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  8. build/
  9. builtin.c
  10. builtin.h
  11. bytecode.c
  12. bytecode.h
  13. compile.c
  14. compile.h
  15. config/
  17. docs/
  18. exec_stack.h
  19. execute.c
  20. jq.1.default
  21. jq.h
  22. jq.spec
  23. jq_parser.h
  24. jq_test.c
  25. jv.c
  26. jv.h
  27. jv_alloc.c
  28. jv_alloc.h
  29. jv_aux.c
  30. jv_dtoa.c
  31. jv_dtoa.h
  32. jv_file.c
  33. jv_parse.c
  34. jv_print.c
  35. jv_unicode.c
  36. jv_unicode.h
  37. jv_utf8_tables.h
  38. lexer.l
  39. libm.h
  40. locfile.c
  41. locfile.h
  42. main.c
  43. opcode_list.h
  44. parser.y
  45. scripts/
  47. tests/


jq is a command-line JSON processor.

If you want to learn to use jq, read the documentation at This documentation is generated from the docs/ folder of this repository. You can also try it online at

If you want to hack on jq, feel free, but be warned that its internals are not well-documented at the moment. Bring a hard hat and a shovel. Also, read the wiki:

If you‘re building directly from the latest git, you’ll need flex and bison installed. To build, run:

autoreconf -i
make -j8
make check

After make finishes, you'll be able to use ./jq. You can also install it using:

sudo make install

If you‘re not using the latest git version but instead building a released tarball (available on the website), then you won’t need to run autoreconf (and shouldn‘t), and you won’t need flex or bison.

To cross-compile for OS X and Windows, see docs/Rakefile‘s build task and scripts/crosscompile. You’ll need a cross-compilation environment, such as Mingw for cross-compiling for Windows.