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2015-07-10 Nicolas Williams
Use `include` for import into namespace
Simplify import docs
Fix typo in docs
2015-07-06 James Andariese
Dockerfile reorganized
2015-07-04 David Tolnay
Make jq.h usable from C++
2015-07-03 Nicolas Williams
Document math support
2015-06-30 David Tolnay
strftime wrong day-of-week (fix #838)
2015-06-28 Nicolas Williams
Document --run-tests
Make --run-tests' jv_test() quiet
2015-06-27 Nicolas Williams
Make --run-tests less verbose by default
Add more basic number tests
Add `pow`, better libm detection (fix #443)
2015-06-27 David Tolnay
gcov exclusions
flag to enable gcov and coveralls
add configure option to run tests without valgrind
2015-06-20 David Tolnay
get Travis CI working
2015-06-26 Nicolas Williams
Add `{$var}` `. as {$var}` syntax (fix #831)
Add streaming utilities (fix #827)
2015-06-04 Santiago Lapresta
Add combinations/0 and combinations/1
2015-06-22 Nicolas Williams
WriteFile() on WIN32 when stdout isatty (fix #824)
2015-06-19 David Tolnay
fix errors flagged by clang static analyzer
2015-06-19 Nicolas Williams
Fix #811: use CommandLineToArgvW() and _wfopen()
2015-06-18 David Tolnay
fix use after free in f_strptime
separate jq, oniguruma, sh, and man tests
2015-06-18 Nicolas Williams
argv[] may not be UTF-8 (fix #811)
2015-06-18 Doug Luce
Add alloca() discovery to
2015-06-18 Nicolas Williams
Fix `finites`
2015-06-17 David Tolnay
fix broken tests in manual.yml
2015-06-17 Nicolas Williams
Add isnormal and related, rename *inf
2015-06-17 Nicolas Williams
Fix #814: raise on div-0, add inf isinf nan isnan
2015-06-17 Nicolas Williams
Sequence parser: wait for RS on startup (fix #687)
2015-06-07 David Tolnay
array and object destructuring (fix #533)
2015-06-03 Nicolas Williams
Add --tab and -indent n options
2015-05-29 Nicolas Williams
Fixup --slurpfile/argile docs
Add --slurpfile
Better handling of stdout errors
2015-05-25 Nicolas Williams
Add ./configure --enable-all-static
2015-05-25 Nicolas Williams
Keywords should be OK as object keys (fix #794)
2015-03-04 Travis Gockel
Add wrapping and clamping to jv_array_slice
2015-04-17 Assaf Gordon
Print offending object in runtime error messages
Add filename/line functions to jq (fix #753)
2015-04-17 Assaf Gordon
Report filename:line on runtime errors (fix #752)
2015-05-19 Nicolas Williams
Document gsub/3
2015-05-03 Nicolas Williams
Add error injection library
2015-04-28 Nicolas Williams
Report read errors too (and fix #772)
2015-05-02 Nicolas Williams
README: send questions to SO and Freenode
2015-04-28 Nicolas Williams
usage() should check fprintf() result (fix #771)
2015-04-28 Nicolas Williams
Fix header guards (fix #770)
2015-04-24 Nicolas Williams
--raw-input wrongly adds NULs (fix #761)
2015-04-23 Nicolas Williams
With `inputs` builtin, -n and -R can now coexist
--raw-input ought to read NULs (partial fix #760)
--slurp --raw-input is broken (fix #761)
from_entries is broken (fix #767)
2015-04-22 Assaf Gordon
regex functions: report informative error if not available.
2015-04-21 Andrew O'Brien
Fixes manual generation with psych
2015-04-20 Assaf Gordon
Handle NUL in escaped-string output
manual.yml: Clarify how to specify keys with ":" and special chars.
2015-04-15 Assaf Gordon
docs: expand @tsv section - add escape sequences.
@tsv: escape \r, \n, \\
2015-03-30 Nicolas Williams
Add `$__loc__` (fix #740)
2015-03-29 Nicolas Williams
Include filename and lineno in error messages
2015-03-06 Assaf Gordon
detect and report output writing errors
2015-03-18 Santiago Lapresta
Adds Dockerfile
2015-03-10 Assaf Gordon
partial handling of input errors
2015-03-09 Assaf Gordon
always propagate input errors to exit code
2015-03-23 William Langford
Fix #735 (SIGFPE on modulo by 0)
2015-03-08 Nicolas Williams
Add more date builtins
Automake: jq depends on version.h (fix #721)
2015-03-06 Assaf Gordon
exit with non-zero code on runtime exceptions
2015-03-06 Nicolas Williams
Add date builtins (fix #364)
2015-02-18 Stefan Seemayer
Correct automake and autoconf version requirements
2015-02-17 Nicolas Williams
Mention --disable-maintainer-mode in bison error
2015-02-16 Sebastian Freundt
Fix oniguruma detection logic
2015-02-15 Nicolas Williams
Add --disable-maintainer-mode; make bison optional
2015-02-14 Nicolas Williams
Make Oniguruma/regexp optional
2015-02-01 Nicolas Williams
Refactor moar: move parts of main.c into libjq
2014-12-27 Nicolas Williams
Refactor handling of inputs in main() (fix #667)
2015-02-10 Kim Toms
Enhance from_entries to better deal with Amazon AWS Tags
2015-01-26 Nicolas Williams
Usage message for -h should go to stdout
2015-01-27 i
2015-01-14 Joel Purra
Empty arrays join/1 to an empty string, fixes #668 bug introduced by 9760245
2014-12-27 Nicolas Williams
Add `debug` and `stderr` builtins
2015-01-13 Nicolas Williams
join/1: respect empty strings (fix #668)
2015-01-13 Nicolas Williams
Split on empty sep: fix #552 moar
2015-01-12 Nicolas Williams
Fix docs for `split/0`
2015-01-12 Nicolas Williams
Fix #552
2015-01-02 Nicolas Williams
Look for jq/main.jq for imports
2015-01-01 Nicolas Williams
Add static build instructions (fix #294)
2014-12-30 Nicolas Williams
Further module system revamp (fix #659)
2014-12-28 Nicolas Williams
Add `label $name | EXP`; fix `break`
2014-12-30 Nicolas Williams
Remove string indexing by string (fix #454)
2014-12-30 Nicolas Williams
Add support for testing erroneous programs
2014-12-30 Nicolas Williams
Make --run-tests more informative
2014-10-06 pkoppstein
transpose/0 for possibly jagged matrices
2014-10-07 pkoppstein
bsearch(x) (binary search): builtin.c (tested), with documentation and test case. Always yields an integer (even if input is unsorted); returns (-1 - ix) if x is not in input array.
2014-10-06 pkoppstein
ascii_upcase/0 and ascii_downcase/0
2014-12-27 Nicolas Williams
Add `debug` builtin
Don't force C API users to set input cb
2014-12-26 Nicolas Williams
Make jq --run-tests show test line numbers
Streaming parser torture tests
Fuzz JSON parser
2014-12-22 Nicolas Williams
Add Streaming parser (--stream)
2014-12-26 Nicolas Williams
Allow C-coded functions to `empty`
Add BLOCK_8() macro
Fix `foreach` non-progation of errors
Allow zero-length buffers in jv_parser_set_buf()
2014-12-24 Nicolas Williams
Add @tsv; fix #645
Module search revamp for pkg managers
Fix #348: reject unescaped control chars
2014-12-23 Nicolas Williams
Use __attribute__ __printf__ with GCC
Make `values` faster (fix #652)
2014-12-22 Marc Abramowitz
.travis.yml: Set sudo false; use containers
2014-12-22 Santiago Lapresta
Define `map_values`
2014-05-21 Santiago Lapresta
`in` is now `inside`, added `in` as inverse of `has`
2014-05-20 Santiago Lapresta
Added `in` command
2014-12-21 Eiichi Sato
Fix examples in manual
Fix indents in manual.yml
HTML-escape jq programs in manual
Fix examples in manual
2014-12-12 Nicolas Williams
Add until(cond; next); fix #639
Add --argjson, fix #648
2014-11-29 Nicolas Williams
Fix refcount leak, fix #618
2014-11-28 Nicolas Williams
STOREV/LOADV* should also print refcnts
Enable printing of stack val refcnts
Print stack value refcounts when tracing (#636)
2014-11-23 Colin von Heuring
Doc correction
2014-11-11 Ian Miell
Requirements made slightly more complete: cf
2014-11-05 Steven Maude
Fix typos in tutorial
2014-10-21 Santiago Lapresta
Define {any,all}/2 independently from {any,all}/0
2014-10-20 Santiago Lapresta
Define {any,all}/{0,1} in terms of {any,all}/2
2014-10-10 Nicolas Williams
Add support for JSON sequence MIME type
2014-10-06 William Langford
Properly call onig_error_code_to_str
2014-10-06 pkoppstein
fix sub (#586); add gsub/3; add transpose/0.
