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* Copyright (C) the libgit2 contributors. All rights reserved.
* This file is part of libgit2, distributed under the GNU GPL v2 with
* a Linking Exception. For full terms see the included COPYING file.
#ifndef INCLUDE_config_h__
#define INCLUDE_config_h__
#include "git2.h"
#include "git2/config.h"
#include "vector.h"
#include "repository.h"
#define GIT_CONFIG_FILENAME_SYSTEM "gitconfig"
#define GIT_CONFIG_FILENAME_GLOBAL ".gitconfig"
#define GIT_CONFIG_FILENAME_XDG "config"
struct git_config {
git_refcount rc;
git_vector files;
extern int git_config__global_location(git_buf *buf);
extern int git_config_rename_section(
git_repository *repo,
const char *old_section_name, /* eg "branch.dummy" */
const char *new_section_name); /* NULL to drop the old section */
* Create a configuration file backend for ondisk files
* These are the normal `.gitconfig` files that Core Git
* processes. Note that you first have to add this file to a
* configuration object before you can query it for configuration
* variables.
* @param out the new backend
* @param path where the config file is located
extern int git_config_file__ondisk(git_config_backend **out, const char *path);
extern int git_config__normalize_name(const char *in, char **out);
/* internal only: does not normalize key and sets out to NULL if not found */
extern int git_config__lookup_entry(
git_config_entry **out,
const git_config *cfg,
const char *key,
bool no_errors);
/* internal only: update and/or delete entry string with constraints */
extern int git_config__update_entry(
git_config *cfg,
const char *key,
const char *value,
bool overwrite_existing,
bool only_if_existing);
* Lookup functions that cannot fail. These functions look up a config
* value and return a fallback value if the value is missing or if any
* failures occur while trying to access the value.
extern char *git_config__get_string_force(
const git_config *cfg, const char *key, const char *fallback_value);
extern int git_config__get_bool_force(
const git_config *cfg, const char *key, int fallback_value);
extern int git_config__get_int_force(
const git_config *cfg, const char *key, int fallback_value);
/* API for repository cvar-style lookups from config - not cached, but
* uses cvar value maps and fallbacks
extern int git_config__cvar(
int *out, git_config *config, git_cvar_cached cvar);
* The opposite of git_config_lookup_map_value, we take an enum value
* and map it to the string or bool value on the config.
int git_config_lookup_map_enum(git_cvar_t *type_out, const char **str_out,
const git_cvar_map *maps, size_t map_n, int enum_val);
* Unlock the backend with the highest priority
* Unlocking will allow other writers to updat the configuration
* file. Optionally, any changes performed since the lock will be
* applied to the configuration.
* @param cfg the configuration
* @param commit boolean which indicates whether to commit any changes
* done since locking
* @return 0 or an error code
GIT_EXTERN(int) git_config_unlock(git_config *cfg, int commit);