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# Project: libpng
# Toolflags:
CCflags = -c -depend !Depend -IC:,Zlib: -g -throwback -DRISCOS -fnah
C++flags = -c -depend !Depend -IC: -throwback
Linkflags = -aif -c++ -o $@
ObjAsmflags = -throwback -NoCache -depend !Depend
CMHGflags =
LibFileflags = -c -l -o $@
Squeezeflags = -o $@
# Final targets:
@.libpng-lib: @.o.png @.o.pngerror @.o.pngrio @.o.pngwio @.o.pngmem \
@.o.pngpread @.o.pngset @.o.pngget @.o.pngread @.o.pngrtran \
@.o.pngrutil @.o.pngtrans @.o.pngwrite @.o.pngwtran @.o.pngwutil
LibFile $(LibFileflags) @.o.png @.o.pngerror @.o.pngrio @.o.pngrtran \
@.o.pngmem @.o.pngpread @.o.pngset @.o.pngget @.o.pngread @.o.pngwio \
@.o.pngrutil @.o.pngtrans @.o.pngwrite @.o.pngwtran @.o.pngwutil \ \
LibFile $(LibFileflags) \ \ \
# User-editable dependencies:
# (C) Copyright 1997 Tom Tanner
Test: @.pngtest
@remove <Prefix$Dir>.pngtest
#It would be nice if you could stop "make" listing from here on!
@.pngtest: @.o.pngtest @.libpng-lib C:o.Stubs Zlib:zlib_lib
Link $(Linkflags) @.o.pngtest @.libpng-lib C:o.Stubs Zlib:zlib_lib
.SUFFIXES: .o .mm .c
MemCheck.CC cc $(ccflags) -o $@ LibPng:$<
cc $(ccflags) -o $@ $<
# See scripts.mak.libpngconf for how to generate this:
@.h.libpngconf: @.scripts.h.libpngconf
copy @.scripts.h.libpngconf $@
# Static dependencies:
@.o.png @.o.pngerror @.o.pngrio @.o.pngwio @.o.pngmem \
@.o.pngpread @.o.pngset @.o.pngget @.o.pngread @.o.pngrtran \
@.o.pngrutil @.o.pngtrans @.o.pngwrite @.o.pngwtran @.o.pngwutil \
@.o.pngtest: @.h.libpngconf
# Dynamic dependencies: