Fix CMake fallback BUILD var on non-U.S. machines

If wmic.exe wasn't available, then CMakeLists.txt would call
"cmd /C date /T" and parse the result in order to set the BUILD
variable.  However, the parser assumed that the date was in MM/DD/YYYY
format, which is not generally the case unless the user's locale is U.S.
English with the default region/language settings for that locale.

This commit modifies CMakeLists.txt such that it uses the
string(TIMESTAMP) function available in CMake 2.8.11 and later to set
the BUILD variable, thus eliminating the need to use wmic.exe or any
other platform-specific hack.

This commit also modifies the build instructions to remove any reference
to CMake 2.6 (which hasn't been supported by our build system since
libjpeg-turbo 1.3.x.)

Closes #74
2 files changed