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Installing libpng version 1.00 March 7, 1998
Before installing libpng, you must first install zlib. zlib
can usually be found wherever you got libpng. zlib can be
placed in another directory, at the same level as libpng.
Note that your system might already have a preinstalled
zlib, but you will still need to have access to the
zlib.h and zconf.h include files that correspond to the
version of zlib that's installed.
You can rename the directories that you downloaded (they
might be called "libpng-1.00 or "lpng100" and "zlib-1.1.1"
or "zlib111") so that you have directories called "zlib" and "libpng".
Your directory structure should look like this:
.. (the parent directory)
libpng (this directory)
INSTALL (this file)
First enter the zlib directory and follow the instructions
in zlib/README. Then come back here and choose the
appropriate makefile.sys in the scripts directory.
The files that are presently available in the scripts directory
descrip.mms => VMS makefile for MMS or MMK
makefile.std => Generic UNIX makefile
makefile.knr => Archaic UNIX Makefile that converts files with ansi2knr
makefile.dec => DEC Alpha UNIX makefile
makefile.sgi => Silicon Graphics IRIX makefile
makefile.sun => Sun makefile
makefile.s2x => Solaris 2.X makefile (gcc, creates
makefile.lnx => Linux/ELF makefile (gcc, creates
makefile.mip => MIPS makefile => Acorn makefile
makefile.ama => Amiga makefile
makefile.atr => Atari makefile
makefile.bor => Borland makefile
build.bat => MS-DOS batch file for Borland compiler
makefile.dj2 => DJGPP 2 makefile
makefile.msc => Microsoft C makefile
makefile.tc3 => Turbo C 3.0 makefile
makefile.os2 => OS/2 Makefile (gcc and emx, requires pngos2.def)
pngos2.def => OS/2 module definition file used by makefile.os2
makefile.wat => Watcom 10a+ Makefile, 32-bit flat memory model => VMS build script
Copy the file (or files) that you need from the
scripts directory into this directory, for example
MSDOS example: copy scripts\ makefile
UNIX example: cp scripts/makefile.std makefile
Read the makefile to see if you need to change any source or
target directories to match your preferences.
Then read pngconf.h to see if you want to make any configuration
Then just run "make test" which will create the libpng library in
this directory and run a quick test that reads the "pngtest.png"
file and writes a "pngout.png" file that should be identical to it.
Most of the makefiles will allow you to run "make install" to
put the library in its final resting place (if you want to
do that, run "make install" in the zlib directory first if necessary).
Further information can be found in the README and libpng.txt
files, in the individual makefiles, and in png.h, and the manual
pages libpng.3 and png.5.