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// Package filesystem is a storage backend base on filesystems
package filesystem
import (
// Storage is an implementation of git.Storer that stores data on disk in the
// standard git format (this is, the .git directory). Zero values of this type
// are not safe to use, see the NewStorage function below.
type Storage struct {
fs billy.Filesystem
dir *dotgit.DotGit
// Options holds configuration for the storage.
type Options struct {
// ExclusiveAccess means that the filesystem is not modified externally
// while the repo is open.
ExclusiveAccess bool
// KeepDescriptors makes the file descriptors to be reused but they will
// need to be manually closed calling Close().
KeepDescriptors bool
// NewStorage returns a new Storage backed by a given `fs.Filesystem` and cache.
func NewStorage(fs billy.Filesystem, cache cache.Object) *Storage {
return NewStorageWithOptions(fs, cache, Options{})
// NewStorageWithOptions returns a new Storage with extra options,
// backed by a given `fs.Filesystem` and cache.
func NewStorageWithOptions(fs billy.Filesystem, cache cache.Object, ops Options) *Storage {
dirOps := dotgit.Options{
ExclusiveAccess: ops.ExclusiveAccess,
KeepDescriptors: ops.KeepDescriptors,
dir := dotgit.NewWithOptions(fs, dirOps)
return &Storage{
fs: fs,
dir: dir,
ObjectStorage: *NewObjectStorageWithOptions(dir, cache, ops),
ReferenceStorage: ReferenceStorage{dir: dir},
IndexStorage: IndexStorage{dir: dir},
ShallowStorage: ShallowStorage{dir: dir},
ConfigStorage: ConfigStorage{dir: dir},
ModuleStorage: ModuleStorage{dir: dir},
// Filesystem returns the underlying filesystem
func (s *Storage) Filesystem() billy.Filesystem {
return s.fs
// Init initializes .git directory
func (s *Storage) Init() error {
return s.dir.Initialize()