2014-10-03 Nicolas Williams
Update docs about sort/group/min/max/unique
from-entries should work with EC2 (fix #592)
Remove sort/1 and group/1
2014-09-30 Nicolas Williams
to_entries should not sort keys (fix #561)
2014-09-22 William Langford
Properly handle when objects cannot be folded
2014-08-30 Nicolas Williams
Drop the jq version directory from search path
Never close stdin; allow multiple `-` arguments
Handle invalid inputs in argument files (fix #562)
2014-08-28 William Langford
Properly handle incomplete json when input is file
2014-08-10 Nicolas Williams
Add `module` directive, `modulemeta` builtin
2014-08-09 Nicolas Williams
Constant fold objects
Fold constant arrays
More constant folding: null, true, and false
`.foo[-1] = ...` trips assertion (fix #490)
Allow any number of jq-coded function arguments
2014-08-08 Nicolas Williams
Make regexp builtins and range/3 use #524 too
Use `def f($a): ...;` syntax for builtins
Add `def f($arg):` syntax (fix #524)
2014-07-31 pkoppstein
regex filters (#432): scan, splits, split, sub, gsub
2014-08-06 Nicolas Williams
Better error msg for bad shell quoting (fix #538)
2014-08-04 William Langford
Actually check version for bison.
2014-08-03 pkoppstein
Apply TCO to recurse/1, add recurse/2; tweak docs
2014-08-01 Adam Lindberg
Add example of selecting object with keys
2014-07-19 pkoppstein
Add capture; document regular expression filters
2014-07-28 Nicolas Williams
Add `first`, `nth`, `last` (fix #510)
2014-07-27 Nicolas Williams
Fold constants (fix #504)
2014-07-21 William Langford
Changing color codes to fix #495
2014-07-09 William Langford
Added library system with -l, -L, and JQ_LIBRARY_PATH
2014-07-14 Simon Elsbrock
jq 1.4 is in Debian
2014-07-13 Marc Bruggmann
Fix manual example for `endswith`.
2014-07-09 Hanfei Shen
Fix examples for `del` in manual
2014-07-08 Zhiming Wang
Fix invalid YAML in manual.yml
Add tests/all.trs to .gitignore
2014-07-09 Nicolas Williams
Better document `path()`'s power; also `|=`
Add `foreach EXP as $var (INIT; UPDATE)` form
Make `while()` handle `break`
2014-07-07 Nicolas Williams
Make C-coded built-ins take `jq_state *` argument
`error(x)` should not `tostring` its arg; fix #466
`limit` should use `break`
Make `any/2` and `all/2` efficient using `foreach`
2013-12-24 Nicolas Williams
jv_invalid() shouldn't allocate
2013-12-31 Nicolas Williams
jv_show() should be able to display invalid values
2014-07-07 Nicolas Williams
Add `break` builtin for `foreach`
Explain `foreach`'s powers a bit more
Document `path(path_expression)` builtin
$var["foo"]=1 can't work as expected; doc fix #236
Better check for lib has only functions (fix #138)
2014-07-06 Nicolas Williams
Add `any/N` and `all/N` x N in (1, 2) (fix #455)
Add `foreach` and `limit`
2014-07-04 William Langford
Add support for negative indices for .[]; fix #462
2014-07-06 Nicolas Williams
Add general `?` operator
2014-07-05 Nicolas Williams
Add `try EXP catch EXP`
2014-07-06 Nicolas Williams
Document `error/1`
2014-07-02 Nicolas Williams
Add `while(cond; update)` (fix #314)
Add `range(init;upto;by)` (fix #317)
2014-07-01 Nicolas Williams
Describe generators, range() with by to manual
2014-07-01 William Langford
Fixed base64 issue with UTF-8 strings
2014-06-30 Nicolas Williams
TCO to the max!
2014-06-25 William Langford
Added cross-compilation script to build libjq for iOS.
2014-06-29 Zhiming Wang
Let @uri produce uppercase hexadecimal digits...
2014-06-24 Nicolas Williams
Get "Try Online" button working (fix #440)
2014-06-22 Nicolas Williams
Tail call optimization (close #437)
2014-06-20 Nicolas Williams
Allow stacking of short options (fix #346)
2014-06-18 William Langford
Added regex support as per issue #164.
2014-06-17 Nicolas Williams
Add `-j` / `--join-output` option, similar to `-r`
2014-06-18 Santiago Lapresta
Simplified standard library
2014-06-16 Nicolas Williams
Fix #280: from_entries of [] is null, should be {}
2014-06-16 Nicolas Williams
No args default w/ tty stdout, not tty stdin #220
2014-06-16 Santiago Lapresta
Added `flatten` and `flatten(x)` functions
2014-06-16 Nicolas Williams
Add ChangeLog and NEWS files
2014-06-14 Nicolas Williams
Allow multiple functions with different arities
2014-06-13 Nicolas Williams
Add `env` builtin
2014-06-13 Nicolas Williams
Document the lambda nature of function args #391
2014-06-13 Nicolas Williams
Add jqplay link to the site
2014-06-12 Jingwen Owen Ou
jqplay has a domain now
2014-06-12 Nicolas Williams
Make a better jq.1 when Ruby deps missing
2014-06-11 Kim De Mey
Detect endianness at configuration with Autoconf AC_C_BIGENDIAN feature
2014-06-09 Nicolas Williams <>
Add libm.h to dist file list
Add note about cmd.exe quoting
Building docs fails on powerpc (#349)
2014-06-08 Nicolas Williams <>
Update site news
Also fix to use git describe --tags
Fix scripts/version: use git describe --tags ...
After tagging as 1.4 scripts/version was still producing jq-1.3-....
Add `indices(s)`, improve `index(s)`, `rindex(s)`
Now these deal with arrays as input and `s` being an array or a scalar.
Improve `index` and `rindex` examples
Remove reference to `getpath` from docs
Document `index` and `rindex` (#389)
2014-06-07 Santiago Lapresta <>
Added `join` function
2014-06-07 Nicolas Williams <>
String * number should be commutative
2014-06-04 Nicolas Williams <>
Add cross-compilation notes to README
A detailed set of instruction as to how to setup a cross-compilation
environment for OS X and Win32/64 would be nice.
Add -j option to scripts/crosscompile
Add flags argument to jv_parser_new()
For extensibility. We might add streaming parser options, even binary
JSON encoding options.
2014-06-02 Nicolas Williams <>
Fix tests failures on Windows
And Solaris 8 and 9 too, no doubt. The problem was that non-standard
vsnprintf()s that return -1 when the buffer is too small were not
properly supported.
2014-05-20 Santiago Lapresta <>
Documented `del` command
2014-05-11 Santiago Lapresta <>
Added texts/examples to unique_by function
Added unique_by function
2014-04-17 Nicolas Williams <>
Make pthread tls configurable for Mingw build
For the Mingw build we don't want to pull in the pthread DLL just
because we can autodetect pthread support. That would make the jq.exe
binary not self-contained.
2014-04-16 Nicolas Williams <>
Add autoconf checks for pthreads; fix #340
2014-03-20 Jingwen Owen Ou <>
Add link to jqplay
2014-03-13 Nicolas Williams <>
Fix for #303 in the sources
2014-03-13 Santiago Lapresta <>
Added `arrays` and other filters
Arrays, objects, numbers, strings, booleans, nulls, values (non-nulls)
-- these builtins filter out those inputs that don't match the name of
the builtin.
This fixes #322 and #324.
2014-03-07 Filippo Valsorda <>
Add a recursive object merge strategy and bind it to *
This commit adds a jv_object_merge_recursive function, that performs
recursive object merging, and binds it to multiply when applied to
two objects.
Closes #320
2014-03-06 Nicolas Williams <>
Make libm tests more portable
2014-02-26 Andrew Rodland <>
Repair jv_show
2014-02-26 Andrew Rodland <>
Make jq --raw-output --unbuffered work
--unbuffered was only affecting the normal output case, not the --raw-output case. Make the two of them play together.
This also makes sure that the output is flushed *after* printing the newline, so a consumer doesn't lag a line behind.
2014-02-21 Nicolas Williams <>
Add cbrt (cube root)
Add missing trig functions and barebones test
Remove non-standard exp10()
2014-02-21 Mike McCabe <>
Initial add of math functions.
2014-02-20 Nicolas Williams <>
Add `?`, `.[]?`, and `..` operators
Make XPath-like `//a/b` recursive structure traversal easier in jq,
which then becomes:
The `?` operator suppresses errors about . not being an array or object.
The `..` operator is equivalent to calling the new `recurse_down`
built-in, which in turn is equivalent to
Note that `..a` is not supported; neither is `...a`. That could be add
added, but it doesn't seem worth the trouble of saving the need to type
a '|'.
2014-02-16 Santiago Lapresta <>
Added `all` and `any` builtins
2014-01-25 polyester <>
work with newer versions of automake
when using a newer automake, the autoreconf step fails with warnings:
"linking libtool libraries using a non-POSIX archiver requires 'AM_PROG_AR' in '' "
This happens for instance on ubuntu 13.10.
Doing just that, adding 'AM_PROG_AR' to fixes the problem.
2014-01-01 Nicolas Williams <>
Fix #201; check that bison accepts --warnings
2013-12-27 Joe Littlejohn <>
Fix rpm build (`make rpm`)
* Re-add VERSION as it's required for `./setup superclean`
and `make rpm`.
* Add *.rpm to git ignore, we never want them under version control.
2013-12-27 Filippo Giunchedi <>
include additional files in jq.spec
this will probably need changing upon SONAME bump
fix rpm Makefile target and prerequisites
depend on dist and the specfile, plus use automake's variables
2013-12-26 Nicolas Williams <>
Document --version
2013-12-26 Nicolas Williams <>
Add jv_dumpf() and jv_show()
jv_dumpf() takes a FILE *.
jv_show() is intended for use in debuggers, so it dumps the jv to stderr
and it does not jv_free() the jv, so it's safe to
"call jv_show(some_jv, -1)" in a debugger. If flags == -1 then the jv
will be shown pretty-printed and in color.
2013-12-26 Nicolas Williams <>
Document in manual
Document exit numbers
Normalize errors for -e
2013-12-25 Nicolas Williams <>
Fix doc typos (.[foo] wanted to be .["foo"])
Add note to jq.1 about shell quoting
2013-12-20 Philipp Hagemeister <>
Ignore the config/test-driver file
This file is automatically generated and does not need to be committed.
Fix @uri example
Previously, the @uri example didn't match the actual behavior of the current jq, as exclamation marks do not need to be encoded in URIs.
Replace the example with an input that needs encoding, and is encoded by jq.
2013-12-17 Stephen Dolan <>
Allow negated object values without parens. Fixes #247
2013-12-17 Nicolas Williams <>
Fix memmem() error
2013-12-13 Rémy Léone <>
Adding a .travis.yml file to use the
From wikipedia:
Travis CI is a hosted, distributed continuous integration service used
to build and test projects hosted at GitHub.
Travis CI is configured by adding a file named .travis.yml, which is a
YAML format text file, to the root directory of the GitHub repository.
Travis CI automatically detects when a commit has been made and pushed
to a GitHub repository that is using Travis CI, and each time this
happens, it will try to build the project and run tests. This includes
commits to all branches, not just to the master branch. When that
process has completed, it will notify a developer in the way it has been
configured to do so — for example, by sending an email containing the
test results (showing success or failure), or by posting a message on an
IRC channel. It can be configured to run the tests on a range of
different machines, with different software installed (such as older
versions of a programming language, to test for compatibility).
