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* Copyright (C) the libgit2 contributors. All rights reserved.
* This file is part of libgit2, distributed under the GNU GPL v2 with
* a Linking Exception. For full terms see the included COPYING file.
#ifndef INCLUDE_patch_h__
#define INCLUDE_patch_h__
#include "git2/patch.h"
#include "array.h"
/* cached information about a hunk in a patch */
typedef struct git_patch_hunk {
git_diff_hunk hunk;
size_t line_start;
size_t line_count;
} git_patch_hunk;
struct git_patch {
git_refcount rc;
git_repository *repo; /* may be null */
git_diff_options diff_opts;
git_diff_delta *delta;
git_diff_binary binary;
git_array_t(git_patch_hunk) hunks;
git_array_t(git_diff_line) lines;
size_t header_size;
size_t content_size;
size_t context_size;
void (*free_fn)(git_patch *patch);
extern int git_patch__invoke_callbacks(
git_patch *patch,
git_diff_file_cb file_cb,
git_diff_binary_cb binary_cb,
git_diff_hunk_cb hunk_cb,
git_diff_line_cb line_cb,
void *payload);
extern int git_patch_line_stats(
size_t *total_ctxt,
size_t *total_adds,
size_t *total_dels,
const git_patch *patch);
/** Options for parsing patch files. */
typedef struct {
* The length of the prefix (in path segments) for the filenames.
* This prefix will be removed when looking for files. The default is 1.
uint32_t prefix_len;
} git_patch_options;
extern void git_patch_free(git_patch *patch);