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Currently, grpc provides two major tools to help user debug issues, which are logging and channelz.


gRPC has put substantial logging instruments on critical paths of gRPC to help users debug issues. The Log Levels doc describes what each log level means in the gRPC context.

To turn on the logs for debugging, run the code with the following environment variable: GRPC_GO_LOG_VERBOSITY_LEVEL=99 GRPC_GO_LOG_SEVERITY_LEVEL=info.


We also provides a runtime debugging tool, Channelz, to help users with live debugging.

See the channelz blog post here (link) for details about how to use channelz service to debug live program.

Try it

The example is able to showcase how logging and channelz can help with debugging. See the channelz blog post linked above for full explanation.

go run server/main.go
go run client/main.go