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Name: libjpeg-turbo
Version: 1.5.0
License: Custom license
License File:
Security Critical: yes
License Android Compatible: yes
This consists of the components:
* libjpeg-turbo 1.5.0
* This file (README.fuchsia)
* A build file (
* Deleted unused directories: cmakescripts, doc, java, md5, release, sharedlib,
testimages, and win
* Patched header files used by Chromium
We applied the following changes which are not merged to upstream:
* Added the 'private_extern' flags on Mac (or the 'hidden' flags on Linux) to
all the global symbols in '.asm' files to prevent making them external ones.
* Fix libjpeg_turbo svn r64 libjpeg6b compat issue: make the fast path Huffman
decoder fallback to slow decoding if the Huffman decoding bit sentinel > 16,
this to match the exact behavior of jpeg_huff_decode().
* Fixed an issue with the ARM NEON build.
* Configuration files jconfig.h and jconfigint.h