 0.89 apps (Greg Roelofs)
version 0.98 [January, 1998]
cleaned up some typos in libpng.txt and in code documentation
fixed memory leaks in pCAL chunk processing (Glenn R-P and John Bowler)
cosmetic change "display_gamma" to "screen_gamma" in pngrtran.c
changed recommendation about file_gamma for PC images to .51 from .45,
in example.c and libpng.txt, added comments to distinguish between
screen_gamma, viewing_gamma, and display_gamma.
changed all references to RFC1152 to read RFC1123 and changed the
added png_invert_alpha capability (Glenn R-P -- suggestion by Jon Vincent)
changed srgb_intent from png_byte to int to avoid compiler bugs
version 0.99 [January 30, 1998]
free info_ptr->text instead of end_info_ptr->text in pngread.c (John Bowler)
fixed a longstanding "packswap" bug in pngtrans.c
fixed some inconsistencies in pngconf.h that prevented compiling with
fixed some typos and made other minor rearrangement of libpng.txt (Andreas)
changed recommendation about file_gamma for PC images to .50 from .51 in
example.c and libpng.txt, and changed file_gamma for sRGB images to .45
added a number of functions to access information from the png structure
png_get_image_height(), etc. (Glenn R-P, suggestion by Brad Pettit)
added TARGET_MACOS similar to zlib-1.0.8
define PNG_ALWAYS_EXTERN when __MWERKS__ && WIN32 are defined
added type casting to all png_malloc() function calls
version 0.99a [January 31, 1998]
Added type casts and parentheses to all returns that return a value.(Tim W.)
version 0.99b [February 4, 1998]
Added type cast png_uint_32 on malloc function calls where needed.
Changed type of num_hist from png_uint_32 to int (same as num_palette).
Added checks for rowbytes overflow, in case png_size_t is less than 32 bits.
Renamed makefile.elf to makefile.lnx.
version 0.99c [February 7, 1998]
More type casting. Removed erroneous overflow test in pngmem.c.
Added png_buffered_memcpy() and png_buffered_memset(), apply them to rowbytes.
Added UNIX manual pages libpng.3 (incorporating libpng.txt) and png.5.
version 0.99d [February 11, 1998]
Renamed "far_to_near()" "png_far_to_near()"
Revised libpng.3
Version 99c "buffered" operations didn't work as intended. Replaced them
with png_memcpy_check() and png_memset_check().
Added many "if (png_ptr == NULL) return" to quell compiler warnings about
unused png_ptr, mostly in pngget.c and pngset.c.
Check for overlength tRNS chunk present when indexed-color PLTE is read.
Cleaned up spelling errors in libpng.3/libpng.txt
Corrected a problem with png_get_tRNS() which returned undefined trans array
version 0.99e [February 28, 1998]
Corrected png_get_tRNS() again.
Add parentheses for easier reading of pngget.c, fixed "||" should be "&&".
Touched up example.c to make more of it compileable, although the entire
file still can't be compiled (Willem van Schaik)
Fixed a bug in png_do_shift() (Bryan Tsai)
Added a space in png.h prototype for png_write_chunk_start()
Replaced pngtest.png with one created with zlib 1.1.1
Changed pngtest to report PASS even when file size is different (Jean-loup G.)
Corrected some logic errors in png_do_invert_alpha() (Chris Patterson)
version 0.99f [March 5, 1998]
Corrected a bug in pngpread() introduced in version 99c (Kevin Bracey)
Moved makefiles into a "scripts" directory, and added INSTALL instruction file
Added makefile.os2 and pngos2.def (A. Zabolotny) and makefile.s2x (W. Sebok)
Added pointers to "note on libpng versions" in makefile.lnx and README
Added row callback feature when reading and writing nonprogressive rows
and added a test of this feature in pngtest.c
Added user transform callbacks, with test of the feature in pngtest.c
version 0.99g [March 6, 1998, morning]
Minor changes to pngtest.c to suppress compiler warnings.
Removed "beta" language from documentation.
version 0.99h [March 6, 1998, evening]
Minor changes to previous minor changes to pngtest.c
version 1.00 [March 7, 1998]
Changed several typedefs in pngrutil.c
Added makefile.wat (Pawel Mrochen), updated makefile.tc3 (Willem van Schaik)
replaced "while(1)" with "for(;;)"
added PNGARG() to prototypes in pngtest.c and removed some prototypes
updated some of the makefiles (Tom Lane)
changed some typedefs (s_start, etc.) in pngrutil.c
fixed dimensions of "short_months" array in pngwrite.c
Replaced ansi2knr.c with the one from jpeg-v6
version 1.0.0 [March 8, 1998]
Changed name from 1.00 to 1.0.0 (Adam Costello)
Added smakefile.ppc (with SCOPTIONS.ppc) for Amiga PPC (Andreas Kleinert)
version 1.0.1 [March 9, 1998]
Fixed three bugs in pngrtran.c to make gamma+background handling consistent
(Greg Roelofs)
Changed format of the PNG_LIBPNG_VER integer to xyyyzzzz instead of xyz
for major, minor, and bugfix releases. This is 10000001L. (Adam Costello)