Android: Avoid same per-iface and global ctrl socket

Android platform assigns the same socket id if the socket identifier in
conf->ctrl_interface and global->params.ctrl_interface (parameter for
android_get_control_socket) point to the same Android specific control
socket. This ends up having two eloop socket handlers registered for the
same file descriptor and thus, two attempt to receive and process each
command. This can result in unexpected failure, e.g., the prefix IFNAME=
for any command is valid for global socket handler, but results in
UNKNOWN COMMAND response from the per-interface ctrl socket handler).

Since it might be possible to end up with this type of invalid
configuration in OTA upgrade, compare the socket identifiers and do not
open the ctrl socket on the respective interface if both point to same.
This allows the Wi-Fi framework to use the global control interface.

Signed-off-by: Jouni Malinen <>
1 file changed