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GLFW is an Open Source, multi-platform library for OpenGL, OpenGL ES and Vulkan application development. It provides a simple, platform-independent API for creating windows, contexts and surfaces, reading input, handling events, etc.

GLFW natively supports Windows, macOS and Linux and other Unix-like systems. On Linux both X11 and Wayland is supported.

GLFW is licensed under the zlib/libpng license.

You can download the latest stable release as source or Windows binaries, or fetch the latest branch from GitHub. Each release starting with 3.0 also has a corresponding annotated tag with source and binary archives.

The documentation is available online and is included in all source and binary archives. See the release notes for new features, caveats and deprecations in the latest release. For more details see the version history.

The master branch is the stable integration branch and should always compile and run on all supported platforms, although details of newly added features may change until they have been included in a release. New features and many bug fixes live in other branches until they are stable enough to merge.

If you are new to GLFW, you may find the tutorial for GLFW 3 useful. If you have used GLFW 2 in the past, there is a transition guide for moving to the GLFW 3 API.

Compiling GLFW

GLFW itself requires only the headers and libraries for your OS and window system. It does not need the headers for any context creation API (WGL, GLX, EGL, NSGL, OSMesa) or rendering API (OpenGL, OpenGL ES, Vulkan) to enable support for them.

GLFW supports compilation on Windows with Visual C++ 2010 and later, MinGW and MinGW-w64, on macOS with Clang and on Linux and other Unix-like systems with GCC and Clang. It will likely compile in other environments as well, but this is not regularly tested.

There are pre-compiled Windows binaries available for all supported compilers.

See the compilation guide for more information about how to compile GLFW yourself.

Using GLFW

See the documentation for tutorials, guides and the API reference.

Contributing to GLFW

See the contribution guide for more information.

System requirements

GLFW supports Windows XP and later and macOS 10.8 and later. Linux and other Unix-like systems running the X Window System are supported even without a desktop environment or modern extensions, although some features require a running window or clipboard manager. The OSMesa backend requires Mesa 6.3.

See the compatibility guide in the documentation for more information.


GLFW itself depends only on the headers and libraries for your window system.

The (experimental) Wayland backend also depends on the extra-cmake-modules package, which is used to generated Wayland protocol headers.

The examples and test programs depend on a number of tiny libraries. These are located in the deps/ directory.

The documentation is generated with Doxygen if CMake can find that tool.

Reporting bugs

Bugs are reported to our issue tracker. Please check the contribution guide for information on what to include when reporting a bug.


  • Added glfwGetError function for querying the last error code and its description (#970)
  • Added glfwUpdateGamepadMappings function for importing gamepad mappings in SDL_GameControllerDB format (#900)
  • Added glfwJoystickIsGamepad function for querying whether a joystick has a gamepad mapping (#900)
  • Added glfwGetJoystickGUID function for querying the SDL compatible GUID of a joystick (#900)
  • Added glfwGetGamepadName function for querying the name provided by the gamepad mapping (#900)
  • Added glfwGetGamepadState function, GLFW_GAMEPAD_* and GLFWgamepadstate for retrieving gamepad input state (#900)
  • Added glfwGetWindowContentScale, glfwGetMonitorContentScale and glfwSetWindowContentScaleCallback for DPI-aware rendering (#235,#439,#677,#845,#898)
  • Added glfwRequestWindowAttention function for requesting attention from the user (#732,#988)
  • Added glfwGetMonitorWorkarea function for retrieving the monitor work area (#920,#989,#1322)
  • Added glfwGetKeyScancode function that allows retrieving platform dependent scancodes for keys (#830)
  • Added glfwSetWindowMaximizeCallback and GLFWwindowmaximizefun for receiving window maximization events (#778)
  • Added glfwSetWindowAttrib function for changing window attributes (#537)
  • Added glfwGetJoystickHats function for querying joystick hats (#889,#906,#934)
  • Added glfwInitHint for setting initialization hints
  • Added glfwWindowHintString for setting string type window hints (#893,#1139)
  • Added glfwGetWindowOpacity and glfwSetWindowOpacity for controlling whole window transparency (#1089)
  • Added glfwSetMonitorUserPointer and glfwGetMonitorUserPointer for per-monitor user pointers
  • Added glfwSetJoystickUserPointer and glfwGetJoystickUserPointer for per-joystick user pointers
  • Added glfwGetX11SelectionString and glfwSetX11SelectionString functions for accessing X11 primary selection (#894,#1056)
  • Added glfwRawMouseMotionSupported function for querying raw motion support (#125,#1400,#1401)
  • Added headless OSMesa backend (#850)
  • Added definition of GLAPIENTRY to public header
  • Added GLFW_TRANSPARENT_FRAMEBUFFER window hint and attribute for controlling per-pixel framebuffer transparency (#197,#663,#715,#723,#1078)
  • Added GLFW_HOVERED window attribute for polling cursor hover state (#1166)
  • Added GLFW_CENTER_CURSOR window hint for controlling cursor centering (#749,#842)
  • Added GLFW_FOCUS_ON_SHOW window hint and attribute to control input focus on calling show window (#1189)
  • Added GLFW_SCALE_TO_MONITOR window hint for automatic window resizing (#676,#1115)
  • Added GLFW_JOYSTICK_HAT_BUTTONS init hint (#889)
  • Added GLFW_LOCK_KEY_MODS input mode and GLFW_MOD_*_LOCK mod bits (#946)
  • Added GLFW_RAW_MOUSE_MOTION input mode for selecting raw motion input (#125,#1400,#1401)
  • Added macOS specific GLFW_COCOA_RETINA_FRAMEBUFFER window hint
  • Added macOS specific GLFW_COCOA_FRAME_NAME window hint (#195)
  • Added macOS specific GLFW_COCOA_GRAPHICS_SWITCHING window hint (#377,#935)
  • Added macOS specific GLFW_COCOA_CHDIR_RESOURCES init hint
  • Added macOS specific GLFW_COCOA_MENUBAR init hint
  • Added X11 specific GLFW_X11_CLASS_NAME and GLFW_X11_INSTANCE_NAME window hints (#893,#1139)
  • Added GLFW_INCLUDE_ES32 for including the OpenGL ES 3.2 header
  • Added GLFW_OSMESA_CONTEXT_API for creating OpenGL contexts with OSMesa (#281)
  • Added GenerateMappings.cmake script for updating gamepad mappings
  • Made glfwCreateWindowSurface emit an error when the window has a context (#1194,#1205)
  • Deprecated window parameter of clipboard string functions
  • Deprecated charmods callback
