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; - private declarations for forward & reverse DCT subsystems
; Copyright 2009 Pierre Ossman <> for Cendio AB
; Based on the x86 SIMD extension for IJG JPEG library
; Copyright (C) 1999-2006, MIYASAKA Masaru.
; For conditions of distribution and use, see copyright notice in
; [TAB8]
; Each IDCT routine is responsible for range-limiting its results and
; converting them to unsigned form (0..MAXJSAMPLE). The raw outputs could
; be quite far out of range if the input data is corrupt, so a bulletproof
; range-limiting step is required. We use a mask-and-table-lookup method
; to do the combined operations quickly.
%define RANGE_MASK (MAXJSAMPLE * 4 + 3) ; 2 bits wider than legal samples
%define ROW(n,b,s) ((b)+(n)*(s))
%define COL(n,b,s) ((b)+(n)*(s)*DCTSIZE)
%define DWBLOCK(m,n,b,s) ((b)+(m)*DCTSIZE*(s)+(n)*SIZEOF_DWORD)
%define MMBLOCK(m,n,b,s) ((b)+(m)*DCTSIZE*(s)+(n)*SIZEOF_MMWORD)
%define XMMBLOCK(m,n,b,s) ((b)+(m)*DCTSIZE*(s)+(n)*SIZEOF_XMMWORD)
; --------------------------------------------------------------------------