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* Copyright (C) the libgit2 contributors. All rights reserved.
* This file is part of libgit2, distributed under the GNU GPL v2 with
* a Linking Exception. For full terms see the included COPYING file.
#ifndef INCLUDE_annotated_commit_h__
#define INCLUDE_annotated_commit_h__
#include "oidarray.h"
#include "git2/oid.h"
typedef enum {
} git_annotated_commit_t;
* Internal structure for merge inputs. An annotated commit is generally
* "real" and backed by an actual commit in the repository, but merge will
* internally create "virtual" commits that are in-memory intermediate
* commits backed by an index.
struct git_annotated_commit {
git_annotated_commit_t type;
/* real commit */
git_commit *commit;
git_tree *tree;
/* virtual commit structure */
git_index *index;
git_array_oid_t parents;
char *ref_name;
char *remote_url;
char id_str[GIT_OID_HEXSZ+1];
extern int git_annotated_commit_from_head(git_annotated_commit **out,
git_repository *repo);
extern int git_annotated_commit_from_commit(git_annotated_commit **out,
git_commit *commit);