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// Copyright 2019 The gVisor Authors.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
// +build race
package sync
import (
// RaceEnabled is true if the Go data race detector is enabled.
const RaceEnabled = true
// RaceDisable has the same semantics as runtime.RaceDisable.
func RaceDisable() {
// RaceEnable has the same semantics as runtime.RaceEnable.
func RaceEnable() {
// RaceAcquire has the same semantics as runtime.RaceAcquire.
func RaceAcquire(addr unsafe.Pointer) {
// RaceRelease has the same semantics as runtime.RaceRelease.
func RaceRelease(addr unsafe.Pointer) {
// RaceReleaseMerge has the same semantics as runtime.RaceReleaseMerge.
func RaceReleaseMerge(addr unsafe.Pointer) {
// RaceUncheckedAtomicCompareAndSwapUintptr is equivalent to
// sync/atomic.CompareAndSwapUintptr, but is not checked by the race detector.
// This is necessary when implementing gopark callbacks, since no race context
// is available during their execution.
func RaceUncheckedAtomicCompareAndSwapUintptr(ptr *uintptr, old, new uintptr) bool