Support errors.As and errors.Is (#28)

Go 1.13 includes the `errors.As` and `errors.Is` APIs.

The base functionality provided by these functions is to cast errors in
an error chain to a specific type or check for equality.

The only definition of error chain currently supported is via errors
which return the underlying cause with a `Unwrap() error` method, but
the design does not make any assumptions otherwise.

Specifically, both, `errors.As` and `errors.Is` support customizing
their behavior by implementing,

    interface { As(interface{}) bool }
    interface { Is(error) bool }

This change does exactly that, making it possible to extract or match
against individual errors in a multierr error. This will work for both,
top-level errors in a multierr error, as well as for errors wrapped by
any of those errors.
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multierr allows combining one or more Go errors together.


go get -u


Stable: No breaking changes will be made before 2.0.

Released under the MIT License.