  • Removed GLFW_USE_RETINA compile-time option
  • Removed GLFW_USE_CHDIR compile-time option
  • Removed GLFW_USE_MENUBAR compile-time option
  • Removed requirement of at least one window for glfwWaitEvents and glfwPostEmptyEvent (#1317)
  • Removed all dependencies on the Vulkan SDK
  • Bugfix: Calling glfwMaximizeWindow on a full screen window was not ignored
  • Bugfix: GLFW_INCLUDE_VULKAN could not be combined with the corresponding OpenGL and OpenGL ES header macros
  • Bugfix: glfwGetInstanceProcAddress returned NULL for vkGetInstanceProcAddr when _GLFW_VULKAN_STATIC was enabled
  • Bugfix: Invalid library paths were used in test and example CMake files (#930)
  • Bugfix: The scancode for synthetic key release events was always zero
  • Bugfix: The generated Doxyfile did not handle paths with spaces (#1081)
  • Bugfix: The gamma ramp generated by glfwSetGamma did not use the monitor ramp size (#1387,#1388)
  • [Win32] Added system error strings to relevant GLFW error descriptions (#733)
  • [Win32] Removed XInput circular deadzone from joystick axis data (#1045)
  • [Win32] Bugfix: Undecorated windows could not be iconified by the user (#861)
  • [Win32] Bugfix: Deadzone logic could underflow with some controllers (#910)
  • [Win32] Bugfix: glfwVulkanSupported emitted an error on systems with a loader but no ICD (#916)
  • [Win32] Bugfix: Non-iconified full sreeen windows did not prevent screen blanking or password enabled screensavers (#851)
  • [Win32] Bugfix: Mouse capture logic lost secondary release messages (#954)
  • [Win32] Bugfix: Monitors with no display devices were not enumerated (#960)
  • [Win32] Bugfix: Monitor events were not emitted (#784)
  • [Win32] Bugfix: The DLL was installed to the wrong directory on Cygwin (#1035)
  • [Win32] Bugfix: Normalization of axis data via XInput was incorrect (#1045)
  • [Win32] Bugfix: glfw3native.h would undefine a foreign APIENTRY (#1062)
  • [Win32] Bugfix: Disabled cursor mode prevented use of caption buttons (#650,#1071)
  • [Win32] Bugfix: Returned key names did not match other platforms (#943)
  • [Win32] Bugfix: Undecorated windows did not maximize to workarea (#899)
  • [Win32] Bugfix: Window was resized twice when entering full screen (#1085)
  • [Win32] Bugfix: The HID device notification was not unregistered (#1170)
  • [Win32] Bugfix: glfwCreateWindow activated window even with GLFW_FOCUSED hint set to false (#1179,#1180)
  • [Win32] Bugfix: The keypad equals key was reported as GLFW_KEY_UNKNOWN (#1315,#1316)
  • [Win32] Bugfix: A title bar would be drawn over undecorated windows in some circumstances (#1383)
  • [Win32] Bugfix: Standard cursors were not per-monitor DPI aware (#1431)
  • [X11] Replaced _GLFW_HAS_XF86VM compile-time option with dynamic loading
  • [X11] Bugfix: glfwGetVideoMode would segfault on Cygwin/X
  • [X11] Bugfix: Dynamic X11 library loading did not use full sonames (#941)
  • [X11] Bugfix: Window creation on 64-bit would read past top of stack (#951)
  • [X11] Bugfix: XDND support had multiple non-conformance issues (#968)
  • [X11] Bugfix: The RandR monitor path was disabled despite working RandR (#972)
  • [X11] Bugfix: IM-duplicated key events would leak at low polling rates (#747)
  • [X11] Bugfix: Gamma ramp setting via RandR did not validate ramp size
  • [X11] Bugfix: Key name string encoding depended on current locale (#981,#983)
  • [X11] Bugfix: Incremental reading of selections was not supported (#275)
  • [X11] Bugfix: Selection I/O reported but did not support COMPOUND_TEXT
  • [X11] Bugfix: Latin-1 text read from selections was not converted to UTF-8
  • [X11] Bugfix: NVidia EGL would segfault if unloaded before closing the display
