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#version 450
uniform sampler s; // ERROR, no binding
uniform sampler sA[4]; // ERROR, no binding
uniform texture2D t2d; // ERROR, no binding
uniform texture3D t3d[4]; // ERROR, no binding
int i;
uniform samplerShadow sShadow;
uniform texture3D t3d5[5];
writeonly uniform image2D i2d;
void badConst()
sampler2D(t2d); // ERROR, need 2 args
sampler2D(s, s); // ERROR, wrong type
sampler2D(i, i); // ERROR, wrong type
sampler2D(t2d, i); // ERROR, wrong type
sampler2D(t2d, t2d); // ERROR, wrong type
sampler2D(t2d, sA); // ERROR, wrong type
sampler3D[4](t3d5, sA[2]); // ERROR, can't make array
sampler2D(i2d, s); // ERROR, image instead of texture
sampler2D(t3d[1], s); // ERROR, 3D not 2D
sampler2D(t2d, sShadow); // ERROR, shadow mismatch
sampler2DShadow(t2d, s); // ERROR, shadow mismatch
sampler2D s2D = sampler2D(t2d, s); // ERROR, no sampler constructor
sampler3D s3d[4] = sampler3D[4](t3d, sA[2]); // ERROR, no sampler constructor
out vec4 color; // ERROR, no location
void main()
color = texture(s2D, vec2(0.5));
color += texture(s3d[i], vec3(0.5));
layout(push_constant) buffer pcb { // ERROR, not on a buffer
int a;
} pcbInst;
layout(push_constant) uniform float pcfloat; // ERROR 2X: not on a non-block, and non-opaque outside block
layout(push_constant) uniform; // ERROR, needs an object
layout(std430, push_constant) uniform pcb1 { int a; } pcb1inst;
layout(push_constant) uniform pcb2 {
int a;
}; // Okay now to have no instance name
layout(input_attachment_index = 2) uniform subpassInput subD;
layout(input_attachment_index = 3) uniform texture2D subDbad1; // ERROR, not a texture
layout(input_attachment_index = 4) writeonly uniform image2D subDbad2; // ERROR, not an image
uniform subpassInput subDbad3; // ERROR, need attachment number
layout(input_attachment_index = 2) uniform subpassInputMS subDMS;
void foo()
vec4 v = subpassLoad(subD);
v += subpassLoadMS(subD); // ERROR, no such function
v += subpassLoad(subD, 2); // ERROR, no such sig.
v += subpassLoad(subDMS, 2);
v += subpassLoadMS(subDMS, 2); // ERROR, no such function
subroutine int fooS; // ERROR, not in SPV
subroutine int fooSub(); // ERROR, not in SPV
uniform vec4 dv4; // ERROR, no default uniforms
void fooTex()
texture(t2d, vec2(1.0)); // ERROR, need a sampler, not a pure texture
imageStore(t2d, ivec2(4, 5), vec4(1.2)); // ERROR, need an image, not a pure texture
precision highp float;
layout(location=0) in vec2 vTexCoord;
layout(location=0) out vec4 FragColor;
vec4 userTexture(mediump sampler2D samp, vec2 coord)
return texture(samp, coord);
bool cond;
void callUserTexture()
userTexture(sampler2D(t2d,s), vTexCoord); // ERROR, not point of use
userTexture((sampler2D(t2d,s)), vTexCoord); // ERROR, not point of use
userTexture((sampler2D(t2d,s), sampler2D(t2d,s)), vTexCoord); // ERROR, not point of use
userTexture(cond ? sampler2D(t2d,s) : sampler2D(t2d,s), vTexCoord); // ERROR, no ?:, not point of use
gl_NumSamples; // ERROR, not for Vulkan
void noise()