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Base templates for ESnet's GitHub pages. These pages are created using the
Sphinx_ documentation package using the sphinx-bootstrap-theme_ with some
pages. This repo is meant to be included into a project using git subtree and
provides the overrides and customizations to the base theme.
.. _Sphinx:
.. _sphinx-bootstrap-theme:
1. Install Sphinx and sphinx-bootstrap-theme. See the instructions below for
installing these either using the Mac OS X base system python or MacPorts.
2. ``cd $PROJECT_ROOT``
3. ``mkdir docs``
4. ``git subtree add --prefix docs/_esnet master --squash``
5. ``cd docs``
6. ``sphinx-quickstart``
7. ``ln -s ../_esnet/static _static/esnet``
8. edit ```` as described in the next section
``sphinx-quickstart`` creates a basic file, however to use the ESnet
theme we need to make some changes. Make the following changes to
# add this with the imports at the top of the file
import sphinx_bootstrap_theme
# change templates_path to this
templates_path = ['_esnet/templates']
# add _esnet to exclude_patterns
exclude_patterns = ['_build', '_esnet']
# change html_theme and html_theme_path:
html_theme = 'bootstrap'
html_theme_path = sphinx_bootstrap_theme.get_html_theme_path()
# add html_theme options:
html_theme_options = {
"navbar_pagenav": False,
"nosidebar": False,
"navbar_class": "navbar",
"navbar_site_name": "Section",
"source_link_position": "footer",
"navbar_links": [
("Index", "genindex"),
("ESnet", "", True),
# add html_logo and html_sidebars
html_logo = "_esnet/static/logo-esnet-ball-sm.png"
html_sidebars = {'index': None, 'search': None, '*': ['localtoc.html']}
html_favicon = "_esnet/static/favicon.ico"
html_context = {
"github_url": "",
That's it!
Sphinx Installation using Mac OS X Base Python
1. sudo /usr/bin/easy_install pip
2. sudo /usr/local/bin/pip install sphinx sphinx-bootstrap-theme
Sphinx Installation using MacPorts
1. port install python27 py27-pip py27-sphinx
2. port select pip py27-pip
3. port select sphinx py27-sphinx
4. pip install sphinx sphinx-bootstrap-theme # make sure this is
Creating Content, Previewing and Publishing
The files are in the ``docs`` directory. Take a look at the content of
``index.rst``. Take a look at the docs from other projects and review the
documentation for Sphinx_.
Building HTML
In the ``docs`` directory run ``make clean html``.
Previewing the site
``open _build/html/index.html``
``open -a /Application/Google\ _build/html/index.html``
Publishing the site
From the ``docs`` directory run ``_esnet/``. It will be visible at: