http2: don't crash when writing RST_STREAM on idle or closed streams fixed scheduling of RST_STREAMs so
they are added to the appropriate stream queue. However, RST_STREAM may be
sent before OpenStream or after CloseStream in certain error cases, such as:

In these cases, the failing stream has no queue and in priorityWriteScheduler.Push
will panic. A simple fix is to add RST_STREAMs to the root queue when the stream
queue doesn't exist. This is correct because:

- RST_STREAM is tiny and doesn't use flow control bytes, so prioritization is
  not important.

- The server should not send any frames on a stream after sending RST_STREAM,
  but even if that happens, the RST_STREAM will be ordered before those other
  frames because the control queue has the highest priority.

Fixes golang/go#17919

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