Run lint on 1.12, remove pre-1.11 versions (#52)

Clean up the Makefile to use ./... instead of a packages variable.

Golint checks vendor when used with "./..." so use `go list ./...`.
This lint check was previously not even running (PKGS was undefined).
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atomic GoDoc Build Status Coverage Status Go Report Card

Simple wrappers for primitive types to enforce atomic access.


go get -u go.uber.org/atomic


The standard library‘s sync/atomic is powerful, but it’s easy to forget which variables must be accessed atomically. go.uber.org/atomic preserves all the functionality of the standard library, but wraps the primitive types to provide a safer, more convenient API.

var atom atomic.Uint32
atom.CAS(40, 11)

See the documentation for a complete API specification.

Development Status


Released under the MIT License.