2013-12-13 Stephen Dolan <>
Make the testsuite run on machines without valgrind
Format more integers as integers, not scientific notation.
jq is now willing to put up to 15 zeros after an integer before
moving to scientific notation.
2013-12-11 Nicolas Williams <>
Complete more-arity feature not complete
And test
2013-12-10 David R. MacIver <>
convert range bounds to integers in a way that avoids undefined behaviour
add checking of numeric indices to an array to see if they can reasonably be considered integers. Avoid undefined behaviour if out of bounds
2013-12-09 David R. MacIver <>
some functions were missing prototypes. Add them
2013-12-08 David R. MacIver <>
These vfprintfs are being used as if they were printfs. Fix that
consistent use of goto out in main
2013-12-08 Stephen Dolan <>
Refactor jv structure.
New structure layout is simpler and also faster. In particular, it's
now small enough to be passed in registers on amd64.
Make testsuite not leak when compiled with -DNDEBUG.
2013-12-08 David R. MacIver <>
test for losing memory on compile errors
args to jq_compile_args were not getting freed when there were errors in the compile
2013-12-06 Nicolas Williams <>
Fix double-free typo in print_error()
Fix manual.yml
2013-12-04 Nicolas Williams <>
Conditionally #define _GNU_SOURCE in compile.c
Add tests for string index by string and builtins
Add index and rindex builtins
Add index strings by string; return string indexes
% jq '.[","]'
Make length return abs value of numeric inputs
Add callback interface for errors
Printing to stderr is not the right answer for a library.
Add jv_string_vfmt()
Document ltrimstr and rtrimstr
Test ltrimstr and rtrimstr functions
Add ltrimstr and rtrimstr functions
Document -e / --exit-status argument
Add -e | --exit-status CLI option
Document tojson and fromjson builtins
Test tojson and fromjson
Add tojson and fromjson builtins
Document split function
Document string multiplication and division
Document string functions and slicing
Test string slicing
Add string slicing
Add tests for string division/splitting
Add string division by string (split on separator)
Test starts/endswith and string multiplication
Add string multiplication by number
Add startswith/endswith
Add explode/implode jq functions to match jv API
Use uint32_t for codepoint in jv_string_append_codepoint()
Add jv string utility functions
-> return an empty string with given allocated length (for fast
-> append a single codepoint (int) to the given string
-> return an array of codepoints making up a string
-> return the UTF-8 encoding of an array of codepoint numbers
Support more arguments for defs
2013-12-04 Stephen Dolan <>
Preserve insertion order in objects. Closes #169.
2013-11-30 Nicolas Pouillard <>
Add a few more test cases (from the man page)
2013-11-08 Stephen Dolan <>
Add a --unbuffered option. Closes #206
2013-11-07 Peter van Dijk <>
count should be length
Example refers to a count function, which does not exist. Replacing it with length works.
2013-11-07 Stephen Dolan <>
Fix a crash on group_by of empty list. Fixes #208.
2013-10-16 Ryoichi KATO <>
Docs: add description of --from-file option
2013-10-06 Juan Guerrero <>
Fix typo on error message
2013-09-19 Kenny Shen <>
Add missing -i flag in build instructions
2013-09-14 Michael Daines <>
Add test showing calculation of standard deviation
2013-09-13 Mike Daines <>
Fix typo
2013-09-11 Michael Daines <>
Add sqrt operator
2013-09-04 Jack Pearkes <>
docs: update the tutorial to use GitHub's API
2013-09-01 Ankur <>
Call AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE once only
Fixes build with automake-1.14
2013-08-19 Joe Littlejohn <>
Fix Makefile after refactoring of stacks in 05d90517b02
2013-06-23 Stephen Dolan <>
Remove #includes from jv.h
Fix the jv_parser interface.
Use libtool's built-in symbol exporting rather than a mapfile.
Move gen_utf8_tables to scripts
Move libtool m4 junk to config/ and delete some autogenerated files.
