Move tool dependencies to a submodule (#38)

Renaming tools.go to tools_test.go isn't enough because the transitive
dependency is still carried over for commands like `go mod download`,
which may be used for pre-downloading dependencies for systems like
7 files changed
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  1. .codecov.yml
  2. .gitignore
  3. .travis.yml
  5. LICENSE.txt
  6. Makefile
  8. benchmarks_test.go
  9. error.go
  10. error_test.go
  11. example_test.go
  12. glide.yaml
  13. go.mod
  14. go.sum
  15. go113.go
  16. go113_test.go
  17. tools/

multierr GoDoc Build Status Coverage Status

multierr allows combining one or more Go errors together.


go get -u


Stable: No breaking changes will be made before 2.0.

Released under the MIT License.