Merge go1.11, plus a couple of Fuchsia fixes.

* tag 'go1.11': (44 commits)
  [release-branch.go1.11] runtime: mark sigInitIgnored nosplit
  [release-branch.go1.11] go1.11
  [release-branch.go1.11] doc: document Go 1.10.4
  [release-branch.go1.11] doc/go1.11: add link to new WebAssembly wiki page
  [release-branch.go1.11] doc/go1.11: remove draft status
  [release-branch.go1.11] go1.11rc2
  [release-branch.go1.11] internal/poll, net: fix sendfile on Windows, add test
  [release-branch.go1.11] crypto/tls: make ConnectionState.ExportKeyingMaterial a method
  [release-branch.go1.11] cmd/go: fix list -compiled of package with only tests
  [release-branch.go1.11] cmd/go: fix 'go help go.mod' example
  [release-branch.go1.11] cmd/go: add go.sum entries to go mod download -json output
  [release-branch.go1.11] cmd/go: fix modload response for std-vendored packages
  [release-branch.go1.11] cmd/go: fix modload infinite directory loop
  cmd/go: add missing newlines in printf formats
  doc/go1.11: Delve 1.1.0 added support for method calls
  cmd/go: fix module get -insecure
  cmd/go/internal/modconv: fix TestConvertLegacyConfig expectations
  cmd/go: fix go mod tidy crash on empty module
  cmd/go: allow 'go run x.go' to use nearby internal imports in module mode
  cmd/go: fix and reenable TestAccidentalGitCheckout

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