Glslang Tests based on the Google Test Framework

This directory contains Google Test based test fixture and test cases for glslang.

Apart from typical unit tests, necessary utility methods are added into the GlslangTests fixture to provide the ability to do file-based integration tests. Various *.FromFile.cpp files lists names of files containing input shader code in the Test/ directory. Utility methods will load the input shader source, compile them, and compare with the corresponding expected output in the Test/baseResults/ directory.

How to run the tests

Please make sure you have a copy of Google Test checked out under the External directory before building. After building, just run the ctest command or the gtests/glslangtests binary in your build directory.

The gtests/glslangtests binary also provides an --update-mode command line option, which, if supplied, will overwrite the golden files under the Test/baseResults/ directory with real output from that invocation. This serves as an easy way to update golden files.