Revert "[fidl] Don't close channel on 1way messaging errors"

This reverts commit 2b3f72fa1f4168360d586ca7a8428256dc0acfa6.

Reason for revert: This doesn't do what we wanted it to do. See

Original change's description:
> [fidl] Don't close channel on 1way messaging errors
> When sending a one-way/fire-and-forget message, do not close the channel
> if an error occurs. This is so that a client can read messages sitting
> in the channel after the error occurs. It should also be noted that for
> one-way/fire-and-forget messaging, there is no guarantee of message
> delivery or handling.
> This change is needed for Ib72a8a7610637731a518241d9d048be9bd4fdf1a.
> Bug: b/292622684
> Change-Id: I44735984427066d23e15af6fedc1af01d3ea66a3
> Reviewed-on:
> Reviewed-by: Bruno Dal Bo <>
> Fuchsia-Auto-Submit: Ghanan Gowripalan <>
> Commit-Queue: Ghanan Gowripalan <>

Bug: b/292622684
Change-Id: If7a7397b4385710623fb10af541043f95c60ba97
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No-Tree-Checks: true
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Commit-Queue: Ghanan Gowripalan <>
Reviewed-by: RubberStamper 🤖 <>
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