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package main
import (
. ""
// An example of how to create and remove branches or any other kind of reference.
func main() {
CheckArgs("<url>", "<directory>")
url, directory := os.Args[1], os.Args[2]
// Clone the given repository to the given directory
Info("git clone %s %s", url, directory)
r, err := git.PlainClone(directory, false, &git.CloneOptions{
URL: url,
// Create a new branch to the current HEAD
Info("git branch my-branch")
headRef, err := r.Head()
// Create a new plumbing.HashReference object with the name of the branch
// and the hash from the HEAD. The reference name should be a full reference
// name and not an abbreviated one, as is used on the git cli.
// For tags we should use `refs/tags/%s` instead of `refs/heads/%s` used
// for branches.
ref := plumbing.NewHashReference("refs/heads/my-branch", headRef.Hash())
// The created reference is saved in the storage.
err = r.Storer.SetReference(ref)
// Or deleted from it.
Info("git branch -D my-branch")
err = r.Storer.RemoveReference(ref.Name())