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// Copyright 2009 The Go Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
package ir
import (
// Nodes that represent the syntax of a type before type-checking.
// After type-checking, they serve only as shells around a *types.Type.
// Calling TypeNode converts a *types.Type to a Node shell.
// An Ntype is a Node that syntactically looks like a type.
// It can be the raw syntax for a type before typechecking,
// or it can be an OTYPE with Type() set to a *types.Type.
// Note that syntax doesn't guarantee it's a type: an expression
// like *fmt is an Ntype (we don't know whether names are types yet),
// but at least 1+1 is not an Ntype.
type Ntype interface {
// A Field is a declared function parameter.
// It is not a Node.
type Field struct {
Pos src.XPos
Sym *types.Sym
Type *types.Type
IsDDD bool
func NewField(pos src.XPos, sym *types.Sym, typ *types.Type) *Field {
return &Field{Pos: pos, Sym: sym, Type: typ}
func (f *Field) String() string {
if f.Sym != nil {
return fmt.Sprintf("%v %v", f.Sym, f.Type)
return fmt.Sprint(f.Type)
// A typeNode is a Node wrapper for type t.
type typeNode struct {
typ *types.Type
func newTypeNode(typ *types.Type) *typeNode {
n := &typeNode{typ: typ}
n.pos = src.NoXPos
n.op = OTYPE
return n
func (n *typeNode) Type() *types.Type { return n.typ }
func (n *typeNode) Sym() *types.Sym { return n.typ.Sym() }
func (n *typeNode) CanBeNtype() {}
// TypeNode returns the Node representing the type t.
func TypeNode(t *types.Type) Ntype {
if n := t.Obj(); n != nil {
if n.Type() != t {
base.Fatalf("type skew: %v has type %v, but expected %v", n, n.Type(), t)
return n.(Ntype)
return newTypeNode(t)
// A DynamicType represents a type expression whose exact type must be
// computed dynamically.
type DynamicType struct {
// RType is an expression that yields a *runtime._type value
// representing the asserted type.
// BUG(mdempsky): If ITab is non-nil, RType may be nil.
RType Node
// ITab is an expression that yields a *runtime.itab value
// representing the asserted type within the assertee expression's
// original interface type.
// ITab is only used for assertions (including type switches) from
// non-empty interface type to a concrete (i.e., non-interface)
// type. For all other assertions, ITab is nil.
ITab Node
func NewDynamicType(pos src.XPos, rtype Node) *DynamicType {
n := &DynamicType{RType: rtype}
n.pos = pos
return n