Remove Autoconf-generated config.h.
2013-06-22 Stephen Dolan <>
Build libjq only once, and link it statically to ./jq
This means ./jq is a real binary rather than a libtool turd.
Fix distcheck.
Update list of files to be distributed.
Utf8 fixes. Closes #161
Reject all overlong UTF8 sequences.
Fix various UTF8 parsing bugs.
In particular, parse bad UTF8 by replacing the broken bits with U+FFFD
and resychronise correctly after broken sequences.
Fix example in manual for `floor`. See #155.
2013-06-21 Nicolas Williams <>
Document floor
Add floor operator
Document mod
Add mod (and setmod) operators
Update .gitignore
Add libjq autoconf goo
Quiet re: tmp dir
2013-06-21 Stephen Dolan <>
Move cfunction invocation code to the interpreter loop.
2013-06-18 Nicolas Williams <>
Fix serious bug in handling of --argfile
Fix leaks in jv_load_file()
2013-06-17 Stephen Dolan <>
Fold opcode.{c,h} into bytecode.{c,h}
Simplify block functions for variables
Saner build instructions in
Closes #144
Remove some initialise-to-zero code.
This lets valgrind find more bugs - if a field isn't given a
well-defined value valgrind will now find it instead of seeing it
set to zero with memset.
2013-06-17 Nicolas Williams <>
Remove accidentally introduced use of fopen "e"
2013-06-16 Stephen Dolan <>
Merge pull request #114 from nicowilliams/nomem_handler
Add jv_nomem_handler()
2013-06-16 Nicolas Williams <>
Remove last remnant of main.h
2013-06-15 Nicolas Williams <>
Allow --run-tests to take a file argument
Fixup API to get closer to a libjq
2013-06-15 Nicolas Williams <>
Move slurp_file() into library as jv_load_file()
Needed as part of creating a libjq.
2013-06-14 Stephen Dolan <>
Clean up lots of stack and frame logic.
Move frame defs to execute.c
2013-06-13 Stephen Dolan <>
Simplify frame logic.
Unify all stacks. Passes tests, but needs cleanup.
2013-06-11 Stephen Dolan <>
Support ."foo" syntax for accessing fields. See #141.
2013-06-09 Stephen Dolan <>
Unify frame and data stacks
2013-06-05 Stephen Dolan <>
Speed up cached configure (./configure -C)
Clean up flex lines in build
Lex and parse .foo better.
'.as' is now valid, '. foo' is now invalid. See #141.
2013-06-04 Markus Lanthaler <>
Update the link to the documentation. All GitHub pages are now using the domain.
2013-06-03 Stephen Dolan <>
Make jq --version print to stdout, not stderr
Better error handling for .foo case in parser. See #141.
Let the parser rather than the lexer handle invalid characters.
Add command-line option to sort object keys.
Closes #79.
Clean up (distcheck, rebuild version.h less often)
2013-05-31 Brendan Macmillan <>
Stop warning on fgets, simple version
Stop warning on fgets, complex version
2013-05-31 Stephen Dolan <>
Squash a warning on some GCC versions
2013-05-29 Stephen Dolan <>
Support for printing object keys in sorted order.
No command-line option to enable this yet. See #79.
2013-05-29 Brendan Macmillan <>
Bugfix multiline off-by-one (locfile.c)
locfile.h -> locfile.h + locfile.c
clean up includes of a few files
Hack bugfix for multiline off-by-one (locfile.c)
Load library from ~/.jq
2013-05-24 Stephen Dolan <>
Make jq --version report an actual git revision.
Closes #129.
2013-05-23 Nicolas Williams <>
Add --argfile variant of --arg (issue #117)
This is useful when one has a database (in JSON form) to query using jq
input data.
% echo '{"a":1, "c":5}' > db.json
% echo '"c"'|./jq --argfile f /tmp/a '$f[.]'
% echo '"a"'|./jq --argfile f /tmp/a '$f[.]'
% echo '"b"'|./jq --argfile f /tmp/a '$f[.]'
2013-05-23 Stephen Dolan <>
'make clean' won't delete jq.1 if it can't be rebuilt.
See #131