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SamplerState g_sSamp : register(s0);
uniform Texture1D <float4> g_tTex1df4 : register(t0);
struct VS_OUTPUT
float4 Pos : SV_Position;
VS_OUTPUT main()
VS_OUTPUT vsout;
uint WidthU;
uint NumberOfLevelsU;
// Most of the tests are in the hlsl.getdimensions.dx10.frag on the fragment side.
// This is just to establish that GetDimensions appears in the vertex stage.
// 1D, float tx, uint params
g_tTex1df4 . GetDimensions(WidthU);
g_tTex1df4 . GetDimensions(6, WidthU, NumberOfLevelsU);
vsout.Pos = float4(0,0,0,0);
return vsout;