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# Change this (or specify PREFIX= when invoking this NMake Makefile) if
# necessary, so that the libs and headers of the dependent third-party
# libraries can be located. For instance, if building from GLib's
# included Visual Studio projects, this should be able to locate the GLib
# build out-of-the-box if they were not moved. GLib's headers will be
# found in $(GLIB_PREFIX)\include\glib-2.0 and
# $(GLIB_PREFIX)\lib\glib-2.0\include and its import library will be found
# in $(GLIB_PREFIX)\lib.
!if "$(PREFIX)" == ""
PREFIX = ..\..\vs$(VSVER)\$(PLAT)
# Location of the PERL interpretor, for running glib-mkenums. glib-mkenums
# needs to be found in $(PREFIX)\bin. Using either a 32-bit or x64 PERL
# interpretor are supported for either a 32-bit or x64 build.
!if "$(PERL)" == ""
PERL = perl
# Location of the Python interpretor, for building introspection. The complete set
# of Python Modules for introspection (the giscanner Python scripts and the _giscanner.pyd
# compiled module) needs to be found in $(PREFIX)\lib\gobject-introspection\giscanner, and
# the g-ir-scanner Python script and g-ir-compiler utility program needs to be found
# in $(PREFIX)\bin, together with any DLLs they will depend on, if those DLLs are not already
# in your PATH.
# Note that the Python interpretor and the introspection modules and utility progam must
# correspond to the build type (i.e. 32-bit Release for 32-bit Release builds, and so on).
# For introspection, currently only Python 2.7.x is supported. This may change when Python 3.x
# support is added upstream in gobject-introspection--when this happens, the _giscanner.pyd must
# be the one that is built against the release series of Python that is used here.
!if "$(PYTHON)" == ""
PYTHON = python
# Location of the pkg-config utility program, for building introspection. It needs to be able
# to find the pkg-config (.pc) files so that the correct libraries and headers for the needed libraries
# can be located, using PKG_CONFIG_PATH. Using either a 32-bit or x64 pkg-config are supported for
# either a 32-bit or x64 build.
!if "$(PKG_CONFIG)" == ""
PKG_CONFIG = pkg-config
# The items below this line should not be changed, unless one is maintaining
# the NMake Makefiles. The exception is for the CFLAGS_ADD line(s) where one
# could use his/her desired compiler optimization flags, if he/she knows what is
# being done.
# Check to see we are configured to build with MSVC (MSDEVDIR, MSVCDIR or
# VCINSTALLDIR) or with the MS Platform SDK (MSSDK or WindowsSDKDir)
!if !defined(VCINSTALLDIR) && !defined(WINDOWSSDKDIR)
MSG = ^
This Makefile is only for Visual Studio 2008 and later.^
You need to ensure that the Visual Studio Environment is properly set up^
before running this Makefile.
!error $(MSG)
!if ![echo VCVERSION=_MSC_VER > vercl.x] \
&& ![echo $(_HASH)if defined(_M_IX86) >> vercl.x] \
&& ![echo PLAT=Win32 >> vercl.x] \
&& ![echo $(_HASH)elif defined(_M_AMD64) >> vercl.x] \
&& ![echo PLAT=x64 >> vercl.x] \
&& ![echo $(_HASH)endif >> vercl.x] \
&& ![cl -nologo -TC -P vercl.x $(ERRNUL)]
!include vercl.i
!if ![echo VCVER= ^\>] \
&& ![set /a $(VCVERSION) / 100 - 6 >>]
!if ![del $(ERRNUL) /q/f vercl.x vercl.i]
!if $(VCVERSION) > 1499 && $(VCVERSION) < 1600
!elseif $(VCVERSION) > 1599 && $(VCVERSION) < 1700
VSVER = 10
!elseif $(VCVERSION) > 1699 && $(VCVERSION) < 1800
VSVER = 11
!elseif $(VCVERSION) > 1799 && $(VCVERSION) < 1900
VSVER = 12
!elseif $(VCVERSION) > 1899 && $(VCVERSION) < 2000
VSVER = 14
!if "$(VSVER)" == "0"
MSG = ^
This NMake Makefile set supports Visual Studio^
9 (2008) through 14 (2015). Your Visual Studio^
version is not supported.
!error $(MSG)
!if "$(CFG)" == "release" || "$(CFG)" == "debug"
# One may change these items, but be sure to test
# the resulting binaries
!if "$(CFG)" == "release"
!if "$(VSVER)" != "9"
!if "$(PLAT)" == "x64"
LDFLAGS_ARCH = /machine:x64
LDFLAGS_ARCH = /machine:x86
!if "$(VALID_CFGSET)" == "TRUE"
CFLAGS = $(CFLAGS_ADD) /W3 /Zi /I.. /I..\src /I. /I$(PREFIX)\include
!if "$(CFG)" == "debug"