  • [X11] Bugfix: Checking window maximized attrib could crash some WMs (#1356)
  • [X11] Bugfix: Update cursor position on enter event (#1366)
  • [X11] Bugfix: glfwSetWindowMonitor did not update hints when resizing non-user-resizable windows
  • [X11] Bugfix: glfwSetWindowMonitor did not flush output buffer in some cases
  • [X11] Bugfix: glfwSetWindowMonitor did not update the EWMH state of hidden windows (#1358)
  • [Linux] Added workaround for missing SYN_DROPPED in pre-2.6.39 kernel headers (#1196)
  • [Linux] Moved to evdev for joystick input (#906,#1005)
  • [Linux] Bugfix: Event processing did not detect joystick disconnection (#932)
  • [Linux] Bugfix: The joystick device path could be truncated (#1025)
  • [Linux] Bugfix: glfwInit would fail if inotify creation failed (#833)
  • [Linux] Bugfix: strdup was used without any required feature macro (#1055)
  • [Cocoa] Added support for Vulkan window surface creation via MoltenVK (#870)
  • [Cocoa] Added support for loading a MainMenu.nib when available
  • [Cocoa] Disabled automatic window tabbing for created windows (#1250)
  • [Cocoa] Bugfix: Disabling window aspect ratio would assert (#852)
  • [Cocoa] Bugfix: Window creation failed to set first responder (#876,#883)
  • [Cocoa] Bugfix: Removed use of deprecated CGDisplayIOServicePort function (#165,#192,#508,#511)
  • [Cocoa] Bugfix: Disabled use of deprecated CGDisplayModeCopyPixelEncoding function on macOS 10.12+
  • [Cocoa] Bugfix: Running in AppSandbox would emit warnings (#816,#882)
  • [Cocoa] Bugfix: Windows created after the first were not cascaded (#195)
  • [Cocoa] Bugfix: Leaving video mode with glfwSetWindowMonitor would set incorrect position and size (#748)
  • [Cocoa] Bugfix: Iconified full screen windows could not be restored (#848)
  • [Cocoa] Bugfix: Value range was ignored for joystick hats and buttons (#888)
  • [Cocoa] Bugfix: Full screen framebuffer was incorrectly sized for some video modes (#682)
  • [Cocoa] Bugfix: A string object for IME was updated non-idiomatically (#1050)
  • [Cocoa] Bugfix: A hidden or disabled cursor would become visible when a user notification was shown (#971,#1028)
  • [Cocoa] Bugfix: Some characters did not repeat due to Press and Hold (#1010)
  • [Cocoa] Bugfix: Window title was lost when full screen or undecorated (#1082)
  • [Cocoa] Bugfix: Window was resized twice when entering full screen (#1085)
  • [Cocoa] Bugfix: Duplicate size events were not filtered (#1085)
  • [Cocoa] Bugfix: Event polling did not initialize AppKit if necessary (#1218)
  • [Cocoa] Bugfix: OpenGL rendering was not visible before resize on early macOS 10.14 (#1334,#1346)
  • [Cocoa] Bugfix: Caps Lock did not generate any key events (#1368,#1373)
  • [Cocoa] Bugfix: Some buttons for some joysticks were ignored (#1385)
  • [Cocoa] Bugfix: Analog joystick buttons were not translated correctly (#1385)
  • [Cocoa] Bugfix: OpenGL swap interval was ignored for occluded windows (#680)
  • [Cocoa] Bugfix: OpenGL swap interval was ignored on early macOS 10.14 (#1337,#1417,#1435)
  • [Cocoa] Bugfix: The y-coordinate was incorrect for glfwGetCursorPos and glfwSetCursorPos (#1461)
  • [WGL] Added support for WGL_EXT_colorspace for OpenGL ES contexts
  • [WGL] Added support for WGL_ARB_create_context_no_error
  • [GLX] Added support for GLX_ARB_create_context_no_error
  • [GLX] Bugfix: Context creation could segfault if no GLXFBConfigs were available (#1040)
  • [EGL] Added support for EGL_KHR_get_all_proc_addresses (#871)
  • [EGL] Added support for EGL_KHR_context_flush_control
  • [EGL] Bugfix: The test for EGL_RGB_BUFFER was invalid


