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package disruptor
import "sync/atomic"
type SharedWriter struct {
written *Cursor
upstream Barrier
capacity int64
gate *Cursor
mask int64
shift uint8
committed []int32
func NewSharedWriter(write *SharedWriterBarrier, upstream Barrier) *SharedWriter {
return &SharedWriter{
written: write.written,
upstream: upstream,
capacity: write.capacity,
gate: NewCursor(),
mask: write.mask,
shift: write.shift,
committed: write.committed,
func (this *SharedWriter) Reserve(count int64) int64 {
for {
previous := this.written.Load()
upper := previous + count
if previous-this.capacity > this.gate.Load() {
if atomic.CompareAndSwapInt64(&this.written.sequence, previous, upper) {
return upper
func (this *SharedWriter) Commit(lower, upper int64) {
// POTENTIAL TODO: start from upper and work toward lower
// this may have the effect of keeping a batch together which
// might otherwise be split up...
for shift, mask := this.shift, this.mask; lower <= upper; lower++ {
this.committed[lower&mask] = int32(lower >> shift)