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GLFW is a free, Open Source, portable library for OpenGL and OpenGL ES application development. It provides a simple, platform-independent API for creating windows and contexts, reading input, handling events, etc.

Version 3.0.4 adds better support for custom build environments and fixes for a large number of bugs that together affect all supported platforms. As this is a patch release, there are no API changes.

If you are new to GLFW, you may find the introductory tutorial for GLFW 3 useful. If you have used GLFW 2 in the past, there is a transition guide for moving to the GLFW 3 API.

Compiling GLFW

See the Compiling GLFW guide in the GLFW documentation.

Using GLFW

See the Building programs that use GLFW guide in the GLFW documentation.


  • Added the GLFW_BUILD_DOCS CMake option for controlling whether the documentation is built
  • Added the _GLFW_USE_CONFIG_H configuration macro for controlling whether to include the configuration header
  • Moved version number macro to internal.h for easier manual compilation
  • Renamed configuration header to glfw_config.h to avoid conflicts
  • Bugfix: The glfw3.pc file did not respect the LIB_SUFFIX CMake option
  • Bugfix: The joysticks test would segfault if a controller had no axes
  • [Win32] Allowed swap interval to be explicitly set to zero on DWM systems
  • [Win32] Bugfix: Removed joystick axis value negation left over from GLFW 2
  • [Win32] Bugfix: Restoring windows using the Win+D hot key did not trigger the focus callback
  • [Win32] Bugfix: The disabled cursor mode clip rectangle was updated for unfocused windows
  • [Win32] Bugfix: Cursor was not properly re-centered over odd-sized windows
  • [Win32] Bugfix: Negative window positions were reported incorrectly
  • [Win32] Bugfix: The iconify callback was not triggered when switching away from a full screen window using Alt+Tab
  • [Win32] Bugfix: Resizing a window with glfwSetWindowSize gave it focus
  • [Cocoa] Added dependency on CoreVideo framework for refresh rate retrieval
  • [Cocoa] Enabled Lion full screen for resizable windowed mode windows
  • [Cocoa] Moved to Cocoa API for application transformation and activation
  • [Cocoa] Bugfix: The GLFW_KEY_GRAVE_ACCENT key was reported as GLFW_KEY_WORLD_1 and vice versa
  • [Cocoa] Bugfix: The GLFW_KEY_F13 key was reported as GLFW_KEY_PRINT_SCREEN
  • [Cocoa] Bugfix: Implicit conversion from NSUInteger to int caused warnings with Xcode 5
  • [Cocoa] Bugfix: Use of undeclared selectors with @selector caused warnings with Xcode 5
  • [Cocoa] Bugfix: The cursor remained visible if moved onto client area after having been set to hidden outside it
  • [Cocoa] Bugfix: The refresh rate was zero for all modes of certain monitors
  • [Cocoa] Bugfix: The install_name field of the dynamic library was not set
  • [Cocoa] Bugfix: Full screen windows were never reported as having focus
  • [Cocoa] Bugfix: A superfluous I/O flag test prevented video modes from being listed for Thunderbolt monitor
  • [Cocoa] Bugfix: Retrieving the name of some external displays caused segfault
  • [Cocoa] Bugfix: The 10.9 SDK defines GLintptrARB and GLsizeiptrARB differently from the Khronos glext.h
  • [Cocoa] Bugfix: Creating hidden windows would steal application focus
  • [Cocoa] Bugfix: Controllers were reported as having zero buttons and axes
  • [Cocoa] Bugfix: Removed joystick axis value negation left over from GLFW 2
  • [X11] Added setting of the WM_CLASS property to the initial window title
  • [X11] Added support for _NET_WM_BYPASS_COMPOSITOR
  • [X11] Bugfix: Removed joystick axis value negation left over from GLFW 2
  • [X11] Bugfix: The position of hidden windows was ignored by Metacity and Compiz
  • [X11] Bugfix: The pthread.h header was not included by the GLX platform header.


The official website for GLFW is glfw.org. There you can find the latest version of GLFW, as well as news, documentation and other information about the project.

If you have questions related to the use of GLFW, we have a support forum, and the IRC channel #glfw on Freenode.

If you have a bug to report, a patch to submit or a feature you'd like to request, please file it in the issue tracker on GitHub.

Finally, if you're interested in helping out with the development of GLFW or porting it to your favorite platform, we have an occasionally active developer's mailing list, or you could join us on #glfw.


GLFW exists because people around the world donated their time and lent their skills.

  • Bobyshev Alexander
  • artblanc
  • arturo
  • Matt Arsenault
  • Keith Bauer
  • John Bartholomew
  • Niklas Behrens
  • Niklas Bergström
  • Doug Binks
  • blanco
  • Lambert Clara
  • Andrew Corrigan
  • Noel Cower
  • Jarrod Davis
  • Olivier Delannoy
  • Paul R. Deppe
  • Jonathan Dummer
  • Ralph Eastwood
  • Michael Fogleman
  • Gerald Franz
  • GeO4d
  • Marcus Geelnard
  • Stefan Gustavson
  • Sylvain Hellegouarch
  • heromyth
  • Paul Holden
  • Toni Jovanoski
  • Osman Keskin
  • Cameron King
  • Peter Knut
  • Robin Leffmann
  • Glenn Lewis
  • Shane Liesegang
  • Дмитри Малышев
  • Martins Mozeiko
  • Tristam MacDonald
  • Hans Mackowiak
  • Kyle McDonald
  • David Medlock
  • Jonathan Mercier
  • Marcel Metz
  • Kenneth Miller
  • Bruce Mitchener
  • Jack Moffitt
  • Jeff Molofee
  • Jon Morton
  • Pierre Moulon
  • Julian Møller
  • Kamil Nowakowski
  • Ozzy
  • Andri Pálsson
  • Peoro
  • Braden Pellett
  • Arturo J. Pérez
  • Pieroman
  • Jorge Rodriguez
  • Ed Ropple
  • Riku Salminen
  • Sebastian Schuberth
  • Matt Sealey
  • SephiRok
  • Steve Sexton
  • Systemcluster
  • Dmitri Shuralyov
  • Daniel Skorupski
  • Bradley Smith
  • Julian Squires
  • Johannes Stein
  • Justin Stoecker
  • Nathan Sweet
  • TTK-Bandit
  • Sergey Tikhomirov
  • Samuli Tuomola
  • urraka
  • Jari Vetoniemi
  • Simon Voordouw
  • Torsten Walluhn
  • Jay Weisskopf
  • Frank Wille
  • yuriks
  • Santi Zupancic
  • Lasse Öörni
  • All the unmentioned and anonymous contributors in the GLFW community, for bug reports, patches, feedback, testing and encouragement