go-git: examples

Here you can find a list of annotated go-git examples:


  • showcase - A small showcase of the capabilities of go-git
  • open - Opening a existing repository cloned by git
  • clone - Cloning a repository
  • clone with context - Cloning a repository with graceful cancellation.
  • log - Emulate git log command output iterating all the commit history from HEAD reference
  • remotes - Working with remotes: adding, removing, etc
  • progress - Printing the progress information from the sideband
  • push - Push repository to default remote (origin)
  • checkout - check out a specific commit from a repository
  • tag - list/print repository tags
  • pull - pull changes from a remote repository


  • custom_http - Replacing the HTTP client using a custom one
  • storage - Implementing a custom storage system