Upstream Fuchsia changes in build file

This upstreams all changes done in the Fuchsia version of the ICU
repository into the Chromium ICU repository.
* Add an |icu_is_in_fuchsia| gn variable to differentiate the Fuchsia
  build from the Chromium build.
* Add version.gni with the major version of ICU used defined.
* Move sources to sources.gni to make the main build file easier to
* Modify to update sources.gni rather than
* Update README.chromium to match.
* Run gn format on

Bug: 1124037, fuchsia:56362
Change-Id: I954eddd4abc64694ac18f573d79b37380345cd1d
Reviewed-by: Jungshik Shin <>
Reviewed-by: Frank Tang <>
6 files changed