On glfw.org you can find the latest version of GLFW, as well as news, documentation and other information about the project.

If you have questions related to the use of GLFW, we have a forum, and the #glfw IRC channel on Freenode.

If you have a bug to report, a patch to submit or a feature you'd like to request, please file it in the issue tracker on GitHub.

Finally, if you're interested in helping out with the development of GLFW or porting it to your favorite platform, join us on the forum, GitHub or IRC.


GLFW exists because people around the world donated their time and lent their skills.

  • Bobyshev Alexander
  • Matt Arsenault
  • David Avedissian
  • Keith Bauer
  • John Bartholomew
  • Coşku Baş
  • Niklas Behrens
  • Andrew Belt
  • Niklas Bergström
  • Denis Bernard
  • Doug Binks
  • blanco
  • Kyle Brenneman
  • Rok Breulj
  • Martin Capitanio
  • David Carlier
  • Arturo Castro
  • Chi-kwan Chan
  • Ian Clarkson
  • Michał Cichoń
  • Lambert Clara
  • Anna Clarke
  • Yaron Cohen-Tal
  • Omar Cornut
  • Andrew Corrigan
  • Bailey Cosier
  • Noel Cower
  • Jason Daly
  • Jarrod Davis
  • Olivier Delannoy
  • Paul R. Deppe
  • Michael Dickens
  • Роман Донченко
  • Mario Dorn
  • Wolfgang Draxinger
  • Jonathan Dummer
  • Ralph Eastwood
  • Fredrik Ehnbom
  • Robin Eklind
  • Siavash Eliasi
  • Felipe Ferreira
  • Michael Fogleman
  • Gerald Franz
  • Mário Freitas
  • GeO4d
  • Marcus Geelnard
  • Stephen Gowen
  • Kovid Goyal
  • Eloi Marín Gratacós
  • Stefan Gustavson
  • Jonathan Hale
  • Sylvain Hellegouarch
  • Matthew Henry
  • heromyth
  • Lucas Hinderberger
  • Paul Holden
  • Warren Hu
  • IntellectualKitty
  • Aaron Jacobs
  • Erik S. V. Jansson
  • Toni Jovanoski
  • Arseny Kapoulkine
  • Cem Karan
  • Osman Keskin
  • Josh Kilmer
  • Cameron King
  • Peter Knut
  • Christoph Kubisch
  • Yuri Kunde Schlesner
  • Konstantin Käfer
  • Eric Larson
  • Robin Leffmann
  • Glenn Lewis
  • Shane Liesegang
  • Eyal Lotem
  • Aaron Loucks
  • Tristam MacDonald
  • Hans Mackowiak
  • Дмитри Малышев
  • Zbigniew Mandziejewicz
  • Adam Marcus
  • Célestin Marot
  • Kyle McDonald
  • David Medlock
  • Bryce Mehring
  • Jonathan Mercier
  • Marcel Metz
  • Liam Middlebrook
  • Jonathan Miller
  • Kenneth Miller
  • Bruce Mitchener
  • Jack Moffitt
  • Jeff Molofee
  • Alexander Monakov
  • Pierre Morel
  • Jon Morton
  • Pierre Moulon
  • Martins Mozeiko
  • Julian Møller
  • ndogxj
  • Kristian Nielsen
  • Kamil Nowakowski
  • Denis Ovod
  • Ozzy
  • Andri Pálsson
  • Peoro
  • Braden Pellett
  • Christopher Pelloux
  • Arturo J. Pérez
  • Anthony Pesch
  • Orson Peters
  • Emmanuel Gil Peyrot
  • Cyril Pichard
  • Keith Pitt
  • Stanislav Podgorskiy
  • Nathan Poirier
  • Alexandre Pretyman
  • przemekmirek
  • Philip Rideout
  • Eddie Ringle
  • Max Risuhin
  • Jorge Rodriguez
  • Ed Ropple
  • Aleksey Rybalkin
  • Riku Salminen
  • Brandon Schaefer
  • Sebastian Schuberth
  • Christian Sdunek
  • Matt Sealey
  • Steve Sexton
  • Arkady Shapkin
  • Yoshiki Shibukawa
  • Dmitri Shuralyov
  • Daniel Skorupski
  • Bradley Smith
  • Cliff Smolinsky
  • Patrick Snape
  • Erlend Sogge Heggen
  • Julian Squires
  • Johannes Stein
  • Pontus Stenetorp
  • Michael Stocker
  • Justin Stoecker
  • Elviss Strazdins
  • Paul Sultana
  • Nathan Sweet
  • TTK-Bandit
  • Sergey Tikhomirov
  • Arthur Tombs
  • Ioannis Tsakpinis
  • Samuli Tuomola
  • Matthew Turner
  • urraka
  • Elias Vanderstuyft
  • Stef Velzel
  • Jari Vetoniemi
  • Ricardo Vieira
  • Nicholas Vitovitch
  • Simon Voordouw
  • Corentin Wallez
  • Torsten Walluhn
  • Patrick Walton
  • Xo Wang
  • Jay Weisskopf
  • Frank Wille
  • Ryogo Yoshimura
  • Andrey Zholos
  • Santi Zupancic
  • Jonas Ådahl
  • Lasse Öörni
  • All the unmentioned and anonymous contributors in the GLFW community, for bug reports, patches, feedback, testing and encouragement