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Name: iperf
License: MIT
License File: LICENSE
Upstream Git:
Version: 3.6
A TCP, UDP, and SCTP network bandwidth measurement tool.
Modifications from upstream for Fuchsia compatibility
* Use Fuchsia specific random in iperf_util.c
* Use timespec instead of rusage in iperf_util.c
* Deleted daemon implementation in iperf_util.c
* Removed daemon use in main.c
* Skip IPV6 only setting in iperf_tcp.c
* Skip IPV6 only setting in net.c
* Change listen timeout from INT_MAX to old value of 5 in net.c
* Removed mmap with file in iperf_api.c
* Added fuchsia endian.h to portable_endian.h
* Deleted unused config files and github markdown files
Testing Changes
Common commands to ensure that things are working correctly
### Server side: ###
iperf3 -s -4 #Starts a server with IPV4 only
### Client side: ###
iperf3 -c <host ip> #Short 10-second max-rate TCP test
iperf3 -c <host ip> -b 20M #20Mbps 'good-put'
iperf3 -c <host ip> -P 40 #40 streams in parallel, max rate TCP
Also try using the -R option to reverse the data flow