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  1. fb94462 [libc++][test] Use <version> to get config on MSVC by Casey Carter · 27 hours ago master upstream/master
  2. 5f31123 [libc++][test] Portability fix for std::any tests by Casey Carter · 32 hours ago
  3. cb62367 [libc++][test] Add license headers to test/support/archetypes.* by Casey Carter · 33 hours ago
  4. 4fd9329 [libc++][test] Silence more warnings in variant tests by Casey Carter · 2 days ago
  5. 79d2a71 [libc++][test] std::variant test cleanup by Casey Carter · 2 days ago
  6. 6dc4120 [libc++][test] <=> now has a feature-test macro by Casey Carter · 2 days ago
  7. 1f4cad9 [libc++][test] Silence MSVC warning in std::optional test by Casey Carter · 3 days ago
  8. 437d5a5 [libc++] Fix linker script generation by Petr Hosek · 5 days ago
  9. dda1e44 [libc++][test] Change IsSmallObject's calculation for std::any's small object buffer by Casey Carter · 5 days ago
  10. 193f188 [libc++][test] Miscellaneous MSVC cleanups by Casey Carter · 6 days ago
  11. da6e915 Optimize operator=(const basic_string&) for tail call. by Eric Fiselier · 7 days ago
  12. 76ba5dd [libc++] Workaround old versions of CMake that don't understand list(JOIN) by Louis Dionne · 7 days ago
  13. ef2d239 [libc++] Move the linker script generation step to CMake by Louis Dionne · 7 days ago
  14. d265021 [libc++] Make sure we link all system libraries into the benchmarks by Louis Dionne · 7 days ago
  15. 2a88a04 [libc++] TAKE 2: Make system libraries PRIVATE dependencies of libc++ by Louis Dionne · 8 days ago
  16. caa8e2c [libc++] Add missing link-time dependencies to the benchmarks by Louis Dionne · 8 days ago
  17. c788361 [libc++] Use PRIVATE to link benchmark dependencies by Louis Dionne · 8 days ago
  18. f372cc7 [libc++] Remove C++03 variadics in shared_ptr (v2) by Zoe Carver · 8 days ago
  19. 346d6e2 [libc++] Guard cxx_experimental settings behind LIBCXX_ENABLE_EXPERIMENTAL_LIBRARY by Alex Langford · 11 days ago
  20. 2f7d67c [libc++] Localize common build flags into a single CMake function by Louis Dionne · 11 days ago