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  1. df7a35c [libcxx] Do not include the C math.h header before __config by Mikhail Maltsev · 21 hours ago master upstream/master
  2. 2c89311 Add another test case to the deduction guide for basic_string. by Marshall Clow · 25 hours ago
  3. 61494b5 libcxx: Unbreak external thread library configuration. by Peter Collingbourne · 33 hours ago
  4. c4658ab [libcxx] Improve accuracy of complex asinh and acosh by Mikhail Maltsev · 4 days ago
  5. 6878e85 Fix test failure on compilers w/o deduction guides by Eric Fiselier · 8 days ago
  6. 078dd97 Add a catch for std::length_error for the case where the string can't handle 2GB. (like say 32-bit big-endian) by Marshall Clow · 9 days ago
  7. 26a0274 Fix incorrect indentation. by Bruce Mitchener · 9 days ago
  8. e64dcb6 Make the ctype_byname::widen test cases pass on FreeBSD. by Dimitry Andric · 10 days ago
  9. 5247482 Put type attributes after class keyword by Dimitry Andric · 10 days ago
  10. e89a34f Fix typos. by Bruce Mitchener · 10 days ago
  11. a2b7665 [libcxx] [test] Strip trailing whitespace, NFC. by Stephan T. Lavavej · 10 days ago
  12. 806a6ec Implement LWG 2835 - fix <tgmath.h> by Marshall Clow · 10 days ago
  13. f72f219 Implement LWG#2908 - The less-than operator for shared pointers could do more, and mark 2878 as complete as well (we already do that) by Marshall Clow · 11 days ago
  14. b8cb776 While implementing P0777 - preventing unnecessary decay, I found some non-public uses of decay that could be replaced by __uncvref. NFC intented by Marshall Clow · 11 days ago
  15. 524afae Add default C++ ABI libname and include paths for FreeBSD by Dimitry Andric · 11 days ago
  16. 22a291c Fix libcxx MSVC C++17 redefinition of 'align_val_t' by Eric Fiselier · 11 days ago
  17. 0fc3d12 Mark two issues as complete by Eric Fiselier · 11 days ago
  18. a8de063 Fix a typo in the synopsis comment. NFC. Thanks to K-ballo for the catch by Marshall Clow · 11 days ago
  19. 9e6ac07 Use multi-key tree search for {map, set}::{count, equal_range} by Eric Fiselier · 13 days ago
  20. 5bfbd7d The apple versions of clang don't support deduction guides yet. by Marshall Clow · 2 weeks ago