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# This is a simple Makefile that generates client library source code
# for Google APIs using Protocol Buffers and gRPC for any supported
# language. However, it does not compile the generated code into final
# libraries that can be directly used with application code.
# Syntax example: make OUTPUT=./output LANGUAGE=java
# Choose the output directory
OUTPUT ?= ./gens
# Choose the target language.
# Choose grpc plugin
GRPCPLUGIN ?= /usr/local/bin/grpc_$(LANGUAGE)_plugin
# Choose the proto include directory.
PROTOINCLUDE ?= /usr/local/include
# Choose protoc binary
PROTOC ?= protoc
# Compile the entire repository
# NOTE: if "protoc" command is not in the PATH, you need to modify this file.
ifeq ($(LANGUAGE),go)
$(error Go source files are not generated from this repository. See:
FLAGS+= --proto_path=.:$(PROTOINCLUDE)
FLAGS+= --$(LANGUAGE)_out=$(OUTPUT) --grpc_out=$(OUTPUT)
FLAGS+= --plugin=protoc-gen-grpc=$(GRPCPLUGIN)
DEPS:= $(shell find google $(PROTOINCLUDE)/google/protobuf -type f -name '*.proto' | sed "s/proto$$/$(SUFFIX)/")
all: $(DEPS)
%.$(SUFFIX): %.proto
mkdir -p $(OUTPUT)
$(PROTOC) $(FLAGS) $*.proto
rm $(patsubst %,$(OUTPUT)/%,$(DEPS)) 2> /dev/null
rm -rd $(OUTPUT)