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CHANGES - changes for swtpm
version 0.8.0:
- swtpm:
- Implement release-lock-outgoing parameter for --migration option
- Introduce --migration option and 'incoming' parameter
- Implement terminate parameter for ctrl channel loss
- Add a chroot option
- Introduce disable-auto-shutdown flag for --flags option
- If necessary send TPM2_Shutdown() before TPMLIB_Terminate()
- Add some more recent syscalls to seccomp profile
- Disable OpenSSL FIPS mode to avoid libtpms failures
- Avoid locking directory multiple times
- Remove support for pre-v0.1 state files without header
- Use uint64_t in tlv_data_append() to avoid integer overflows
- Use uint64_t to avoid integer wrap-around when adding a uint32_t
- Do not chdir(/) when using --daemon
- Check header size indicator against expected size (CVE-2022-23645)
- Fixes for gcc 12.2.1 -fanalyzer
- build-sys:
- Fix configure script to support _FORTIFY_SOURCE=3
- Define __USE_LINUX_IOCTL_DEFS in header file (Cygwin)
- swtpm-localca:
- Re-implement variable resolution for swtpm-localca.conf
- Test for available issuercert before creating CA
- swtpm_setup:
- Configure swtpm to log to stdout/err if needed (glib >=2.74)
- tests:
- Use ${WORKDIR} in config files to test env. var replacement
- Patch IBM TSS2 test suite for OpenSSL 3.x
- build-sys:
- Add probing for -fstack-protector
version 0.7.0:
- swtpm:
- Support for linear file storage backend (file://)
- Report 'tpm-1.2' & 'tpm-2.0' in --print-capabilities depending what
libtpms supports
- Add implementation of SWTPM_HMAC using OpenSSL 3.0 APIs
- Wipe keys from stack and heap
- Many other small changes
- Make --daemon not racy
- swtpm_setup:
- Only activate SHA256 PCR bank, not SHA1 bank anymore by default
- Support for linear file storage backend (file://)
- Implement option --create-config-files to create config files
- Use non-deprecated APIs to contruct RSA key (OSSL 3)
- Report stderr as returned by external tool (swtpm-localcal)
- Replace '+' and ',' characters in VMId's to make work with
common name in X509 subject
- Add support for --reconfigure flag to change active PCR banks
- swtpm_localca:
- Created certificates for CAs and TPM that do not expire
- swtpm_cert:
- Allow passing -1 for days to get a non-expiring certificate
- test:
- ASAN-related test changes and skipping of tests if ASAN is used
- Fix tests using tpm2-abrmd by preventing concurrency
- Skip chardev related tests after checking for chardev support
- exit with error code if mktemp fails
- OSSL 3: Make TPM 1.2 test compile; skip IBM TSS 2 test
- build-sys:
- Introduce --enable-sanitizers to configure
- Remove check for pip3 that was used by python swtpm_setup
- Allow passing of aditional CFLAGS during build
version 0.6.0:
- swtpm:
- Fix --print-capabilities for 'swtpm chardev'
- Various cleanups and fixes (coverity)
- Addressed potential symlink attack issue (CVE-2020-28407)
- swtpm_setup:
- Rewritten in 'C'; needs json-glib
- Addressed potential symlink attack issue (CVE-2020-28407)
- swtpm_ioctl:
- Use timeouts for communicating with swtpm (Unix socket)
- swtpm-localca:
- Rewritten in 'C'
- tests:
- Use the IBM TSS2 v1.6.0's test suite
- Store and also restore the volatile state at every step when running
IBM TSS2 test suite
- Various cleanup
- build-sys:
- Add HARDENING_CFLAGS and _LDFLAGS to all C programs
version 0.5.0:
- swtpm:
- Write files atomically using a temp file and then renaming
- swtpm_setup:
- Removed remaining 'c' wrapper program
- Do not truncate logfile when testing write-access (regression)
- Remove TPM state file in case error occurred
- swtpm-localca:
- Rewrite in python
- Allow passing pkcs11 PIN using signingkey_password
- Allow passing environment variables needed for pkcs11 modules using
swtpm-localca.conf and format 'env:VARNAME=VALUE'.
- build-sys:
- Add python-install and python-uninstall targets
- Add configure option to disable installation of Python module
- Use -Wl,-z,relro and -Wl,-z,now only when linking (clang)
- Use AC_LINK_IFELSE to check whether support for hardening flags
version 0.4.0:
- swtpm:
- Invoke print capabilities after choosing TPM version
- Add some recent syscalls to seccomp blacklist
- swtpm_cert:
- Support --ecc-curveid option to pass curve id
- swtpm_setup & related scripts:
- Rewrite in python with TPM 1.2 not requiring tcsd
and TPM tools anymore; new dependencies:
- python3: pip, cryptography, setuptools
dropped dependencies for swtpm_setup:
- tcsd, expect, tpm-tools (some still needed for pkcs11 tests)
- Added support for RSA 3072 keys (for libtpms-0.8.0) and moved to
ECC NIST P384 curve; default RSA key size is still 2048
- Added support for --rsa-keysize option
- Extend script to create a CA using a TPM 2 for signing
- tests:
- Use the IBM TSS2 v1.5.0's test suite
- Add test case for loading of an NVRAM completely full with keys
- Have softhsm_setup use temporary directory for softhsm config & state
- various other improvements
- man pages:
- Improvements
- build-sys:
- clang: properly test for linker flag 'now' and 'relro'
- Gentoo: explicitly link libswtpm_libtpms with -lcrypto
- Ownership of /var/lib/swtpm-localca is now tss:root and
mode flags 0750.
version 0.3.0:
- swtpm:
- Support for applying 'TPM Startup' command during initialization
- Use writev_full rather than writev; fixes --vtpm-proxy EIO error
- Only accept() new client ctrl connection if we have none (bugfix)
- swtpm_setup & related scripts:
- Support whitespaces in filenames and paths
- Do not fail on future PCR banks' hashes
- swtpm_cert:
- Fix OIDs for TPM 2 platforms data
- Option parsing cleanup
- Support for passing password in various forms
- Use gnutls_x509_crt_get_subject_key_id API call for subj keyId
- Support 64bit serial numbers read from command line
- swtpm_ioctl:
- Block SIGPIPE so we can get EPIPE on write()
- swtpm_bios:
- Block SIGPIPE so we can get EPIPE on write()
- tests:
- Increased timeouts and better support for running tests with
executables run by valgrind
- Allow running tests with choice of seccomp profile option
(SWTPM_TEST_SECCOMP_OPT) to enable building for Ubuntu
- Various cleanups & fixes
- SELinux:
- More rules added for support on F30
version 0.2.0:
- Linux: swtpm now runs with a seccomp profile (blacklist) if compiled with
libseccomp support
- Added subpport for passing key and passphrase via file descriptor
- TPM 2 commands can now be prefixed by 'the TCG header' and responses will
have a 4-byte prefix and 4-byte suffix.
- Added --print-capabilities command line option
- Proper handling on EINTR on read, poll, and write
version 0.1.0:
first public release