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Subject: iperf3 status, June 2017
iperf 3.2 Release Plans
We've done quite a bit of work the past few weeks getting the master
branch in shape to cut a new release, which will be the first of the
3.2.x series. These changes include fixes for a number of
long-standing bugs (such as some of the statistics computation, and
fixes for --file), as well as new features (for example optional
authentication and a configurable client connection timeout) and
general improvements (better timing for the --bitrate/--bandwidth
We'd like to encourage users in the community who are comfortable
compiling iperf3 from GitHub sources, to checkout / clone the iperf3
master branch from GitHub and try it out in their environments. (No
tarballs will be produced until the official 3.2 release, although I'd
say we're basically in "release candidate" stage now.)
There is a mostly-final set of release notes in the RELEASE_NOTES file
on master, so you can see what's new, changed, fixed, and so on.
Assuming no serious problems, we're aiming for an official release in
mid- to late-June (2017!).
iperf3 Support
After a lot of issue triage, we're down to 38 issues in the issue
tracker (plus three outstanding pull requests). As mentioned in an
earlier update, a lot of the issues we closed were user questions, not
bug reports or enhancement requests. We'd like to direct user
questions to either the mailing lists or to look on various question
sites such as Stack Overflow. For bug reports (where you think iperf3
is doing something wrong) and enhancement requests (what can it do
better), please file an issue.
Thanks for your interest and support of iperf3,
Bruce Mah
Software Engineering Group