Roll ICU to e05b663d1c50b4e9ecc3ff9325f5158f1d071471


Previous HEAD:

Merge procedure:

cd $FUCHSIA_DIR/third_party/icu
git fetch chromium master
git merge -X theirs chromium/master # Some changes are not mergeable.

$ git log ef02cc27c0faceffc9345e11a35769ae92b836fb..HEAD \
    --pretty=oneline --abbrev-commit --no-decorate
f6c5efad Merge remote-tracking branch 'chromium/master' into HEAD
e05b663d Fix icu_uregex_open_fuzzer: ASSERT: loc < end
dc4ceac1 Add language name of "yue" (Cantonese) for TTS
12825ed8 Fix fa (Persian) unit format of showing "<LRM>" caused by ICU 68.1
6225c93f Move metadata in OWNERS files to DIR_METADATA files
70dd9a65 Fix issue with building icudtl_extra.dat
1dd1c944 [icu] Use char16_t on non-Windows platforms
df304fa5 Switch non-Windows UChar from uint16_t to char16_t.
f4147b22 Update to tz2020e/f and tz2021a
f0979063 Remove explicit std::atomic<NumberFormaterImpl*> template instantiation
2eefd9a1 CP Windows TZ fix for DST off
899e1838 CP PR1502 from ICU
5c3a0b95 CherryPick fixes for Locale Canonicalization
8bb622d6 Remove unused unit data
b07188c0 Migrate whitelist/blacklist
6a33b647 Roll back cl/2545732 for now
3bf08c6a Fix crash inside list format security bug
42c79fd3 Fix canonicalization of cel-gaulish
4b8ba1ec [update] Automates Fuchsia version.gni uprev
7db579a7 Fix windows TZ detection code for New York
efc58855 Fix Locale::setKeywordValue bug found by fuzzer
3d574528 Fix memory READ by ASAN in ListFormatter
c7eaeedc Fix memory READ by ASAN in ListFormatter
c2a4cae1 Fix CFI by removing extra cast
f90543d2 Update to ICU 68.1
c7c91f82 Update IANA to tz 2020d
d3c1cdc3 Update IANA timezone db to 2020c

Change-Id: I510770cad95b20457ee18765242b92f8b81202f5