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#ifndef INCLUDE_blame_h__
#define INCLUDE_blame_h__
#include "git2/blame.h"
#include "common.h"
#include "vector.h"
#include "diff.h"
#include "array.h"
#include "git2/oid.h"
* One blob in a commit that is being suspected
typedef struct git_blame__origin {
int refcnt;
struct git_blame__origin *previous;
git_commit *commit;
git_blob *blob;
char path[GIT_FLEX_ARRAY];
} git_blame__origin;
* Each group of lines is described by a git_blame__entry; it can be split
* as we pass blame to the parents. They form a linked list in the
* scoreboard structure, sorted by the target line number.
typedef struct git_blame__entry {
struct git_blame__entry *prev;
struct git_blame__entry *next;
/* the first line of this group in the final image;
* internally all line numbers are 0 based.
size_t lno;
/* how many lines this group has */
size_t num_lines;
/* the commit that introduced this group into the final image */
git_blame__origin *suspect;
/* true if the suspect is truly guilty; false while we have not
* checked if the group came from one of its parents.
bool guilty;
/* true if the entry has been scanned for copies in the current parent
bool scanned;
/* the line number of the first line of this group in the
* suspect's file; internally all line numbers are 0 based.
size_t s_lno;
/* how significant this entry is -- cached to avoid
* scanning the lines over and over.
unsigned score;
/* Whether this entry has been tracked to a boundary commit.
bool is_boundary;
} git_blame__entry;
struct git_blame {
char *path;
git_repository *repository;
git_blame_options options;
git_vector hunks;
git_vector paths;
git_blob *final_blob;
git_array_t(size_t) line_index;
size_t current_diff_line;
git_blame_hunk *current_hunk;
/* Scoreboard fields */
git_commit *final;
git_blame__entry *ent;
int num_lines;
const char *final_buf;
git_off_t final_buf_size;
git_blame *git_blame__alloc(
git_repository *repo,
git_blame_options opts,
const char *path);